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Simaye Azadi Telethon on its second day-December 1

Simaye Azadi Holds Second Day of Telethon

Simaye Azadi Telethon on its second day-December 1

Moslem Eskandar Filaby, world wrestling champion, and the chairman of NCRI’s Sport Committee, participated in Simaye Azadi Telethon

December 1st was the second day of the most recent telethon hosted by Simaye Azadi, Iran’s National TV (INTV). The satellite television station, known as the Voice of Iran, regularly hosts these telethons to bring attention to the atrocities committed by the Iranian regime and to give a voice to the people of Iran who have been silenced by the mullahs.

The telethon also offers an opportunity for supporters of the MEK and the Iranian Opposition to make donations to Simay Azadi, this beacon of hope and inspiration to millions who receive the news of activities and positions of the MEK and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) via this progressive media via satellite.

On Saturday, supporters of the MEK from across the world called into the telethon with donations. The callers described their motivations for supporting the Iranian Opposition. Here are some of their words:

“Iranian people have a slogan: ‘Our shame, Our shame, is our television and radio (referring to the state media, and their misinforming programs) .’ Ashrafis say that is our pride and you are part of this pride.”

Omid Ehsani from Sweden said, “Simaye Azadi⁩ is like a school showing us how to fight against the Iranian regime.  This makes me happy and that is why my friends and I donate 32,000 Kronas.”

Jaromir Stetina, a Member of European Parliament, tweeted in support of the telethon, “I wanted to add my support for the great work which is being done by Simay-e-Azadi, which is an independent satellite TV channel that brings out news of the repression and human rights violations in Iran.”

A Swedish supporter said this: “We are a group of supporters of the Iranian people and resistance.  We are going to collect a group donation for you to help the downfall of the tyrants’ rule.”

Saeed from the U.S. donated $250,000. He had this to say about his donation: As a physician, I have dedicated a large part of my career to be able to support the movement and consider this as part of my share to a Free Iran and the MEK.

The telethon will conclude on Sunday, December 2nd.

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