The 56th Founding Anniversary of the MEK

Iran: Part 3 of MEK’s 55th Anniversary Online Event

The 56th Founding Anniversary of the MEK

The 56th founding anniversary of the MEK, held at Ashraf 3 and joined by hundreds of Iranian Communities around the world, the Iranian diaspora who support the MEK and a free Iran.- September 5, 2020

By Jennifer Jones-Kelley

The third and final portion of the MEK’s 55th Anniversary Celebration consisted of speeches from members of the Iranian diaspora. Highlights from their remarks are included below:

Fereydoon Anusheh

Poet, Sweden

“The NCRI is the sole alternative of the Iranian regime. Resistance Units have bravely paved the way for nationwide protests and are the torchbearers of resistance against the regime inside Iran. It is the duty of every noble Iranian to support the Resistance Units and their leading organization, the MEK.”

Hassan Zabeti

British-Iranian Businessmen Association

“I have always been witness to the financial support the people of Iran have bestowed on the MEK. Nowhere in the world do people trust an organization like the people of Iran trust the MEK.”

Reza Rahmani

Former political prisoner, Association for the Support of Political Prisoners in Iran

“I am a supporter of the MEK. I spent five years in prison in the 1980s because I was a supporter of the MEK. I witnessed the resistance of MEK members inside the prisons and under torture. The MEK is in complete contrast to everything the Iranian regime stands for.”

“While Khomeini tried to spread despair across Iran, the MEK gave rise to a brave generation who stood up for freedom and did not hesitate to sacrifice everything for their people.”

Jamshid Peyman

Poet, Austria

“The MEK is an organization that has risen above hundreds of movements to struggle against the Iranian regime. They are devoted to independence, democracy, and human rights. In its faceoff against the mullahs’ regime, it is without a doubt more serious than any other organization or movement. They have made sacrifices that are unprecedented in the history of Iran.”

Azadeh Alemi

Accountant, Spokeswoman for the Iranian community in France

“My uncle and his pregnant wife were killed by the mullahs’ regime. As a three-year-old kid, I witnessed the torture and pain of MEK members and supporters in Iran. That is how I came to know the MEK, and this is why I continue to support them today.”

“The MEK has given rise to a generation of women who have become leaders in the struggle against the Iranian regime. They are the antithesis of the misogynist nature of the regime. Today, women are at the forefront of the fight against the religious fascism ruling Iran, at the helm of the greatest and most organized opposition movement.”

Zohreh Bijanyar

Iranian Women Association in Paris

“My sister Zahra was a MEK member. She was murdered by the regime during the 1988 Massacre. MEK presents a new way of thinking about life and the world. We can see the righteousness of their path in the people who continue their struggle and do not give in to the darkness of the mullahs’ regime.”

Amir Taraj

IT specialist, Iranian-French Association for Democracy and Laicism

“As the MEK continues to grow, the Iranian regime is faced with setbacks and deadlocks on different fronts. Its biggest problem is the brave Resistance Units who have kept the flame of protests and uprising alive across Iran.”

Afsaneh Najib, G.P.

Head of the Association of Iranian Democratic Women in Belgium

“The MEK has placed women at the forefront of the struggle for freedom. They represent equal rights for all Iranians regardless of their gender, ethnicity, and faith.

This organization is the longest standing movement that strives for establishing a democratic state in Iran.

Soroush Abutalebi

Computer Management student, Democratic Association of Iranian Students in Belgium

“The MEK makes the impossible possible, and they have proved this throughout their history. Had it not been for the MEK and the Resistance Units, the regime would have stabilized their hold on power.”

Gholam Vakili

Electrical Technician, Switzerland

“Regime officials are acknowledging that the MEK is a threat to their rule. The hundreds of books, films, and other things they have created against the MEK only display their fear of the Iranian Resistance.”

Neda Amani

Athlete, Iranian Youth Association in Switzerland

“I am a football coach. I hope to one day help the women of my country reach the gold medal. I’ve spent my entire life in Switzerland, but I can’t stop thinking about the youth in my country. Before I was born, a nobleman, Dr. Kazem Rajavi, was killed in this country for being the voice of the oppressed people of Iran. The regime thought that by killing Dr. Kazem, they would shut the voice of freedom in Iran. But today, the entire country has risen against the mullahs.”

Ahmad Hassani

Mechanical Engineer, Democratic Iran Association, Canada

“My brother died in the 1988 massacre at the age of 26 because he was a supporter of the MEK. Today, the Resistance Units continue his path.

The regime and its agents will not be able to destroy the image of this resistance movement. They will be held to account for their crimes.”

Fereshteh Daneshvar

Accountant, Saba Association, Canada

“After the revolution, the regime tried to recruit my brother, who was a MEK supporter, by promising him power and wealth. My brother turned them down and said that the MEK does not want power. They want freedom. And the MEK have proven this in their history. And they will one day become victorious and bring freedom to Iran.”

Shahram Golestaneh

Electronics Engineer, Democratic Iran Association, Canada

“These days, the Iranian regime, which is struggling with its crises, is resorting to any means to attack the MEK. Its efforts are focused on terrorism and demonization campaigns. Its terror plots have been foiled and its terrorist agent Assadollah Assadi is now on trial for his involvement in a failed terror attempt.

