On November 19, after two weeks of silence, the clerical regime's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, addressed his regime's supporters.

Khamenei’s deadlock intensifies, as Iranian uprising continues for 69 days in a row

On November 19, after two weeks of silence, the clerical regime's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, addressed his regime's supporters.

On November 19, after two weeks of silence, the clerical regime’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, addressed his regime’s supporters.


Following his failure to control Iran’s nationwide uprising despite a harsh crackdown, Khamenei declared that the protests would be “wrapped up” and over soon. Since the beginning of the protests, Khamenei has given several speeches, each time declaring victory over the “enemy” and vowing to put an end to what he calls “riots” and what Iranians call a “revolution.”



In response, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), stated, “Khamenei said they would end the ‘riots’ and ‘hotbeds of evil.’ Yes, with the democratic revolution’s victory, the hotbeds of four decades of evil crimes committed by religious fascism will be swept away forever, and democracy and people’s sovereignty will be established.”

He boasted that the protests would be “terminated” in the near future, despite claims from his military officials, such as Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) commander Hossein Salami, that the uprising had already “ended.”Many experts believe Khamenei’s speech on Saturday was a “pep talk” to his demoralized forces, as the uprising continues despite their brutality, and people are now fighting back against the heavily armed security forces.

Khamenei, more than anyone else, recognizes the existential threat that the ongoing uprising poses to his regime. As a result, he quickly shifted his position on Saturday and made yet another contradictory remark.



“The enemy has failed thus far, but it lurks and plots on a daily basis,” he explained. So, now that the uprising is over and Khamenei’s “enemy” has been defeated, what needs to be “terminated?” Perhaps he means that his true concern and “victory” is that the people and their organized Resistance movement have not yet brought down his regime. In this case, Khamenei reluctantly acknowledged his nightmare of impending demise.

Khamenei also acknowledged the regime’s growing infighting and the loss of “hope” by authorities. “The enemy attempts to demoralize authorities, not just youth.” Unfortunately, the enemy has a network within the country and uses social media to spread a message of despair,” he said.

While the ruling theocracy has been squandering the country’s wealth, resulting in nothing but misery for Iranians, Khamenei openly boasted about the regime’s “advances,” including the production of a “launch vehicle” and a new “missile.” “The enemy tries to sabotage these achievements by inciting riots,” Khamenei said.



Nonetheless, the regime’s Supreme Leader had to acknowledge the country’s dire economic crisis, which was caused and exacerbated by state corruption and incompetence but blamed it on the Hassan Rouhani administration. “The decade of the 2010s was not a good one economically.” My recommendations should have been implemented by the government.”

It is well known that Khamenei is Iran’s highest authority and chooses the president. However, by lashing out at the opposing faction, Khamenei reminded the entire regime that even the smallest schism at the top reduces the regime’s ability to quell protests.

The Iranian people have demonstrated their determination to destabilize the regime at any cost, exposing Khamenei’s weakness. The protests on Sunday and Monday, particularly the heroic resistance of Iranians in the Kurdish region to the regime’s all-out assault, demonstrated once again that the nationwide uprising, which protesters call a “revolution,” would not end until the ominous rule of the mullahs ended.





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