COVID-19 in Iran

MEK Iran: Regime Wanted of High Levels of Unrest to Come

COVID-19 in Iran

Iran is expecting more deaths on coronavirus, the officials are afraid of further unrest.

The Coronavirus outbreak in Iran continues to claim hundreds of lives every day. The Iranian regime has failed spectacularly in its duty to protect the people of Iran.

Since the very first case of Coronavirus in the country, the regime has deceived and lied to the people making it almost impossible to get a grip on the health crisis that is pushing doctors, nurses and medical workers across the country to their limits.

Iran has the highest COVID-19 death toll in the world and the government is still trying to convince the people of Iran, and the international community, that there is nothing to worry about. President Rouhani recently said that there are thousands of beds available in intensive care units across the country and that Iran is coping better than other countries. This is quite simply a huge lie.

The latest diagram on coronavirus victims in Iran

Governments across the world are making difficult decisions – decisions that are greatly affecting the economy of their country – but they are ultimately putting the people and their health first. Governments are making sure that people are still able to meet the most basic needs. Except for the Iranian government that is ignoring the needs of the people and, once again, putting its own needs first.

Before this health crisis in Iran, the people have been very unhappy with the Iranian regime. There has been an increasing number of nationwide uprisings over the past few years and the regime has dealt with numerous protests and anti-government demonstrations. It is no secret that the regime’s collapse is imminent and that it will only take one more crisis to potentially push it over the edge.

Even regime officials are very aware that this is the case. On Sunday 5th April, a member of the Iranian Parliament said as such. Massoud Rezai said:

“Before the coronavirus crisis the Iranian society was already in a bad situation. Unemployment, economical corruption and people’s distrust of the system was rampant. Now, a small trigger such as the coronavirus outbreak is needed so that this society faces the danger of dissatisfaction and disobedience.”

Dozens of Iranian economic experts advised President Hassan Rouhani that “riot cells” are likely to pop up, especially in city slums. They warned that there are going to be massive economic consequences due to the Coronavirus outbreak, adding to the previous few years of economic uncertainty.

The state-run Daneshju publication reported last week that when the health crisis is over, the unemployment levels will rise, the recession will intensify, production levels will fall and poverty will increase. It said that the government’s budget deficit will also increase.

The publication said that the end of 2020 will be a time of major crisis for the regime and that “riot cells” will be very active.

The Iranian regime is heading into very troubled waters. There is no chance that the regime can ever regain public trust. For decades, it has plundered the nation’s wealth and with every year that passes more and more, people fall into the absolute poverty category. The regime has proven time and time again that it will never put the needs of the people before its own.

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