Ali Khamenei and Qassem Soleimani

How Important is the Elimination of Qassem Soleimani

Ali Khamenei and Qassem Soleimani

Death of Soleimani was a great blow to Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Iranian regime.

Last Friday convoy of Qassem Soleimani, commander of terrorist Quds Force, and Abu Mahdi al-Muhanddis, commander of Iraq Katta’b Hizbollah, a terrorist paramilitary organization affiliated to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), was targeted by a U.S.- airstrike in Baghdad. Engulfing the regime in deep fear, elimination of Soleimani caused a series of reactions across the globe.

The Supreme National Security Council of mullahs described the death of Soleimani as a “great blow to the world of Islam.”

Many believe that the death of Soleimani is a turning point in the region and an irreparable blow to the mullahs’ regime ruling Iran.

Qassem Soleimani Record

  • Participating in a massacre of the Kurdish people in 1980
  • Commander of the terrorist Quds force since 1997
  • Collaborating in the Syrian genocide, and chemical attacks targeting Syrian
  • Known as “child killer commander” for massacring Syrian children
  • Massacre of Iraqis and spreading of sectarian war in Iraq
  • Assassinating of Iraqi scientists, fighter pilots, academics, and dignitaries who opposed the Iranian regime’s influence
  • Massacre of 52 MEK Iran dissidents in Camp Ashraf
  • Numerous missile attacks to the MEK Iran dissidents in Camp Liberty
  • Suppressing Iraqi people’s protests and killing protesters
  • Plotting assassination of the then Saudi Arabia Ambassador to the US

Soleimani’s role in murdering MEK Iran members

Qassim Soleiman played a key role in the killing of the members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK Iran) in Iraq.

He orchestrated several attacks against Camp Ashraf before 2003, including a car bombing in MEK’s base near the city of Basrah in 2000, which left dozen killed and many injured. He also commanded several missile attacks against the MEK Iran headquarters.

After the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Qassem Soleimani expanded his malign activities against MEK Iran using his proxy forces.

He was directly involved in the September 2013 attack, which became known as the “Camp Ashraf Massacre,” and it resulted in the death of 52 MEK members and the abduction of seven others, including 6 women.

Under the command of Soleimani, the criminal militias affiliated to the Iranian regime in Iraq also staged numerous rocket attacks against MEK members in Camp Liberty, near the Baghdad Airport, killing dozens and wounding hundreds of others.

The elimination of Qassim Soleimani is a great loss for the Iranian regime. Mullahs have lost the mastermind of their terrorist activities and a key planner of their attacks on the opposition. The main person who was keeping the regime’s ranks together beyond its borders is not existing any longer. It is hard for the regime to maintain its “strategic depth” as Iranian officials describe their meddling in foreign countries.

The world without this vicious terrorist is a better place; it is not surprising that Iranians and people of Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon are celebrating the elimination of Soleimani.

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