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Iran: Part 2 of MEK’s 55th Anniversary Online Event

Online Conference

The beginning of the 56th founding anniversary of The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), held at Ashraf 3

By Jennifer Jones-Kelley

The anniversary celebration on Saturday continued in the afternoon as Mrs. Rajavi gave the second half of her speech. Her remarks were followed by speeches from representatives of Iranian communities around the world. The following are some of the highlights from part two of the day’s events:

Maryam Rajavi

President-elect National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

“The uprisings in Iran since December 2017 up until now clearly demonstrate that the protests are the scene of public support for the views and policies of the MEK, especially among the younger generation. They are also the venue for the PMOI/MEK to make progress and the place for increasing activities by MEK Resistance Units.”

“Today, Iran is plagued with poverty, repression, and the coronavirus pandemic. Socio-economic gaps have never been wider. The suppressive machine does not stop for a moment in protecting the mullahs’ religious fascist regime. The regime’s judiciary has been handing down a barrage of death sentences.”

“Iranian society is in an explosive state. The rebels and protesters are waiting in the wings. Young people are the decisive force in this uprising. Rebellious youths open the way for the eruption of the great energy of the oppressed people.”

“The people do not want anything from the regime, except its overthrow. They are not looking back to the past. They have set their sights on the future. They chant, ‘Death to the oppressor, whether it is the Shah or the (Supreme) Leader.’”

Reporting by PMOI/MEKIran, September 2, 2020—There is a wave of protests and criticism from inside Iran and across the…

Posted by People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran – MEK IRAN on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

“The accounts of tortures of Navid Afkari and his brothers, and the double execution and long prison sentences for them have shocked and outraged not only the people of Iran but the entire world.”

“Yes, as the (PMOI / MEK Iran) starts its 56th year of existence, the clerical regime is stuck at an impasse, and in the throes of political, economic, and international crises.”

“Khamenei is incapable of offering any change or opening to reduce society’s discontent. The regime’s followers who dreamt of reforms are now seeing the nightmare of being overthrown. The followers and advocates of the clerical regime who hoped for the protest movement to die down, have now become disillusioned. Fear has switched sides. Today, the mullahs and their IRGC are trembling with fear.”

“May the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran)– hand in hand with their beloved people — accomplish their great historic mandate and commitment, namely, overthrowing the ruling regime in its entirety and establishing freedom and popular sovereignty in Iran.”

Vida Niktalean

Architect, Women’s Association for Democracy in Iran, North Germany

“The regime has ratcheted up pressure against prisoners arrested during the 2019 protests. Many of the protesters are under the threat of execution, inclugin Navid Afkari, a young wrestler. Mostafa Salehi, a worker, was executed last month, and the regime’s criminal judiciary has seized his home, driving his wife and children into homelessness.”

“This shows the regime is still terrified of the November uprising. This is why the MEK says we must sacrifice everything for freedom. This is the only way to free our people.”

Hossein Yaghubi

Mechanical Engineer, Immigrant Convergence Association

“The MEK for us is the intersection of freedom and patriotism. The regime and its allies can’t tolerate this organization, and this is why it resorts to terrorism and demonization. The regime resorts to all sorts of excuses to discredit the opposition movement.”

Mehrdad Harsini

Foundation for Development and Democracy in the Middle East

“The regime has seen strategic setbacks thanks to the efforts of the MEK. In every city of Iran, we’re seeing the people rise up against the regime. There’s also new momentum to impose sanctions against the regime. This has been a longstanding demand of the Iranian Resistance. Protecting the interests of the Iranian people is closely tied to the policies of the Iranian Resistance.”

Homeira Hesami

Iranian Community of Texas, Dallas

“The truth is that no party other than the (PMOI / MEK Iran) has strived to protect Iran’s resources and the rights of the Iranian people. Peace in the region and freedom for our people can only be guaranteed with the opposition movement.”

“The mullahs are constantly calling on the MEK to give up their ideas and go after their lives. We supporters of the MEK also consider ourselves full-time devotees to this cause. This is why the regime constantly targets the MEK and their supporters.”

Soulmaz Abu Ali

Ph.D. in International Relations, Professor at George Mason University, Iranian Community in Virginia

“I left Iran when I was very young. We had to leave the country because my parents were supporters of the MEK. The MEK deeply believes in their ideals and gender equality. The democratic Islam of the MEK is totally different from the fundamentalist views of the mullahs. They represent Maryam Rajavi’s ten-point plan. They believe in free elections, freedom of women, the abolishment of the death penalty, and a non-nuclear Iran.”

“The MEK has put aside everything for the freedom of the Iranian people. The sacrifices they have made, the pressure they have endured, all this persistence is due to their faith in freedom in Iran.”

Kazem Kazerunian

Mechanical Engineer, Professor at the University of Connecticut and Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Iranian Community of Connecticut

“The regime is trying to cause despair among the people. But the Resistance Units, through their efforts, are keeping the flame of resistance alive.”

Ahmad Moeinmanesh

Senior Electronic Test Engineer, Executive Director of Iranian American Community of Northern California

“It has been 40 years that the MEK have single handedly continued the resistance and struggle for freedom against the regime. They have set an example for all the people.”

Hanifeh Khayeri

Researcher, Iran Human Rights Foundation

“I support this organization because it has values that are found nowhere else. They have all gathered for a common cause: freedom for the people of Iran. I haven’t seen similar potential anywhere else in the world.”

“We are all on the same path. Iran is one of several dictatorships in the world. But the Iranian people have an organized opposition movement that has stood for 55 years and has only grown stronger and firmer in their ideals.”

Behrooz Partovi

Iranian Kurdish activist

“The MEK is the result of several generations of resistance and struggle for freedom in Iran. The founders of MEK established a movement that has shown its righteousness throughout the decades. The MEK has relied on the Iranian people to stand against the mullahs’ regime. They did not bow down to the mullahs. They protected the rights of the people at the price of being beaten, imprisoned, and tortured by the regime’s thugs.”

“They continued their resistance after the regime opened fire on their peaceful demonstrations and launched a wave of slaughter. Anyone who is serious about fighting against the Iranian regime will align with MEK and the NCRI.”

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