Death toll on coronavirus in Iran

MEK Iran: There are More Than 40,700 Deaths Now in 315 Cities Across Iran

Death toll on coronavirus in Iran

MEK says: the death toll rises to 40700 due to coronavirus in Iran.

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) released up-to-date data last Sunday confirming the number of deaths from COVID-19 at more than 40,700. This is spread throughout 316 cities with the following casualties in each of the following cities:

  • Tehran at 6,830
  • Gilan at 2,720,
  • Khuzestan 2,260
  • West Azerbaijan at 1,230,
  • Lorestan at 1,070
  • Hamedan at 1,100
  • Kermanshah at 975,
  • Semnan at 925,
  • Kerman at 446.

Khamenei fails to tell the truth

In a video conferencing event Khamenei boasted that Iran had been successful in its approach to combating the deadly virus. He went on to mock the West on how it has failed. He didn’t even mention how devastating the fatality rate was in his own country and the enormous economic suffering placed on the Iranian people.

All he could do was thank the young volunteers, including students from Basiji and those from the seminary who has been responsible for undertaking the risky job of washing and burying COVID-19 victims, even though religious leaders have not supported it due to the increased chance of contracting the virus. Khamenei being rather optimistic was hoping Iran’s young scientists would be at the forefront of discovering a vaccine for this deadly disease.

Regime hackers out in force

Reuters reported recently that hackers connected to the Iranian regime had targeted the workers at U.S. drugmaker Gilead Sciences Inc, which currently is in the process of producing drugs that are allegedly effective in treating COVID-19 patients. Earlier in April the news organization also revealed that hackers from the regime had attempted to access emails belonging to the World Health Organization’s emails.

High COVID-19 spread in a single prison

Hassan Rouhani recently announced how one inmate in a prison managed to infect 100 other inmates. Something that could have been avoided had adequate testing taken place. Meanwhile, the regime’s health minister Saeed Namaki did not want to admit the true fatality figures for COVID-19. He claimed his ministry’s statistics were complete.

COVID-19 deaths on the rise

The Chief of Planning, Ali Maher, at NCCT in Tehran, whose comments recently appeared in Hamshahri, a state-run daily, issued a warning that the death rate from COVID-19 was likely to soar in the weeks ahead. He emphasized that far stricter quarantine rules should come into place right now.

The governor of Khuzestan, Gholamreza Shariati, revealed to ISNA that the following cities are now red zones and are just about to be locked down completely and a curfew enforced:

  • Bavi,
  • Hoveyzeh,
  • Ahvaz,
  • Hamidiyeh,
  • Hendijan,
  • Dezful,
  • Shushtar,
  • Karoon,
  • Masjed Soleyman.

Soaring prices affect the purchasing power

The government has failed to address rising prices that have severely decreased people’s ability to buy essential products claimed Amir Khojasteh, a regime’s parliamentary deputy. Esteqlal, a state-run daily, noted that 14,000 people in Tehran were observed accessing garbage, with children making up 4,600 of that number. Currently, in Iran, there are 500,000 child-laborers who need to work to survive. This could end up in a catastrophe if nothing is done about it in the coming months.

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