coronavirus in Iran

MEK Iran: Iranian Regime in Weakest Position Ever after Coronavirus Failings

coronavirus in Iran

Poor medical cares lead to losing many lives in Iran

The Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic yesterday by the World Health Organization (WHO). Countries across the world are doing what they can to prevent the virus from spreading even further and claiming more lives.

Measures have been put in place in some countries for workers that are losing income because of the effects of the devastating crisis. The British government yesterday announced that it would be providing the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) with whatever funds it needs to get past this crisis.

The Iranian government, on the other hand, has done extremely little to help its own people. It even failed to acknowledge the start of the outbreak, originally denying and covering up the first cases to happen in the country. And since then, it has continued to lie and deceive the people and the international community about the reality of the situation. Some officials are claiming that there have been a few hundred deaths, whereas there have actually been more than 3,300 deaths.

Health workers across the country have not been provided with the medical supplies and equipment that they desperately need and they are selflessly and courageously helping the sick people with the very few resources that they have.

The regime has lost control of the situation and it is giving way to further infighting between the different factions of the regime. Officials are contradicting each other and health workers are calling the regime out for its blatant lies and neglect.

There have been shocking stories coming from the country, showing that the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has been stockpiling medical supplies such as face masks and hand gel, selling them at highly inflated prices.


Iranian people suffer coronavirus

A member of the Iranian Parliament leadership, Alireza Rahimi, commented on social media about the negligence that has ensured the virus has spread across the country. He questioned: “Why was the Coronavirus outbreak in Qom overshadowed by the Majlis [parliamentary] elections? Why was Qom not quarantined to prevent the spread of Coronavirus across the country?”

The Iranian regime cannot claim that it did not know how to act in the situation because the reports from China have been very clear. From the outset, it was clear that the virus is something that spreads very easily and quickly and that preventative measures and action plans must be established as soon as possible.

No matter how the regime continues to deal with the health crisis, the damage has already been done and the people of Iran will cite this as one more reason for their determination to see the regime fall. The regime has let the people downtime and time again over the past few decades, and once again it has failed to put the people first.

The regime can admit that it failed to prevent the outbreak from becoming worse or it can continue to cover up the death toll. At the end of the day, it makes no difference. The inhumane regime must fall and give way to leadership that will not fail the people.

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