Iran Regime’s Years of Demonization Against MEK and NCRI Have Changed Iranian’s View of the Resistance Movement


Bloomfield: Iran Regime’s Years of Demonization Against MEK and NCRI.

Over the years, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), have been driven out of Iran due to the constant demonization of their demands for a free and democratic Iran. Just about every type of media has distorted the truth about the resistance movement.  This includes:

  • state TV and radio,
  • the film industry,
  • hundreds of newspapers,
  • weekly and monthly magazines,
  • hundreds of websites in many languages,
  • children’s history books.

All this has been taking place because the regime has never had any interest in creating a free and democratic Iran which favors everyone and not just a few. The regime has used even the most up to date media sources to condemn the beliefs of the opposition movement which are social media pages.

A big-budget used to discredit the MEK

The Iranian regime has used huge amounts of cash to make hundreds of movies against the MEK. In fact, between 2015 and 2016, the mullahs’ propaganda machine produced 332 movies, documentaries, and TV series against the MEK. The notorious Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) manages numerous websites in many languages focused on telling lies about the MEK.

Free Iran Global Summit 2020

Fortunately, the seriousness of the inaccuracies peddled about the MEK has not been left unnoticed, as Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield Jr, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, has studied the dilemma of the MEK which led to the publication  of a book called “Mujahedin-E Khalq (MEK) Shackled by a Twisted History.”  Bloomfield spoke at the virtual summit of the resistance movement that has been taking place over the last few days and his main topic for discussion was the role he played in removing the MEK from the U.S. terrorist group list.

First of all, he said, he had to read all the allegations that had been waged against the MEK from all sorts of sources. He then said the whole role of the MEK had to be studied more carefully if the light was ever going to be shed on the truth of the organization.

The first thing he said he found that there was no sound evidence anywhere supporting any allegations against the MEK. In fact what he did find was that the MEK supported ‘’ democracy and freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and the practice of Islam that is consistent with modern life and not to follow a grotesque abuse of religious faith to support political tyranny.’’ He also said he discovered that Ayatollah Khomeini asked for Massoud Rajavi’s support in 1979 for his new constitution, but Mr. Rajavi would not accept it.

Bloomfield said the MEK was not a radical Marxist group, even though this is what Washington thought. It was Khomeini who sought help from the Russian KGB on how to control people if they got out of hand.

The MEK did not fight in the Iran-Iraq war as the regime tried to get people to believe. They were never traitors, but always defended Iranians’ rights to sovereignty. Saddam Hussein kept MEK supporters as prisoners of war after they had been captured at the beginning of the war defending Iran.

Bloomfield, after much study of the MEK, believed that both the current regime and western governments continually spread false information about the MEK because they didn’t want the weak Iranian regime to lose its hold on power.

Bloomfield goes on to say that the MEK has become a familiar organization over the years and is well known to a number of the world’s dignitaries. Despite this, news reports are still painting a false image of the MEK. Bloomfield repeated what Rajavi said that “We the people of Iran and the Iranian resistance will build a free and democratic Iran.”

Bloomfield continues with these words:

“Is there any other resistance group advocating universal democratic values in Iran? Is there any other resistance group standing for gender equality against a brutal and corrupt regime 100% controlled by men? Is there any other resistance group that is capable of organizing a worldwide virtual meeting with thousands of people in over 100 countries?

You will recognize that picture. It is a remarkable sight. The world has never seen anything like that. The regime sees these events and they know the NCRI and the MEK more than anyone else are fully capable of organizing a democratic transition to the legitimate constitutional government after the fall of the regime.

Just today, ladies and gentlemen, during Madame Rajavi’s remarks, the news came over the media from a lawyer for the three young Iranian men facing a death sentence that their executions have been halted and they will have a new trial. I hope this is true. This news came after a social media campaign that grew around the world. Can anyone point to another resistance group that stood up for the lives of these young Iranian men? Of course not. There is none. ‘’

Bloomfield mentions how after a prolonged struggle by the resistance movement and its supporters it was no longer listed as a terrorist group.

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