Nearing the 90,000 death toll

MEK Iran: Coronavirus Death Count Nearing the 90,000 Mark

Nearing the 90,000 death toll

MEK Iran: Covid-19 has now reached the 89,000 marks with no sign of any easing in numbers.

The death toll in Iran from Covid-19 has now reached the 89,000 marks with no sign of any easing in numbers. The regime’s figures, by contrast, show only 19,331have died from the disease. The higher figure has been recorded by the Iranian opposition organization, the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran).

The following list shows the number of fatalities in some of Iran’s provinces:

  • 21,735 in Tehran;
  • 6102 in Khuzestan;
  • 4180 in Mazandaran;
  • 2494 in Fars;
  • 2484 in Golestan;
  • 2155 in Kermanshah;
  • 1148 in Hormozgan;
  • 1091 in Markazi;
  • 1040 in Ardabil
  • 107 in Semnan; and
  • 710 in Ilam.

Some of the decisions made by the regime have provoked controversy and fierce debate in the country’s Majlis (parliament). One Majlis member wondered out loud why Hassan Rouhani, the regime president, is keeping away from the Majlis when the regime thinks it is fine for students to sit in crowded conditions doing their college entrance exams. “The president’s office must answer to these questions and why do they play with the thoughts and minds of the people’s loved ones,” he said.

Rouhani has been excused from attending the Majlis on the recommendation of the National Covid-19 Task Force in case he becomes infected with the virus.

Tehran’s Covid-19 Task Force chief, Alireza Zali, thought it was a “strategic mistake” to open up the economy so quickly as it allowed people to become complacent. “The problems and damage caused by Covid-19 have been far worse than the first days of this illness. Coronavirus will continue and if we do not have a realistic viewpoint we will lose the public’s trust,” he said in a report by the Mehr News Agency.

A member of Tehran’s Coronavirus Task Force, Reza Jalili Khosnood, said that Tehran hospitals are full of Covid-19 patients, according to the Shafaqna website on August 14th.

The hygiene deputy of Shiraz Medical Sciences University said that 956 COVID patients had been hospitalized.

“Currently seven counties of Arak, Khomein, Khandab, Delijan, Saveh, Farahan, and Kamijan are in code-red conditions and the county of Shazand and Mahalat are in alarming conditions,” according to a spokesperson for the health ministry in Markazi province (IRNA news agency).

The head of the Shahreza health center in Isfahan said that medical staff was in short supply because so many had contracted the disease, according to the Javan Daily on 13th August.

An official at the Hormozgan Medical Sciences University said that there had been 624 deaths in the province of which 296 had been hospitalized.

There have been 287 patients in hospital with 68 in ICU, according to the dean of Qazvin Medical Sciences University, according to the Mehr News Agency on 14th August.


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