Truck Drivers' strike in Iran Continues

Iran’s Truck Driver’s Strike Continues to Cripple Iran

Truck Drivers' strike in Iran Continues

Truck Drivers continue on strike on their 10th day, due to high prices and Iranian regime’s extensive corruption.

On Friday, October 5th, American Thinker published a piece by Hassan Mahmoudi entitled “Striking truck-drivers crippling Iranian regime”. In the piece, Mahmoudi examines the impact of the rapidly escalating truck driver’s strike in Iran and explores the regime’s responses.

Truck drivers across Iran are parking their vehicles across busy streets in protest at the rising business costs associated with the logistics industry.

Specifically, the protestors grievances lie in corrupt officials, rising fuel costs, high repair costs, low salaries, and poor road conditions. The national tax department has also imposed unjust taxes on truck drivers, forcing an already underpaid sector into dire financial circumstances.

The drivers are demanding management change within the extensively corrupt Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization.

Crippling Effects

Mahmoudi cites several reports indicating that the strike has had a profound impact on the national economy. Cargo terminals across the country are inactive or closed as protestors in 259 towns and cities have stopped working.

Severe Repercussions

In response to the escalating threat to the economy, Supreme Leader Khamenei’s Chief Prosecutor, General Montazeri, announced the arrest and execution of those involved.

His statement read, “they [the protesting truck drivers] are subject to the rules and regulations of banditry and the punishment of the bandits according to the law is very severe, sometimes resulting in the death penalty”.

A U-Turn

The aggressive statement from Montazeri represents a U-turn for the Iranian regime. Just two days previously the regime was denying the existence of the strike.

The transportation director-general of Fars province had referred to the strikes as nothing more than “rumours”.

Support from the President-Elect, Maryam Rajavi

At this difficult and uncertain time for the truck drivers and their families, Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), pledged her support.

Maryam Rajavi denounced the threats of the regime as “vindictive” and saluted the truck drivers for their defiance. She urged the Iranian youth to stand with the striking drivers in their crusade to end corruption.

She added that the real bandits in Iran were the mullahs, who use their repressive and violent regime to silence the demands of the Iranian people.

Finally, Ms. Rajavi called on human rights groups to respond to the calls of the Iranian people. She urged them to intervene to secure the release of Iranian prisoners and pressure the international community to take action against the bloody and corrupt clerical regime. There should be no place at the table for a regime that threatens protestors with execution.

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