Fallen for Freedom in November 2019 Uprising Across Iran

Iran uprising: Day 19

Fallen for Freedom in November 2019 Uprising Across Iran

Fallen for Freedom in November 2019 Uprising Across Iran

The Iranian uprising entered its nineteenth consecutive day on Thursday, spreading to at least 189 cities, according to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), and continued to be met with repression by the Iranian regime.

The MEK confirmed that due to the brutal crackdown on protests by the regime, at least 750 people have died, 4,000 are injured, and 12,000 have been arrested and are threatened with execution. They cautioned that these numbers are only a minimum though because of the regime’s secrecy surrounding the protests that culminated on a near-total shutdown of the internet.

So far, the MEK has been able to name 255 of the protesters murdered by security forces in the uprising that began over the tripling of gas prices and soon became a demand for regime change.

Meanwhile, Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi, urged the international community to take urgent action to stop the crackdown in Iran, saying in a statement: “[The] death Toll in Iran Protests Surpasses 600; Wave of Arrests Continues- I urge the international community to take urgent action to stop the killing and repression in [Iran].”

By comparison, the governor of Qods city bragged on state TV about ordering state security forces to shoot and kill anyone entering the governor’s building. While Sardar Azizi, head of the police in the eastern sector of Tehran Province, admitted that the organized nature of the recent protests went far beyond the expectations of the police units, Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), and Basij units.

The Iranian regime has faced strong condemnations of their crackdown, with 62 Members of the European Parliament signing a statement in support of the call by Madam Rajavi for Iranian regime officials to face justice for crimes against humanity.

The MEPs called on the European Union and its Member States to stand with the Iranian people in their fight for freedom and democracy. They also urged EU governments to condemn the crackdown of demonstrators in the country, called for the release of those arrested, and voiced support for the Iranian people’s uprising.

Meanwhile, the New York Times published a report about at least 180 protesters (the figure is now at least 750) killed by the Iranian regime’s security forces during the uprising, which is the worst unrest in Iran since 1979.

The report read: “Iran is experiencing its deadliest political unrest since the Islamic Revolution 40 years ago, with at least 180 people killed — and possibly hundreds more — as angry protests have been smothered in a government crackdown of unbridled force.”

The Times said that the Iranian protesters called for “an end to the Islamic Republic’s government and the downfall of its leaders” and reported that security forces were opening fire on protesters, who are mostly young people in low-income jobs.

The report read:  “In the southwest city of Mahshahr alone, witnesses and medical personnel said, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps members surrounded, shot and killed 40 to 100 demonstrators — mostly unarmed young men — in a sugar cane field where they had sought refuge.”

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