Uprising in Iraq cities

Message of Iraqis’ Uprising for the Mullahs

Uprising in Iraq cities

The uprising in Iraq show their anger against the poor economic and social situation in their country

The uprising in Iraq continued for the seventh continuous day on Monday, 7 September. Frustrated people who could not tolerate corruption, poverty, terrorism and hidden occupation of their country by the Iranian regime any more took to streets.

Specifications of the Iraq uprising

This is not the first time Iraqis show their anger against the poor economic and social situation in their country; however, this time things are different. Differences can be summarized as follows:

First: People demand regime change for the first time.

Second: this uprising is totally popular, contrary to the previous ones generated by political partied who had lost their legitimacy amongst the people and it does not depend on the usual political deals in Iraq.

Third: from the beginning, the angry protesters shouted: ” get lost! Iranian regime” and attacked the symbols of the Iranian regime in Iraq including offices of paramilitary groups, Iranian proxy thugs, and also offices of political figures affiliated to the mullahs. They torched Khamenei’s posters in their protests. The two key slogans, “regime change” and “get lost Iranian regime ” side by side show that Iraqis now realize any change in their country would not be within reach without the eviction of the mullahs and their proxies.

This is most alarming for the mullahs witnessing Iraqi demonstrators chanting “Iran, OUT, OUT” and set to the mullahs’ regime’s symbols on fire.

Forth: Khamenei prepared his regime to take advantage of the coming religious ceremony in Iraq spending millions of dollars; however, this uprising backlashed his plans.

Fifth: this uprising occurs in the Capital, Baghdad, and particularly in Southern provinces with Shiite domination. This foils the mullahs’regime’s allegations that Shiites in Iraq are its allies. In Najaf, an important religious city, where mullahs claim to enjoy great influence and support amongst the Iraqis, angry protesters clashed with paramilitary groups associated with the Iranian regime, forcing them to flee.

Mullahs’ fear of MEK’s impact on Iraqi society

Now the mullahs are furious more than ever. Friday prayers’ leaders across the country compare the current uprising in Iraq with the people’s uprising in Iran in early 2018, showing their fear for MEK’s impact on Iraq’s uprising.

Regardless of the mullahs’ accusations, the reality is that the presence of MEK in Iraq for decades has left a deep impact on Iraqi society. Seeds of acknowledgment implanted by MEK in Iraq, are now blooming.

Records show the popular support for the MEK in Iraq in the past three decades, including petitions signed by three million Shiites and five million Shiites and Sunnis both together on two different occasions. Iranians and Iraqis, as well as the people of the region, are suffering from this religious, dictatorial regime and naturally support the resistance against this barbaric regime.

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