Hassan Heidari, the young poet, killed by MOIS agents in Ahvaz

MEK: Protests in Southern City of Ahvaz (Shadegan)

Hassan Heidari, the young poet, killed by MOIS agents in Ahvaz

Hassan Heidari, the young poet, killed by the MOIS agents in Ahvaz

Following the dubious death of a young poet, Hassan Heidari, 29, on Monday, November 10, angry people took to the streets in Shadegan-Ahvaz, blocking the roads.

Confronting the angry people, the Iranian regime deployed its suppressive security forces in the streets. In the face of oppressive forces, the defiant youth torched lights and blocked the roads.

About the dubious death of Hassan Heidari, one of his relatives said: ” First, Hassan felt he was suffering from food poisoning, so we took him to the hospital, at midnight. Nurses tried to help him, however, he suffered a shock and died subsequently. We were told he died due to poisoning.”

“He was a full-bodied healthy man and he had no heart problems and illnesses what-so-ever. The Iranian Regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) is responsible for his death.” The relative added.

Because of his poems, Hassan Heidari had been arrested by the notorious agents of the MOIS several times in Ahvaz. He was arrested in August for the last time and later released on bail.

According to the reports, the defiant youth of Ahvaz joined the protesters in Shadegan.

Al-Arabiya TV reported a night of protest in Ahvaz. Al-Arabiya added that following the news about the assassination of a poet, Hassan Heidari, hundreds took to the streets at night, blaming the authorities for the assassination. The social media activists posted images and videos showing hundreds of youth marching in Ahvaz’s streets chanting slogans against the authorities asking for the reason for the death of the young poet who had been arrested for his political poems and his activities in favor of his countrymen. The protesters blocked the main roads.

The young people in Ahvaz continued marching toward the main squares of the city chanting: “Ahvaz, rise up”.

People in Shadegan continued protesting until the early morning of November 11.

This is not the first time the Iranian regime assassinates dissidents. The Mullahs try to intimidate the society and silence dissidents; however, the events in Ahvaz and Shadegan once again proved that these assassinations just fuel the protests against this cruel regime.

This is the nature of mullahs’ regime, on the one hand, it kills its own people, and on the other hand, suppresses and kills the people of other states like Iraq and Lebanon by its proxy forces.

Committing a massacre in 1988 in which 30,000 of Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK) members and supporters were slaughtered, killing and imprisoning journalists and environmental activists, meddling, and fueling terrorism in neighboring countries are just a part of this regime’s record in the past four decades. In recent uprisings in Iraq and Lebanon people demand eviction of the Iranian regime of their countries.

A new era has started and a bright future is on the horizon for the Iranian people as well as the people of the region. The new chapter of history will be written by the Iranian people and the MEK’s resistance units and also the people of neighboring countries.

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