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Is “The American Conservative” Publication Backing the Iranian Regime?

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American Conservative Influenced by mullahs regime?

Hanif Jazayeri, a London-based news editor and Iranian opposition activist, recently reported on a tweet posted by Arthur Bloom, the Managing Editor of “The American Conservative” a bi-monthly magazine on the right of the U.S. political spectrum. Bloom was asking op-ed editors who write for a “conservative publication” to make contact with him if they had been at some time approached by MEK supporters to publish their pieces in what Bloom claimed was a “foreign policy fraud on the conservative movement.”

Jazayeri said he couldn’t believe this as he is an opinion writer and associated with the MEK and he said his father was a MEK Iran martyr. He said he frequently published articles about Iran, most of which were related to human rights abuses, terrorism, and ‘’regional warmongering,’’ including those in ‘conservative’ publications. He said he couldn’t imagine what foreign policy fraud he had committed.

Jazayeri said he had noted that “The American Conservative” supported the Iranian regime’s ‘’foreign policy agenda,’’ but he believed that was to do with Daniel Larison, who was one of the publication’s most senior editors and had some allegiance with the regime’s lobbyists. He never thought that the publication had become actively involved in supporting Tehran.

After further research, Jazayeri found that The American Conservative had the respect of American conservatives and had been working with the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), which it seems supports the current regime. The situation becomes even worse according to Jazayeri as it appears that The American Conservative has published numerous articles written by the NIAC that have pushed the mullahs’ agenda in Iran.


NIAC founder Trita Parsi,


From right: NIAC founder Trita Parsi, The American Conservative senior editor Daniel Larison, and The American Conservative executive editor Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

In 2018, little known to anyone, The American Conservative invited the NIAC founder, Trita Parsi, to join a panel at its yearly foreign policy conference at which appeasement of the Iranian regime was promoted.

According to Jazayeri, a quick Google search including the following string reveals all “ Iran”. Hundreds of titles appear in the search. The following are just some of the examples:

  • Why Are Iranian Students Being Denied Entry?
  • What Is Iran’s Nuclear Program For?
  • Trump’s Iran Policy Is Designed to Hurt the Iranian People
  • Trump’s Iran Derangement
  • Trump’s Immoral Iran Policy
  • The Trump Administration May Have Blamed Iran For An ISIS Attack
  • The Insanity of the Iran Obsession
  • The Inhumane and Monstrous Economic War on Iran
  • The Importance of Engagement with Iran
  • Regime Change Is Wrong
  • Pompeo’s Constant, Shameless Lying About Iran
  • Pompeo Repeats the Big Lie About Iran
  • Killing Soleimani Pushes the U.S. and Iran Towards War

There were even references in the search to the MEK including the following from Daniel Larison’s portfolio:

  • Regime Change for the Worse
  • The Folly of American Pro-MEK Advocates
  • Don’t Support the MEK
  • Countering the MEK Lobby
  • The Mistaken Decision to De-List the MEK
  • The Disgraceful Pro-MEK Campaign Continues
  • McCain Is the MEK’s Newest Fan
  • The Foolish Embrace of the MEK
  • The Shameless Pro-MEK Lobbying Continues
  • The Washington Times’ Pro-MEK Propaganda
  • Giuliani’s Cuckoo Praise for the MEK
  • Giuliani’s MEK Pandering and Trump’s Iran Obsession
  • Gingrich and the MEK
  • Jones and Shelton Flacking for the MEK? What?
  • Inside Mujahidin-e Khalq’s Massive Lobbying Push

Jazayeri shows surprise that Larison is so opinionated and thought he would have at least mentioned some of the negative attributes of the regime such as ‘’the mullahs’ crackdown on women and murder of anti-government protesters’’. He said that Larison suddenly fell silent after publishing anti-MEK articles before the MEK’s Free Iran meeting in 2018 which ended up with the arrest of  “an Iranian diplomat and three terrorists plotting to bomb that rally.”

What you will find if you look carefully is that on the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei website there is a mention of Daniel Larison’s articles.

Also, these are other comments made by Larison about Iran being a nuclear threat according to Jazayeri which are outlined below:

  • “Every time that someone repeats false claims about a non-existent “nuclear weapons program” in Iran, it creates unnecessary fear and plays into the administration’s hands.”
  • “Iran hasn’t violated its obligations, and it isn’t going to. Iran was not going to develop a nuclear weapon, but reneging on the JCPOA makes that more likely.”
  • “The good news is that Iran is not seeking nuclear weapons, so this scenario is not likely to happen, but it is very worrisome that there is such an unthinking consensus in favor of an unjustified and aggressive military option.”
  • “There is no Iranian nuclear threat. All of this is garbage.”

The above information is only a snippet of what is revealed in Jazayeri’s article about conservative institutions in the U.S. that openly back the current Iranian regime and the terrorist activities that go with it.

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