MEK Iran: Corruption is a Daily Occurrence in Iran’s Parliament



MEK Iran: Unpaid wages, high unemployment, government corruption, and widespread poverty will continue until the mullahs’ regime is overthrown.

News and Analysis made a number of observations about ongoing money spent on the Iranian parliament.

There has been an ongoing budget of 41 billion Tomans for the construction of the ‘pyramid parliament,’ to house Iran’s Members of Parliament, helicopter landing pads and clinics, and so on. The money earmarked for this project increases all the time and it never appears to be completed. Meanwhile, the construction of houses for staff employed by government agencies has already stopped.

Parliament’s involvement in the government budget bill

In the first 10 years following the revolution, there was no development budget for the parliament. But the current budget has increased from 494 billion Tomans last year to 571 billion Tomans this year.

Mehdi Pazuki, an economic expert affiliated to the government, said: “The parliament has had a development budget for several decades. 41 billion tomans (construction budget of 2019) is a lot of money. In my opinion, if they had built an office for 290 representatives and all 290 people had apartments, by now this process would have been over. In my opinion, the parliament should start the culture of contentment from itself. If the parliament starts from itself, it can stop the other executive apparatuses. The bigger they become, the worse the national economy is. The parliament had bought many houses on Khomeini Street, which I think should sell all of them. When the parliament itself is splurging, it cannot expect from other frugality.”

Hemmat Gholizadeh, another economic expert associated with the government admits that the money requested by the parliament for its further development increases all the time. It seems according to Gholizadeh that more space is allocated to Iran’s parliamentary members than it is in Britain. There are so many things wrong with the regime’s parliament that it would take up too much time explaining them.

Costs on the Parliament affect the country’s general budget

He said: “Each representative can appoint five members of the government body according to the law they have passed, but the parliament does not pay the salaries, overtime, and welfare of these people, but these amounts are paid in full by the executive body. These are the costs incurred by the government. About more than a thousand people are commissioned by members of the executive branch at the request of members of parliament and receive their salaries from the government, and these figures do not appear in the parliament’s budget.”

Institutionalized corruption in mullahs regime for years, trust between the state and the nation, which is the most important asset of a government has reached zero, looting, plundering, and the destruction of the country. As a result, we have to wait for a huge explosion, and this is a danger that the regime is well aware of.

Unpaid wages, high unemployment, government corruption, and widespread poverty will continue until the mullahs’ regime is overthrown and replaced with a democratic alternative. The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) offer a viable alternative that can end the mullahs’ corruption and incompetency.

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