Maryam Rajavi

MEK Iran: Maryam Rajavi’s Message to Congress

Maryam Rajavi

Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, sent a message to the US Congress entitled, “Iran Uprising: The Nation Rises for Freedom”, in which she laid out the case for the international community to put extra pressure on the Iranian regime.

She began by thanking US politicians for the support they’d already shown to the Iranian people and Resistance in their struggle for freedom in Iran, noting that several of them from both parties have recently voiced support to the Iranian uprising.

Rajavi said:

“They showed that the representatives of American democracy stand by the people of Iran. On behalf of the people of Iran, I sincerely thank them.”

She explained that the protests, which began on November 15, have now spread to over 200 cities, but as the protests grow, so too does the crackdown. She cited that over 1,000 protesters have been “murdered in cold blood” by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC); something that can be seen in video clips that are emerging from Iran. In Gorgan, a video shows an IRGC commander shooting a young man from close range before another guard strikes him with an ax.

In addition to the murders, 4,000 have been wounded and 12,000 have been arrested, but the protests continue.

Rajavi said:

“The brave young Iranians have remained defiant in the face of this brutality. Vast regions of the city of Shiraz in southern Iran, with 2 million residents were in the hands of people for two days. In some other cities, people took over the control of many districts from the IRGC.
The people of Iran showed that they will not be satisfied with anything less than the regime’s overthrow.”

She noted that the uprising shows that the mullahs’ regime has no support among the people and has no solutions to offer for the political and economic crises facing Iran.

She further said that this proved that the Resistance could build an organized movement and that the only solution to the crises in Iran and across the Middle East is the overthrow of the Iranian regime, so the protests will not stop until this happens.

Rajavi said:

“Unfortunately, the international community has not responded to all these arrests and carnage properly. This is the continuation of the same trend which gave impunity to the perpetrators of the massacre of political prisoners in the 1980s and especially in 1988 when the current leaders of the regime were responsible for the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners.”

She urged the international community to end this impunity, as is their responsibility, and force the regime to stop the torture and execution of protesters.

Rajavi said:

“It is time for the international community, especially the European Union and the United States, to recognize the struggle and the resistance of the Iranian people to overthrow the clerical regime and support their right to resist against suppression and repression. The people of Iran expect Congress to lead the way in recognizing this noble right. A free and democratic Iran is not only the urgent desire of the people of Iran but is essential for peace and security in the Middle East and the world.”

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