Online Conference

Iran: The MEK Was Founded 55 Years Ago

Online Conference

“Only the MEK, with their maximum faithfulness to their pledge and enormous sacrifice, and relentless MEK supporters could topple these criminal mullahs.”

The 55th founding anniversary of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) took place last week, September 5, at Ashraf-3, Albania. as a virtual event. 300 Iranian communities were represented, hailing from 24 countries. This is a report written by The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) an staff writer.

Many of the participants were exiled Iranians from many walks of life. This included:

  • those who held key professional positions overseas;
  • young Iranians who have departed Iran recently or were born overseas;
  • former political prisoners;
  • tens of thousands of people from outside Iran.

Many others who were interested in the MEK and its struggle to procure freedom and democracy tuned into this online event on their devices.

One significant contribution came from Iranians within their own country who contributed for 7 hours to the event. Much of their conversation was about their experience of the MEK in Iran. The thread coming out of their conversations was their sincere love for Iran and their trust in MEK to establish a free and democratic society.

Quotes from their speeches

  • “Only the MEK, with their maximum faithfulness to their pledge and enormous sacrifice, and relentless MEK supporters could topple these criminal mullahs.”
  • “The MEK for us Iranians is the intersection of patriotism, the love of freedom, and true Islam.”
  • “The MEK instilled in our culture values such as self-sacrifice, making efforts without asking for reward, honesty, selflessness, and sacrificing everything. These are the values that have pushed the regime toward its downfall.”
  • “It is the duty of every Iranian to actively support the MEK, especially against those who have practically sided with the mullahs to demonize the MEK.”

The words spoken by these MEK supporters are so valuable that books should be written to include them. It was so evident that the words they spoke came right from the bottom of their hearts and their belief in the MEK was sincere.

Ever since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, which was supported by the MEK, they have had to struggle against one belief they did not support and that is Islamic fundamentalism. Their struggles against this order have been intended to be a force for real change in Iran. The Iranian people love and respect the MEK throughout its 40-year struggle. The clerical regime has just brought about deadly turmoil in Iran while the MEK basis its principles on power and prosperity.

The clerical regime, to keep its position intact, has carried out the murder, repression, massacre, torture, the demonization of the MEK, in an effort to destroy the movement by trying to subdue any chance of a free, democratic country. Meanwhile, the MEK has persevered with its principles by never giving in to the regime even if it had to endure the countless loss of life.  ‘’Now, as the main constituent of the NCRI, the MEK has turned into a point of hope for the entire Iranian nation.’’

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