ranian Regime’s Attempts to Fix Economy will Only Make it Worse

MEK Iran: Economy is Paralyzed by the Mullahs

ranian Regime’s Attempts to Fix Economy will Only Make it Worse

(PMOI / MEK Iran): Iranian Regime’s Attempts to Fix Economy will Only Make it Worse.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and the  People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) reported that the 40 years of control of Iran by the theocratic regime and the Revolutionary Guards have paralyzed Iran’s economy and the Iranian people have been derived from the fruits of their own effort.

The regime’s priorities have nothing to do with improving the lives of the people of the country but enriching themselves as well as the exorbitant and unnecessary nuclear weapons development and the funding of proxy terrorist groups operating outside the borders of Iran.

The scourge of Iran’s political economics

The Economists Club of Iran wrote in ay 2015: “This scourge has caused a lot of damage to the country’s development process and created the grounds for waste, diversion, and development opportunities becoming ineffective in the country. The national economy hinges on power and politics, not on economic principles and rules. Under these circumstances, the economic structure is practically out of its natural orbit, and rather than providing the country’s macroeconomic and social interests, and lay the groundwork for political development itself, it becomes a field of political invasion.”

Macroeconomic strategy and development

Macroeconomic strategy and development in the national interest come second in Iran to the interests of political factions and their rivalries.

“We are at a time where the country is full of uncertainty. Not only has there been minimum reassurance on the part of politicians, but the problems have been compounded by the growing number of stakeholders,” said Mohsen Jalalpour, the former head of the chamber of commerce.

Describing the conditions of the private sector, Mohsen Jalalpour, the former head of the regime’s chamber of commerce, said: “Private sector investment has have declined over the past decade, and an unhealthy economy has emerged because of politicians and policymakers’ activities. Therefore, the country’s capacities are under the control of stakeholders who have even taken control of diplomacy and domestic politics. Now, the economy is a hostage of politics. Politicians’ interventions in the economy generally result in inflation, currency depreciation, unemployment, and the government’s budget deficit. The current economic crisis in the country is due to the political aspects and the lack of proper management and planning to reduce the budget deficit and impact of sanctions,” added Jalalpour.

Macroeconomic strategy and development

When the economy is sacrificed to political intrigue, the people suffer. The state-run media outlet, Donyay-e-Eghtesad, said in a report on December 17th: “if the relationship between the two is regulated in such a way that the economy serves politics, under these conditions, the space becomes suitable for rent-seeking and unproductive activities, and firms compete for different types of rents and the benefits of multi-pricing instead of trying to increase productivity. Hence, companies are constantly looking for political brokers to bargain for-profits, and the bond between some politicians and rent-seekers becomes stronger every day.”

The rightful place of the Iranian economy, one which serves the real interests of the Iranian people, can only be established when the mullahs and their offshoots are replaced by a democratic government that is elected freely and fairly. This current corrupt and inept regime must go.

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