youth and women

MEK Iran: The Role of Women and Youth in bringing Regime Change in Iran

youth and women

MEK Iran: Young women, in particular, have proven their abilities to promote new ideas and put up a fight against the misogynist regime.

An article was written recently in the journal, “Women Are a Force for Change,” published by the NCRI women’s committee, mentioned that August 12th is World Youth Day as designated by the UN General Assembly.

Most countries are persistently trying to improve facilities and resources that promote youth, but not Iran. This has resulted in Iran’s young men and women rising and protesting their treatment under 40 years of repression by the current regime.

Young women, in particular, have proven their abilities to promote new ideas and put up a fight against the misogynist regime. They are the key to unlocking freedom in Iran.

The author of the article stated that when the uprising took place in November 2019 there were several young women involved in the protests. These included:

  • Nikta Esfandani, only 14 years of age, protested against the regime on the streets and lost her life for her beliefs
  • Ameneh Shahbazi was killed by the Revolutionary Guards when she was helping an injured man.
  • Golnar Samsami, a young woman, said the change will not happen unless we force it.

Statistics gathered by the NCRI Women’s Committee state that at least 500 young women were arrested throughout the November 2019 uprising. The 2nd day saw a woman in Hamadan scream “Death to Khamenei,” in front of security forces. Also, the state media reported that there were some cells present that were made up solely of groups of 4 to 5 women.

At the protests on August 18th, 28% of those arrested were women as reported by the state-run Mehr news agency and the Fars news agency also highlighted the leading role of women.

The Iranian regime made a documentary recently that highlighted the role played by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) and, in particular, how it portrayed a role model of women. This has attracted not only women but also academics to support the MEK.

Francoise Héritier, a renowned anthropologist before her death, sent a message to young women and girls of Iran which said, “Too young women and girls who are seeking not a visionary life, but a life that they dream of (and these are two very different things) I would say, don’t ever abandon your dreams.” (Message to the Conference of Pledge for Parity, Women United Against Islamic Fundamentalism, Paris, February 27th, 2016)

The article concluded by saying “the youth and women of Iran are resolved to turn the page of their country’s history in the 21st century and they deserve the support of all freedom-loving people of the world.’’

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