noury in gohardasht

MEK Iran: Mullahs Must Face Justice Over 1988 Massacre

noury in gohardasht

Noury was a torturer and a senior jail guard in Karaj’s Gohardasht prison during the time. As a result, his prosecution focused on only a small portion of the 1988 massacre.


Freedom-loving Iranians and relatives of those killed in Iran’s summer 1988 slaughter have been demonstrating in Stockholm for months, urging the international community to hold the mullahs’ dictatorship accountable for human rights violations and crimes against humanity. They have traveled from all over Europe to gather in the bitter cold to express their demands as an Iranian regime henchman, Hamid Noury, stands trial for his role in the 1988 mass killings of over 30,000 political prisoners, mostly members and supporters of the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran).

  Ali Khamenei must also be held accountable for the 1988 massacre

In the summer of 1988, the Iranian regime began a huge killing spree in jails around the country, which lasted more than 33 years. A brutal campaign targeted political inmates from a range of backgrounds, culminating in mass executions of minors, seniors, and even pregnant women. Ebrahim Raisi, the current regime’s president, was a member of the notorious “Death Commissions” in Tehran, which was in charge of holding minute-long kangaroo “trials” to determine the fates of thousands of political prisoners, many of whom had already served their prison sentences and were being held behind bars to be executed.


Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei of the Iranian regime must also be held accountable for his direct role in the country’s atrocities and appalling human rights records. Protesting Iranians in Stockholm are demanding for the United Nations Security Council to report the Iranian regime’s heinous human rights record to the International Criminal Court. To hold Iranian regime leaders accountable for their crimes against humanity, proper tribunals are required.


kamanei must be accountable

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei of the Iranian regime must also be held accountable for his direct role in the country’s atrocities and appalling human rights records.


Geoffrey Robertson, QC, stated that this mass killing amounted to “genocide.”

The massacre of over 30,000 political detainees in 1988 has been dubbed the worst crime against humanity since WWII. In a videotape released in 2008, a former Iranian Intelligence Ministry deputy alleged that the mullahs’ dictatorship had massacred 33,700 political detainees and buried them in mass graves. According to Reza Malek, the country has between 170 and 190 mass graves. The 1988 massacre was thoroughly researched by Geoffrey Robertson, QC, who stated that this mass killing amounted to “genocide.” “Killing prisoners has been a felony for generations.

“The distinction is that if it amounts to a specific crime of genocide, there is an international agreement that binds governments to act and punish that genocide,” he stated in an August 2017 online conference.”I believe there is compelling evidence that this was a genocide.” It refers to the death or torturing of a group of people because of their religious beliefs. “A religious organization that did not support the Iranian regime’s archaic ideology,” Robertson added, alluding to the massacre’s foundation, Khomeini’s fatwa. “There is no doubt that Raisi and others should be prosecuted.” There has been a crime for which worldwide accountability is required. Something must be done about it, just as it was done about the murderers of the Srebrenica massacre,” he said again.


Raisi butcher of 1988 Massacre in Iran.

Does Ebrahim Raisi return to darker days or a declaration of character by the theocratic regime?






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