MEK Iran: Death Toll in Iran Over 83,000


According to reports by the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) Death Toll in Iran over 83,000.

The real death toll in Iran from coronavirus infection has reached over 83,000, although the official total supplied by the regime appears to be far less at 17,617. The total that the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) has reported is across 350 of Iran’s cities and 31 of its provinces.

Provincial death tolls include:

  • Tehran: 20,500;
  • Razavi Khorasan: 6.168;
  • Khuzestan: 5,730;
  • Mazndaran: 3,865;
  • Gilan: 3,492;
  • Alborz: 2,530;
  • Fars: 2,225;
  • Hamedan: 2.095;
  • Kermanshah: 2,010;
  • North Khorasan: 1,222;
  • Kerman: 1,226;
  • Markazi: 947;
  • Bushehr: 925;
  • Qazvin: 665;
  • Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmed: 430.

A Health Ministry spokesperson said that a record 4,132 Covid-19 patients were now in ICU. “Currently 170 cities across the country are in code red and 101 cities are in alarming conditions. Code red and alarming conditions in our provinces do not mean other cities have no cases. No city in the country is corona-free and all areas across the country are contaminated,” she said.

There remains a huge gap in perception between the officials of the regime and those who are at the front line of the pandemic. Hassan Rouhani and Ali Khamenei, President and Supreme Leader are basically both denying the real seriousness of the pandemic in Iran. Rouhani even boasted that the country had had “undeniable success in confronting the destructive coronavirus, both economically and regarding the people’s health.” He thinks that there is some malevolent force that is attempting to make Iran’s Covid-19 response appear worse than it really is.

Those health officials who are unable to lie because they are in daily confrontation with the advances of the virus are more truthful. Compare, for instance, what a member of the Coronavirus Task Force said in an Aftab-e Yazd report on August 4th: “Currently, there are no free beds for critical patients and patients older than 50.

Coronavirus has spread to all villages across the country. And this is while medical facilities in villages are very poor, and in fact, Covid-19 colonies have shifted from cities to villages… None of the hygienic protocols, including wearing masks and gloves, can replace the measures that are the government’s duty… If the government continues to just give recommendations and suggestions and stays in a state of confusion and drives the society into confusion, I can dare say that in September, the number of cases will be six times what they are today, and the number of daily deaths will reach 1,600-2,000. By then, the medical workforce will be very tired and the shortage of supplies and facilities will be even worse. Today, Mr. Rouhani’s worry is inflation and high prices, and even in that regard, he is just an observer and takes no concrete action.”

The head of the Tehran Coronavirus Task Force stated that the daily number of patients being discharged from hospital was less than the number hospitalized, meaning that the number of people in the hospital is increasing.

According to the Qom Medical Sciences University dean, Qom is at code red with overflowing hospitals and hospital staff exhausted.

Even children have been suffering. More than 2,480 children have been admitted with coronavirus-like symptoms and 370 have been hospitalized. In the coronavirus outbreak, children are like silent bombs,” reported the head of Mashhad’s special children’s hospital.

The Rezvan cemetery in Mashhad has been three times busier than normal, according to the chief executive of Mashhad’s Cemeteries Organization.

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