Virtual Tour of MEK Iran Struggle for Freedom Answers Questions, Sparks Emotion


The exhibition, “120 Years of Struggle for Freedom,” a comprehensive and emotional journey through the Iranian people’s long struggle for freedom

Last Tuesday, the NCRI unveiled a virtual tour of the museum exhibition featured at Ashraf-3, the MEK’s headquarters in Albania. The exhibition, entitled, “120 Years of Struggle for Freedom,” is a comprehensive and emotional journey through the Iranian people’s long fight for freedom.

Reactions of Visitors to Ashraf-3

Visitors to Ashraf-3 have been moved by the stories of bravery and sacrifices made by the Iranian people as told through photographs, historical evidence, testimony from survivors of the regime’s atrocities, and recreations of tortures inflicted on MEK Iran members during the 1988 Massacre. Many of the 350 prominent politicians, human rights activists, and dignitaries who gathered at Ashraf-3 last summer spoke emotionally about their experiences touring the museum and seeing the horrors inflicted on the MEK Iran under the mullahs’ regime. They spoke passionately about the 120,000 martyrs memorialized in the exhibition, and they showed a great deal of respect for the resilience and determination of the MEK Iran in continuing the fight for freedom and democracy in the face of oppression.

Components of the Virtual Exhibition

Now that experience is available to people across the world. The virtual tour covers the history and current state of the Iranian Resistance. There are sections devoted to the following topics:

  • Historical Roots: the tyrannical Shah’s monarchy, the founding of the MEK Iran, and the Islamic Revolution and subsequent rise of the mullahs;
  • June 20, 1981–A Turning Point: a peaceful protest ends in the deaths of hundreds of MEK Iran protesters;
  • Iranian Regime’s Terrorism: a breakdown of the regime’s history of terrorist activities;
  • Democratic Alternative: the MEK’s political platform;
  • Iranian Regime Disinformation: the regime’s propaganda campaigns against the MEK Iran;
  • Mullahs’ Nuclear Threat: evidence of the regime’s continued nuclear activities;
  • Justice Prevails: the MEK Iran successfully ends its unjust listing as a terrorist group after lengthy court battles to prove its innocence;
  • Iran Uprising and MEK Iran Support; MEK Iran Resistance Units and their growth since the 2017/2018 Uprising in sustaining the flames of resistance;
  • Ashraf—Bastion of Freedom: the history of Camp Ashraf in Iraq;
  • A Prison Named Liberty: the repeated attacks and persecution of MEK Iran members at Camp Liberty in Iraq;
  • The Founding and Wall of Honor: the story of the MEK’s founding;
  • Price for Freedom: the many sacrifices made by MEK Iran members;
  • Memorial for 120,000 Martyrs: photographs of the 120,000 MEK Iran members killed by the regime since its founding;
  • 1988 Massacre—A Memorial for 30,000 Innocents; a memorial for the political prisoners murdered by the regime during the mass execution of MEK  Iran members in the summer of 1988;
  • Inside the Prisons: depictions of scenes in the regime’s prisons endured by MEK Iran members.

The virtual tour covers the history and current state of the Iranian Resistance

The exhibit is a powerful testament to the strength and endurance of the Iranian people under the oppressive rule of the Shah and the mullahs and should be viewed by anyone who is concerned with the history or future of Iran. The Iranian regime is close to its end, and it is important for the world to consider what has led the Iranian people to rise up and why the international community should recognize their right to do so.

Launch the virtual tour here.

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