Maryam Rajavi at a conference in Ashraf-3

Highlights from MEK’s International Conference in Albania

Maryam Rajavi at a conference in Ashraf-3

Maryam Rajavi, addresses the large crowd of MEK members living at Ashraf-3, Albania

European and Australian lawmakers and human rights activists joined the MEK in Albania on Saturday for an international conference at Ashraf-3, the MEK’s headquarters. Conference attendees declared their solidarity for the Iranian people’s uprising and their support for the MEK and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) as the democratic alternative to the theocratic regime currently in power. Speakers at the conference urged their governments to end the policy of appeasement toward the regime, saying that it would only embolden the mullahs and lead to war.

The following are some highlights from the evening’s  speeches:

Australian Senator Meredith Burgmann

Senator Burgmann described the MEK members in Albania as “proud, confident, and strong,” and praised the residents of Ashraf-3 for the construction of their new headquarters. “What you have done in just 12 months in Ashraf-3 is extraordinary.”

Referring to Maryam Rajavi, she said, “The NCRI is a movement in which women are treated as equals. It is headed by a woman and is committed to democracy.”

French Bishop Jacques Gaillot

Bishop Gaillot described his warm feelings toward the residents of Ashraf-3. “When I’m in this city of the Resistance, I feel like I’m among family. You are living for others, for the future of your people. This is extraordinary,” he said.

Cornelia Mitterrand, France Libertés

Ms. Mitterrand addressed the MEK, saying, “Your struggle for a free Iran has many supporters around the world. We hope you’ll soon be victorious in the fight for freedom and democracy in Iran.”

She also vowed to continue to fight to hold the regime accountable for the mass executions of political prisoners in the summer of 1988. “We will not tire in calling on the International Criminal Court to hold Iran’s regime accountable for the 1988 Massacre of 30,000 political prisoners,” she said.

Eric Sottas, former head of World Organisation Against Torture

Mr. Sottas also discussed the 1988 Massacre. “The rule of law can only be established if justice is served. The perpetrators of Iran’s 1988 Massacre must face justice. We urge the UN to set up a tribunal for this war crime.”

Paulo Casaca, Director, South Asian Democratic Forum

Mr. Casaca spoke of the need to end the mullahs’ regime to achieve peace in the region. “We’ll only achieve peace when there’s a democratic government in Iran, when people view Iran not as a threat but as the great nation that it is. Iran is represented by Sattar Khan, Mohammad Mossadeq & Massoud Rajavi, not by the mullahs,” he said.

Christiane Perregaux, Swiss Human Rights Activist

Ms. Perregaux stated that the MEK has always led the fight against the regime, despite the mullahs’ demonization campaign against them. She called for an end to the policy of appeasement to the regime that has let Iran act without consequences.


Malcolm Fowler, The Law Society

Mr. Fowler referred to the regime’s foiled terrorist attack on the 2018 Free Iran rally outside of Paris, saying, “The brutality meted out by Iran’s regime & its attempts to bomb and sabotage the Free Iran gathering in 2018 have come to nothing. The regime’s time is up.”

Former MEP Anne Ferreira

Ms. Ferreira spoke about the regime’s demonization campaign against the MEK, noting that the mullahs sow misinformation because they fear the MEK’s Resistance Units who organize anti-regime protests by teachers, truckers, and people from all sectors of society.

Phil Glendenning, Director, Edmund Rice Centre

Mr. Glendenning advocated Mrs. Rajavi’s 10-point Plan for Iran’s democratic future. “Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan for a Free Iran is a peace offering and the way forward, not just for Iran, but for all of us. I am here to say I stand with Maryam Rajavi, the most courageous woman on earth.”




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