Floods in Iran

MEK Iran: Flooding Devastates Large Parts of Iran

Floods in Iran

Iranian people suffer both coronavirus and devastating floods

The people of Iran have been dealing with the effects of the regime’s mismanagement for years. Corruption at all levels of leadership in Iran and malign policies have caused some major crises. Even natural disasters have been worsened by the regime’s destruction or inaction.

At the minute, the Coronavirus is causing havoc in Iran. More than 20,000 people have been confirmed dead by the main opposition to the Iranian regime, the People Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) and the virus is present in every single province. Iran has the highest death toll of all countries, but the Iranian regime has been misleading the people of Iran and the international community with false statistics. The regime states that the death toll is only several thousand – a mere fraction of the real figure.

To add to the worries of the people, widespread flooding has been reported. Recent flooding caused hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage in the province of Kerman in south-central Iran. The people in that area have been devastated by the damage that has been caused and the regime has refused to help. A bridge leading to Kahnuj city was destroyed, yet the government has left it in ruins instead of leading efforts to rebuild it.

A lot of livestock has been killed, causing great uncertainty to many.

Some of the areas that have been badly affected by the flooding are among the poorest in the country. The people living there barely make enough money to make ends meet, and now they have been left with nothing. The lack of basic infrastructure in the area has meant that many of those affected this time round have been victim to the previous flooding.

Just like with the Coronavirus outbreak, the Iranian regime is neglecting to report accurately on the situation. It has not published any reports regarding the extent of the damage or the number of casualties.

Only last month, floods affected 19 of Iran’s provinces. Dozens of Iranians lost their lives and many people were injured. Many lost their homes, many lost their livelihoods, and many lost both.

Knowing that the Iranian regime was not going to take any action to help those affected, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) called on the people of Iran to help each other out. This is what is happening, as it has done so many times in the past.

The people of Iran are fed up with the regime’s negligence, corruption, and mismanagement. They want leadership that will put the people first and leadership that respects the values of human rights, freedom, and democracy. There is no way that the regime can fix any of its past mistakes and it will never be able to reform.

Floods in Khorasan Razavi (April 2020)

The Coronavirus situation and the widespread flooding are two catastrophes that the people of Iran are left to deal with on their own. They are the first victims of the regime and, certainly, another uprising is about to erupt.

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