Iran Suffers From a Horrific Epidemic

MEK Iran: Rouhani’s Lies Continue as Iran Suffers From a Horrific Epidemic

Iran Suffers From a Horrific Epidemic

MEK Iran- Rouhani’s Lies about coronavirus Epidemic.

Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian President, claims that everything is getting back to normal and the country has the virus situation under control. Meanwhile, many in Rouhani’s government are saying the exact opposite.

“With the increase in the number of white cities, and as we approach the phase of controlling the virus, other businesses and centers such as stadiums and cultural centers can be reopened,” said Rouhani on the 14th May Coronavirus Task Force committee meeting. Also on the agenda are places of worship and sports complexes. Rouhani has already stated his preference for opening up holy shrines and loosening restrictions on Eid al-Fitr prayers.

The Deputy Health Minister, Iraj Harrichi, has promised to open up the sports leagues, and training will be allowed again.

While all these measures are based on the idea that the regime has the virus under control, others in the government think otherwise, as the following statements reveal.

“The biggest mistake people can make is to think that we are in a good position with coronavirus,” said Health Minister Saeed Namaki.

“We are worried about an increase in mortality in the future,” a member of the Coronavirus Task Force committee, Massoud Mardani, said.

According to the Head of the Tehran Coronavirus Task Force, Alireza Zali, conditions were “fragile and unstable” in the city.

“Today the coronavirus bomb has exploded in Khuzestan Province and 550 people were affected in one day,” announced the local TV channel in Ahwaz, controlled by the regime.

The situation in Behbahan was about to explode, according to the city’s mayor.

Despite the false optimism espoused by the regime’s president, many local officials are refusing to loosen up restrictions. In some cases, they are re-imposing quarantine conditions. The governors of Abadan and Brujerd have already announced that the lockdown will be re-imposed in those cities.

The IRGC’s news agency, Fars, has reported that the government is facing a dilemma a there is a contradiction between what is going on the ground and the rosy picture painted by the President. Rouhani continues to repeat his lies at the Coronavirus Task Force meetings saying that the success of the control of Covid-19 is due to “the cohesion and unity of officials at various levels across the country.”

Part of the contradiction lies in the massive scale of the epidemic in Iran. So many people have been infected that the government has simply failed to deal with it effectively. Despite the spiraling number of deaths, the regime is unwilling to release the sums of money needed to combat it. The regime’s leaders want the cash they have hoarded for themselves to lead lavish lifestyles while throwing money at their pet terrorist projects in the region. By refusing to fund a proper fight back against the virus, they have been forced to cancel the quarantines and open up businesses despite knowing that many more people will die.

The regime’s officials are speaking out about the disaster that is unfolding across Iran as the regime pursues an opening up of society. It has got to the point that whatever the top officials like Rouhani say, nobody really believes them, even the officials themselves. Rouhani’s lies and hypocrisy are causing him to sink even further into a swamp of his own making.

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