Mahsa amini

Iran’s uprising: Anti-Regime Movement Gains Momentum

Mahsa amini

Enraged residents of Tehran staged a protest rally outside Kasra Hospital, where Mahsa passed away. Demonstrators chanted: “Death to the dictator”, “Death to Khamenei”, “We are all Mahsa”, “Fight and we will fight back”.


New cities and universities joined the anti-regime protests, protests following the unjustified murder of Mahsa Amini. More young people, including women, have been killed in western Iran’s Kurdistan cities as the mullahs’ repressive forces opened fire on protesters.

People want freedom and regime change

People are rising up in support of freedom and regime change, and they are venting their rage and frustration on the mullahs.

Images on social media show more women being shot, injured, or killed by security forces. According to social media videos, an elderly woman named Hajar Abbasi, 60 was shot and killed in Mahabad, Kurdistan. In Kerman, a young woman was shot and killed.

Kurdish media have reported 43 women, 24 children, and adolescents under 18 wounded during the uprisings.

Three young men were killed, and 221 people were injured. Furthermore, 250 Kurdish citizens have been detained in 14 cities.


Despite the heavy presence of security forces, protesters continued their rallies and defied the regime's repressive forces. Protesters in Sanandaj resisted state security forces with bare hands and rocks.

Despite the heavy presence of security forces, protesters continued their rallies and defied the regime’s repressive forces. Protesters in Sanandaj resisted state security forces with bare hands and rocks.


Fearless women and young people continue to fight.

Women were fearlessly at the forefront of all protests, taking part in all acts of defiance, leading chants, and even confronting security forces by hurling stones or flipping their cars over and torching their motorcycles. Their voices can be heard clearly, screaming anti-regime slogans or confronting Morality Police agents.

In every city, the most common slogans were “Death to the dictator,” “Death to Khamenei,” and “I will kill whoever killed my sister!”

According to videos shared on social media by Iranian protesters, the protests that began with the unjustified murder of Mahsa Amini quickly grew into a litany of grievances, calling for the end of the so-called Islamic Republic of the mullahs.

The cities of Arak, Ilam, Tabriz, Ardabil, Urmia, Kermanshah, Khorramabad, Hamedan, Qazvin, Zanjan, Kerman, Rafsanjan, Yazd, Qom, Sari, Gorgan, Bandar Abbas, Kish Island, Shiraz, Isfahan, Birjand, Shahriar, Sabzevar, and Fardis joined on the fifth day of Iran protests.

Protests in Iran raged on in Tehran, Sanandaj, Saqqez, Marivan, Piranshahr, Mashhad, Rasht, Karaj, Gohardasht, and other cities.

On the fifth day of the Iran protests, Iranian students marched and rallied at the Science and Technology University, Sharif University of Technology, Tabriz University (NW Iran), Tabriz Medical School, University of Yazd (central Iran), Kharazmi University of Karaj, and the University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences.



The influential Tehran’s Bazaar joins the merchants’ strike

The merchants’ strike in the Tehran Bazaar was one of the most significant developments of the fifth day of protests. They joined the shop owners’ protest strike in Iranian Kurdistan, which began on September 19. During the 1979 Revolution, the strike by Tehran Bazaar merchants had a significant impact on the regime.



Iran’s opposition leader pays tribute to martyrs and applauds protesters

“People are rising up for freedom all across #Iran, in the capital, and from West to East, and North to South. In Tehran, the cries of “Khamenei will be overthrown this month,” and “the regime is the main target” have shaken the pillars of the mullahs’ regime,” the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) President-elect Maryam Rajavi tweeted.

“The brave Iranian women and youths stand firm, demonstrating that the people of #Iran will not remain silent and are determined to overthrow the mullahs’ evil regime,” read another tweet.



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