MEK units are posted the messages

Activities of the MEK Units Simultaneous With 1st May in Iran

MEK resistance Units

MEK Resistance Units posted the messages of the Iranian Resistance leaders

MEK units are posted the messages of the Iranian Resistance leadership in various cities in Iran.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, April 28, 29, and 30th, 2020, MEK resistance Units in Tehran, and other cities, including Arak, Karaj, Qazvin, Fardis, Urmia, Semnan, Rafsanjan, Babolsar, Mahshahr, Khorramshahr, Qom, Hamedan, Islamshahr. Behbahan, Andimeshk, Isfahan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Kermanshah, Mashhad, Damavand, Shahriar, Qaemshahr, Gachsaran, Saveh, and Takestan, posted banners and wrote slogans of the Iranian Resistance in solidarity with the workers and the low-income sectors in Iran.

Messages and slogans posted or written on the walls, and busy places are:

Maryam Rajavi: The workers cry that ‘we are hungry’, is a great disgrace for the clerical regime”, “Massoud Rajavi: To get one’s rights from the inhuman religious dictatorship, one must rise and revolt”, “The workers and the impoverished will never give in”, “Workers and the impoverished rights will only materialize with the overthrow of the religious dictatorship”, “Greetings to the labor political prisoners who resist in the (regime’s) torture chambers, down with Khamenei”, “The workers and the impoverished, consider the velayat-e faqih’s dictatorship as the source of the misery for the majority of the Iranian people, down with the principal of velayat-e faqih”, “The slogan of every Iranian worker is: Death to Khamenei and Rouhani, the cause of destruction, and Coronavirus tragedy”, “Deprived workers, MEK stands with you and supports your struggle”, “Workers: We are hungry, Khamenei and Rouhani are responsible for the hunger, unemployment, etc”, “Hail to Rajavi, down with Khamenei.”

MEK units are posted the messages

Messages and slogans posted or written on the walls.

Iranian workers have never been under such pressure during four decades of the mullahs’ rule, and they have never experienced such an unbearable situation. Because this year, in addition to all the pain and suffering caused by the mullahs’ regime, they also face another enemy called the coronavirus, and they have to fight empty-handed on both fronts.

In his speech justifying sending workers back to work amid the coronavirus pandemic, Rouhani left workers to choose between death due to the coronavirus or poverty and unemployment. He said:

“Coronavirus is a disease, yet unemployment is a great danger. The coronavirus death should not be contained while there will be deaths due to poverty and unemployment.”

Government sources put the number of unemployed workers at 3 million before the coronavirus outbreak, which has been fatally exacerbated because of the coronavirus crisis.

Rouhani’s fear is not the death of workers due to hunger, but another uprising such as November 2019, and this is an attempt to reduce the explosive situation of Iranian workers.

Under such circumstances, Iranian workers have been deprived of all the rights they had obtained over the past 100 years through suffering and struggle. They do not have reliable insurance or job security or the right to form organizations and unions. They do not enjoy the minimum safety standards in factories and workshops and do not have the right to protest. Each protest is responded to with imprisonment, torture.

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