Iran Protests continue

MEK Iran: Strikes and Protests Continue Across Country

Iran Protests continue

Workers from the Mahshahr petrochemical Complex and workers from other sectors continue protest against the poor working condition.

There has been a great deal of unrest in Iran in recent months. Starting mid-November last year, people have been taking to the streets across the country. Many were protesting the huge hike in fuel prices and others continued to protest against widespread corruption and the regime’s meddling abroad.

At the beginning of the year, two of the Iranian regime’s top terrorists were killed in Iraq as the result of a US drone strike. This was a massive blow to the Iranian regime and its propaganda machine tried to make out that these two officials were much loved, national heroes. However, the people were furious at this and made it very clear that they do not support the regime and its brutal, violent and terrorist commanders.

Iranian youth tear up Soleimani’s posters

The people of Iran also responded furiously when it became known that the country’s notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was responsible for shooting down the Ukrainian passenger plane, killing all crew and passengers on board. This sparked further protests across the country.

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), also known as the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK Iran), has been encouraging the people of Iran to continue protesting to make it very clear to the regime that the people will not be intimidated or threatened into silence. There are MEK Iran Resistance Units all over the country. And of course, there is a huge MEK Iran following outside the country that is working in any way they can to raise awareness about the situation of the people of Iran and to call the international community to action.

Protests and strikes continue

Reports indicate that workers from the Mahshahr Petrochemical Complex are striking because they have had their demands ignored and they have not received their pay.

Last year, the US Treasury Department targeted Iranian petrochemical companies with links to the IRGC. The United States said that it was continuing to put pressure on the entities and organizations that continue to fund the terrorist IRGC. The corruption in this sector is very evident and it provides the IRGC with billions of dollars per year.

As the MEK Iran has been warning for years, the IRGC is at the very center of all of the regime’s schemes and policies of terror. After years of the MEK Iran calling on the international community to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization, the United States finally took the action in April last year. Unfortunately, much of the rest of the West has failed to do so.

Railway workers held a rally earlier this week after not having received their salaries for five months. They also gathered to protest the regime’s decision to put a complete stop to their construction plans.

Other strikes and protests continue to pop up around the country and the MEK Iran is encouraging all Iranians, especially the youth, to ensure that their voices do not get silenced. The pressure is mounting against the regime and the people and the MEK Iran are maintaining momentum.

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