anniversary of 1979 revolution

MEK Iran: Mullahs’ Propaganda Machine Fails

anniversary of 1979 revolution

On the anniversary of the 1979 revolution, Iran protests are growing and mullahs are in a desperate situation

The anniversary of the 1979 Revolution is something that the Iranian regime marks every year. It puts its propaganda process into full motion and officials brag about the “achievements” that have been made.

This year, the regime partook in the same ritual, however, it backfired, making the regime look like a farce.

One of the most important events to have taken place during the past year is the satellite launch into space. This is not the first time that Iran has made such an attempt, but once again it dramatically failed. The regime has, however, not been put off boasting about this event, trying to portray it as a success.

The country’s minister of the economy Farhad Dejpasand has spoken about the unprecedented tax income for two decades. Not that it is anything to boast about because the levels of corruption are ridiculously high.

The head of the Khomeini Relief Foundation, Morteza Bakhtiari, said a few days ago that during the years 1995 to 2018, the organization let go of 700,000 families that are no longer in need of support because they are now self-sufficient. This is while more and more Iranians are falling into the absolute poverty category.

And on the same day, the regime’s air force commander claimed that the country’s aviation industry exceeds “global standards”. He made no reference to the four aviation incidents that have taken in the past week or so, just a month after the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps accidentally shot down the Ukrainian passenger plane, killing all on board.

Some officials, on the other hand, have been a lot more realistic and truthful about the state of affairs in Iran. A presidential candidate and former minister Mohammad Gharazi said that Iran has “utterly failed” in running the country. He said: “Our state is neither Islamic nor a republic.”

This is probably the closest to the truth that we will ever get from any state official. The country is in economic turmoil, and social services and infrastructure are in tatters.

The regime has been unable to progress in its goal of moving towards a fundamentalist caliphate in the region.

However, the biggest source of turmoil for the regime has been the domestic unrest that has erupted into two widespread uprisings and also the activities of the Resistance Units of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK Iran). The people have made it very clear that they are going to continue resisting and fighting against the regime’s attempts to silence them.

The people of Iraq are also continuing with their protests, making it very clear that they are not going to be bullied off the streets. Iran has placed so many resources in Iraq with the hope of gaining influence there, but its investment has not paid off. The people of Iraq want to be rid of the Iranian regime too.

MEK Iran has repeatedly said that resolution to the majority of problems in the Middle East can only come about with the fall of the Iranian regime. It is the main source of instability and once the regime has fallen, peace will have a chance of reigning.

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