Day 3 of Free Iran Global Summit

Day 3 of Free Iran Global Summit: Iran Regime’s Terrorism: Shut Down its Embassies Abroad, Expel its Agents, Operatives

Day 3 of Free Iran Global Summit

Third-Day of the Free Iran Global Summit: Iran Regime’s Terrorism: Shut Down its Embassies Abroad, Expel its Agents, Operatives.

By Jennifer Jones-Kelley Part One: The third and final day of the Free Iran Global Summit focused on the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities and their threat to global security. On Monday, July 20, a group of distinguished speakers joined the MEK in calling for a firm policy in dealing with the Iranian regime, including the expulsion of all regime diplomats and the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) operatives from their host countries. Below are some of the highlights from Monday’s speeches:

Tom Ridge,

Tom Ridge: Former Secretary of Homeland Security and former Governor of Pennsylvania

“The challenge we have is that the tentacles of terrorism still reach out from Tehran. Rouhani and the mullahs have turned their backs on the people of Iran. Instead of using their wealth to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Iran, they use it to export their terrorism and repression around the world.

“The mullahs and Rouhani oversee the Central Bank of terrorism. We have discovered that their embassies have become branch banks. In those embassies, they stimulate chaos and anti-government activities.

“What we have also discovered is that the peaceful path doesn’t work. Appeasement with the Iranian government will not lead to peace. It never has and never will. We need to ask these countries to rid themselves of the diplomatic core of the regime.

“As we have said during this three-day summit, it’s time for the world to embrace regime change, to recognize the NCRI, this incredible organization led by a leader who has been able to generate global support for her vision for a peaceful and non-nuclear Iran, which promotes gender equality and separation of church and state.

Maryam Rajavi

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

“Terrorism is the essence and fundamental nature of this regime and it is inseparable from it.”

“We have documented more than 450 acts of terrorism outside of Iran since 2001. 150 cases happened inside Iran against the (PMOI / MEK Iran), These roadside bombs, targeting buses, sending trucks full of explosives to hit (PMOI / MEK Iran) camps, or firing missiles toward the mothers of PMOI members in Iraq.”

“These are the methods used by the regime, and it is how the regime has held onto power over more than 40 years through suppression and terrorism.”

The two terrorist plots pursued by the regime in the Spring and Summer of 2018 against the Iranian Resistance are the largest terrorist designs by the Iranian regime in its 40 years of existence.”

“In this way, they want to confront the impact of the Resistance’s annual gathering and, also, pave the way for their terrorist attacks. This has been the clerical regime’s method which it does not abandon until the day it is overthrown by the Iranian people and the great Army of Freedom.”

“The regime’s terrorism grows and expands under the shadow of silence, denial, ignorance, turning a blind eye, and looking the other way. It is time for all this ignorance about the people of the world’s fate, security, and peace to end.”

The end of this terrorism is inseparable from the regime itself, but it can at least be stopped on Europe’s soil through some political and tactical steps. Therefore [Mrs. Rajavi then outlined the following seven measures]:

  1. “The regime’s embassies must be closed.:
  2. “The front companies, cultural and educational centers, religious associations, and mosques that are supported by the Iranian regime are all centers that sustain the regime’s espionage and terrorism activities, and therefore, they must be exposed and shut down.”
  3. Any form of financial transaction internationally conducted by individuals or front companies of the mullahs’ intelligence, military, or the Quds Force must be completely stopped.
  4. The regime’s agents who function under the cover of commercial, cultural, or religious activities, or pretend to be journalists or opponents, refugees, or citizens must all be expelled from European countries.
  5. Western governments must prevent their security and intelligence services from communicating with or contacting the regime’s notorious Intelligence Agency (MOIS) or Quds Force and deny the agents’ entry into Europe.
  6. Without any commercial and diplomatic consideration, reports about the regime’s terrorist plots, operations, and identities of the Intelligence Ministry Quds Force operatives and service in Europe must be published in full.
  7. We urge all parliamentarians in Europe and the U.S. Congress to pass legislation facilitating the expulsion of the operatives of the regime’s MOIS and IRGC from Europe and the U.S.

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