Growth in Youth Support

Iran: MEK’s Anniversary Highlights Not Only Historic Resilience but Growth in Youth Support

Growth in Youth Support

Throughout the 4 decades since the ousting of the Shah of Iran, the MEK has survived massive persecution from the mullah’s regime.

In early August, Iran’s most important pro-democracy opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), celebrated its 55th anniversary. This is an amazing achievement considering the role the Iranian regime has played to eliminate the organization.

Throughout the 4 decades since the ousting of the Shah of Iran, the MEK has survived massive persecution from the mullah’s regime. Over this time, it has managed to increase its supporter base and in the last 2 or more years has been instrumental in organizing and supporting opposition to the regime’s terrorist tactics which it has used to counter the popular opposition movement. Even Ali Khamenei has admitted that the MEK has a stronghold in Iran and many of the protesters against the regime’s policies have come up openly with the slogan “Death to the dictator.”

The MEK is no longer a fringe movement but is increasingly featuring in mainstream politics. Some of the worst aspects of the current regime are the way it tries to pressurize key groups like students to drop their support for the MEK. In fact, the latest condemnation of the MEK came from the notorious Basij militia who tried to persuade potential MEK supporters to drop their allegiance to the organization. Who wants freedom and democracy? No one, apparently, according to the current theocratic regime.

The regime knows only too well that students are seeking leadership from the MEK because it is the only true alternative leadership to despotism. Most people do not choose to live under a dictatorship, but circumstances sometimes dictate that is the only choice. Maybe even threats of torture and imprisonment are the ways used by the current regime to steer the population away from democracy.

The NCRI organized a virtual conference recently which cited Maryam Rajavi’s, 10 point plan for the future of Iran. As the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, she promotes above all freedom and democracy in Iran. The conference linked 300 Iranian communities from various places in the world.

Many young people joined the conference from the Netherlands and faraway Australia. The politics of the MEK without a doubt reflects what modern-day Iranians strive for wherever they are in the world. The uprising in 2019 revealed the sentiment of the Iranian people and the regime was quick to stamp out this opposition by cruelly gunning down unarmed peaceful protesters that led to a death toll of 1500. On top of that 12,000 protesters were put behind bars.

Sadly, many of those arrested have been subjected to the death penalty. The tactics the regime is using to quell protests aren’t much different than that used in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners, which took 30,000 victims. Since that year, the MEK has grown and this achievement against tyrannous oppression was highlighted at the September 5th conference.

‘’Ali Fatemi, a CAD/CAM designer for dentistry in Luxemburg who left Iran shortly after the 2009 post-election nationwide uprising in Iran, which was brutally suppressed by the regime said:

“I want to testify that after I left Iran I found that the only voice outside the country that cries out tirelessly for the realization of the rights of the Iranian people is the voice of the MEK and the Iranian Resistance. Anyone who is serious in bringing freedom to Iran will find themselves at the sides of the MEK.”

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