IRGC Terrorist plundering

IRGC Commanders, Suppressors and Terrorists Now in Parliament

Qalibaf the new head of the Iranian regime parliament and ex-commander of the IRGC terrorist force

IRGC Terrorist commander to lead the new regime parliament after the sham election-February 2020

IRGC Brig. Gen. Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf collected most of the votes in Tehran and is now expected to become the Parliament Speaker. He has held a senior official position that has led to acts of terrorism, suppression, warmongering, plunder and theft. He received just 14 percent of the vote and that was only after votes for him were rigged.

Qalibaf’s role in Iranian politics

From the start of the mullahs’ rule, Qalibaf became heavily involved in the suppression of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), which included suppressing protestors in Tehran and Kurdistan, and being involved in theft and plunder. Throughout the Iran-Iraq war, Qalibaf commanded the 25th Karbala, which was responsible for sending thousands of students and children to minefields. He was later promoted to the Chief of Staff for the IRGC’s Ground Forces.  In 1994, he took on a position as commander of the Khatam al-Anbiya Garrison. This is the country’s biggest economic conglomerate. Just three years later he became the IRGC’s Air Force commander. He played a key role in the development of the IRGC’s missile units which grew from three to five brigades.

Qalibaf as leading Iranian suppressor

In July 1999, even though he was IRGC’s Air Force commander, he actively initiated the suppression of protests by students. When standing as a presidential candidate in 2003 he proudly stated that during the 1999 protests in university dormitories and when students began their march to Khamenei’s office he was with Hossein Khaleqi on the streets, suppressing the protests. He admitted to beating protestors with sticks. Earlier in 1980, he took part in the beating of Massoud Rajavi, the Iranian Resistance’s Leader and his supporters.  Despite his role as an Air Force Commander he still took to the streets to suppress protestors.

In 2000 he took up the role of commander of the State Security Force (SSF). He set up police unit 110. When the 2003 student protests took place, he personally went out on the streets to quell the protesters.

Qalibaf as chief plunderer while acting as Tehran’s mayor

From 2005 and for 12 years Qalibaf plundered Tehran’s resources. He offered discount priced properties in Tehran’s municipality to the regime’s apparatchiks. At the same time, he was instrumental in introducing into the municipalities the suppressive gender segregation plan.

It has got to the point now that Qalibaf should be charged with 41 years of theft, a series of war crimes and crimes against humanity.



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