pathetic efforts to improve economy

MEK Iran: Iranian regime’s pathetic efforts to improve economy

pathetic efforts to improve economy

Economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran.

The Coronavirus outbreak in Iran continues to claim the lives of hundreds of citizens across the country every day. The health crisis is far from being under control and the regime’s negligence is criminal. Its lack of actions at the beginning of the outbreak resulted in the virus spreading like wildfire and its recent actions such as sending people back to work and the reopening of religious sites are only ensuring that the death toll rises.

The economic situation in Iran is also declining, as it has been for the past four decades. Since the mullahs’ regime took power in 1979, the Iranian rial has lost a massive 600 percent of its value against the US dollar.

Trying to improve the economic situation, the Iranian regime has recently decided to simply drop four zeros. The exchange rate then becomes 15 to one instead of 150,000 to one.

This move shows that the Iranian regime is completely incapable of handling and controlling yet another crisis. This currency decision is simply propaganda and does nothing to improve the situation.

Mismanagement is one of the defining traits of the Iranian regime. With every crisis that it provokes or become embroiled in, it uses propaganda to try and portray the crisis as either being brought under control by the regime or to downplay the gravity of the problem.

The people of Iran are struggling on a massive scale. More and more people are falling into the absolute poverty category and the situation, as it stands, is going to mean that more and more Iranians are going to struggle to afford even the most basic of essentials.

In two years, people in Iran may not be able to afford the most basic of amenities with a couple of thousand tomans instead of a couple of thousand rials. Purchasing power will stagnate at best or decline even more.

Economic experts warn that the Iranian economy will move towards hyperinflation. To counter this, the Iranian regime needs to change its economic policies yet it is becoming clear that this is not on the cards.

Governments around the world are feeling the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak. Economies are struggling because governments are providing essential help to the millions of people struggling to earn a living while lockdown measures are in place in attempts to slow the spread of COVID-19. Governments are making funds available to people that are struggling with no or very little income. However, in Iran, this is not the case.

The people of Iran have been left to struggle alone, without any government support. President Hassan Rouhani recently said that the decision to send people back to work was made because people are dying of hunger. This is unacceptable in this day and age, especially when the Supreme Leader has enormous funds at his disposal – funds that have been plundered.

The regime continues to reserve billions of dollars for terrorist and belligerent activities and it refuses to allocate funds to fight this major health crisis. This is the perfect example of the regime’s intentions.

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