crime against humanity

MEK Iran: Covering up Great Crime against Humanity in November 2019 Uprising

crime against humanity

MEK Iran: Seven-month silence on the number of martyrs in the November uprising to cover-up crime against humanity.

Ridiculous clerical efforts to change the place of the executioner and victim and to overshadow the great crime against humanity in the November 2019 uprising. The former head of the regime’s parliament security commission put the number of injured “order and security defenders” at 2.5 times that of the insurgents.

Following the remarks made by the criminal Interior Minister who, on May 30th, announced that the number of martyrs from the November uprising was about 200 people, Mullah Mojtaba Zolnuor, head of the regime’s 10th parliament security commission, was sent to the scene yesterday to call the discontented rebellious people as both “destroyer and disturber”, who provide false and fake statistics to cover-up the great crime against humanity in the massacre in a few days by the direct order of the regime’s Supreme Leader.

The (PMOI / MEK Iran) after announcing on December 15th, 2019, that the number of people killed in the November uprising was more than 1,500, this was followed soon after by Reuters who stated facts from three Iranian interior ministers that about 1,500 people were killed on November. These figures were alleged drawn facts gathered from “security forces, morgues, hospitals, and coroner’s offices.”

“In these incidents, 230 people were killed, six of whom were official and security officers,” said Mullah Zolnuor. “Twenty percent of the casualties were in the form of operational forces responsible for order and security at the scene. Seven percent were killed in direct clashes with security forces. Sixteen percent of those killed were as a result of attacks on security and military bases. 92 percent were attacked. Thirty-one percent of the victims were killed in attacks in public places. Twenty-six percent are those who were not opponents died of unknown causes.” He claimed that “22% of the victims had a criminal record.”

“The number of injured in the riots in November 2019 stands at about 2,000, and the number of injured defenders of order and security adds up to more than 5,000,” Zolnuor said, referring to his ridiculous statistics, with the aim of oppressing and changing the place of the executioner and victim.

While reportedly at least 15,000 protesters were arrested during the November uprising, Zolnuor claimed that the number of arrests had not been made available to him, but that “most of those arrested were those who were taken to calm down the situation. Then they suppressed them. Those who did not have a serious problem or role in the riot were released. But those who were directly suspected were held.” While unintentionally confessing to the torture of detainees, he said in response to a question about those who had been martyred under torture, “We have not received any reports that anyone has been harmed during interrogation or torture.”

Meanwhile, Mahmoud Sadeghi, a former member of the reactionary parliament, told IRNA that the regime’s fear of the November uprising was due to the regime’s seven-month silence on the number of martyrs in the uprising. And on the other hand, it had a security aspect; “Those who were informed did not accept the risk of announcing it.”

The Iranian diaspora, supporters of the PMOI / MEK  draw to the attention of the UN Secretary-General, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and Special Rapporteurs, and other human rights organizations to the minimal confessions of the ruling henchmen of Iran and like the Iranian Resistance has always insisted, calls for UN delegations to visit the prisons, to investigate the fate of those arrested and to take action for the unconditional release of all those arrested during the November uprising who are still being tortured and executed.

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