Its demonization campaign is focused on the organized structure of this movement.”

“The regime’s efforts are futile. I and other Iranians see it our responsibility to defend the MEK.”

Ali Fatemi

CAD/CAM dentistry, Iranian Youth Association in Luxembourg

“The MEK is the voice of the Iranian people, which relentlessly struggles for freedom. Anyone who is serious in bringing freedom to Iran will find themselves at the sides of the MEK. The best decision I made in my life was to support the MEK.”

Ehsan Ayatollahi

Insurance expert, Human Rights Association for Victims of Fundamentalism

“The real democratic Islam of the MEK is terrifying for both the Shah and the mullahs’ regime. Today, the regime’s front organizations that pose as oppositions try to attack the MEK’s ideology and interpretation of Islam. But there is no other movement that believes in secularism as much as the MEK.”

Roxanna Sadeghpour

Student, Australia

“I was never in Iran, but my heart is with my people and I wish to see them one day. I know that the MEK fights for freedom and human values. They have sacrificed all they have to bring freedom to their people. I’m honored as an Iranian that we have an organization like the MEK, and this ensures that we will one day have freedom in our country.”

Nathalie Azaly

Iranian Kurdish activist

“The MEK has shown they are defenders of the rights of minorities. Even after the 2017 earthquake in Kermanshah, it was the MEK’s Resistance Units who went to help the people.”

Ghazal Afshar

Interpreter, Iranian Specialists, and Graduates in Italy

“My mother is in Ashraf 3, and my father was killed by the regime when I was very young. I am not a supporter of the MEK just because my parents are members of the organization. I was inspired by many people like my parents, who gave up their personal lives to fight for the rights of their people. They made their choice because they wanted millions of children to have the same opportunity that I have.”

Yousef Lesani

Pharmacist, Free and Democratic Iran Association in Turin

“The regime refused to provide even the slightest support for the Iranian people. As Mrs. Rajavi has said the IRGC should be dismantled and their budget used to provide help for the Iranian people.

“The MEK will never allow the mullahs’ to spread their deceptive propaganda. Eliminate the MEK from Iran’s political scene, & see what devastation the mullahs would bring to Iran.”

Virginia Peeshbeen

Physician, Italy

“As a doctor, I want to express my solidarity with the medical staff of Iran in their efforts to counter the pandemic. To the youth of Iran, who continue their brave struggle against the regime despite repression, I salute you and thank you for all you’re doing.”

Sana Sotudeh

Bachelor of Social Work, Youth Uprising Support Association, Norway

“In MEK, women are in leadership roles. The MEK has proven that women have the power to lead and will change the world.”

Behrouz Maghsoudi

Oil Engineer, Iranian Students and Alumni Association Residing in Norway

“The regime refrains from no crimes to maintain their hold on power. But Iran is not represented by the regime. It is symbolized in the MEK, in the Resistance Units, the uprisings, and the rebellious youth who continue the struggle for freedom.”

Fatemeh Sarhadi

Laboratory Science Specialist, Association for Human Rights and Democracy

“I come from the province of Sistan and Baluchestan, whose people are under extreme poverty and repression by the regime. My people don’t have water to drink. I have always been looking for an organization that would defend the rights of my people.”

Ali Parsa

University Professor, Iranian Community of Southern California

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), believe in a secular government. The MEK’s interpretation of Islam is in total opposition to that of the Iranian regime. They are peaceful, they believe in unity, contrary to the regime’s of the Shah and the mullahs.”

Farideh Sedighi

Computer Engineer, Iranian Community of Northern California

“One memory that stands in my mind is when Khomeini’s regime began imposing the forced veiling rules on Iranian women. I witnessed female MEK members, who were Muslim, line up, and defend women who did not want to wear the regime-imposed veil. Today, a woman stands at the forefront of the MEK’s struggle for freedom. Those who label the MEK and attack their ideology are either in league with the regime or totally ignorant.”

Reza Sami, PhD

Iranian Community of Virginia

“Today, we are witness to the brave activities of the MEK Resistance Units inside Iran. We are honored to be supporters of the most organized resistance movement of Iran.”

Raha Heshmatikhah

Student, Futurist Youth Association, The Netherlands

“I chose to become a supporter of the MEK because I admire their sacrifice. They have chosen to give up everything they have to make sure everyone in Iran will have the opportunity to live in freedom.”

Zari Kazemi

Budget Manager, Saba: Iranian Women’s Association in Frankfurt

The women of the MEK are at the forefront of the struggle against the mullahs’ regime. They have proven that Madam Rajavi’s ‘We can and we must’ is not just a slogan. It is the key to victory.”

Hanif Mahoutchian

Law student, Youth Association, Germany

“In the harsh days, when no one thought MEK would survive its many trials and tribulations, the MEK relied and continued to stand on its ideals and principles, and the organization is stronger than ever today.”

Hamid Moaser

Union of Iranian Communities in Germany

“Today, the name of the MEK is being sung across the globe. The MEK rejuvenates every day and grows stronger than ever before.”

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