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MEPs delegation in a conference in Ashraf3

MEP Describes Visit to MEK’s Residence -Ashraf 3

MEPs delegation in a conference in Ashraf3

MEPs delegation in a conference held in Tirana-Ashraf3, during their three day visit to the place of residence of the MEK-November 2018

In November, Czech MEP Jaromír Štětina, Vice-Chair of Subcommittee on Security and Defence in the European Parliament, visited Ashraf 3, the MEK camp in Tirana, Albania. He was accompanied by Estonian MEP Tunne Kelam, and former Scottish MEP Struan Stevenson. Štětina wrote about his experience visiting the camp in a recent article in

Štětina, like many who have visited Ashraf 3 before him, was struck by how quickly the residents of the camp have built a functioning city from the ground up. In his article, Štětina described the numerous facilities that have been built in less than a year.

Ashraf 3, which is named after the camps in Iraq that the MEK were forced to leave, has functioning water purification facilities, a medical and dental center, pharmacies, bakeries, a sports complex, a library, meeting halls, and learning centers. The entire project has been financed by donations and loans from supporters of the MEK. No government has financed any part of Ashraf 3.

Štětina also wrote about the resilience of the Ashrafis, who were displaced several times and were the victim of multiple attacks by pro-Iran militias during the years they lived in Iraq. Before arriving in Tirana, camp residents had their belongings confiscated. Štětina wrote that he had worked as a war correspondent for a number of years and had often seen displaced people in difficult situations. He was struck by the high spirits and morale of the 3,000 Ashrafis and their commitment to the cause of freedom for the Iranian people.

The Iranian regime, according to Štětina, was angry that the MEK camp was safely relocated to Albania. As the primary opposition to the regime, the MEK poses an existential threat to the mullahs, especially in light of the ongoing uprisings taking place across the country. The regime has been unable to suppress the protests and strikes taking place throughout Iran for almost a year, so it has launched a new smear campaign against the MEK in an attempt to prevent the opposition from gaining more support while simultaneously setting the stage for new terrorist plots against the MEK in Europe.

The regime’s demonization campaign, according to Štětina, includes media reports claiming that the MEK camp is a “cult-like” environment where members are cut off from the world and are forbidden by leaders from leaving the camp.

Štětina vehemently asserted that these were false claims. He wrote that in his short visit he met hundreds of camp residents who all expressed their commitment to a free Iran. Residents left the camp freely for shopping, recreation, appointments, or other purposes.

Former Scottish MEP Describes His Visit to Ashraf 3 in Albania and the Regime’s Vicious Misinformation Campaign

Štětina expressed his admiration for the women of Ashraf 3. During his visit to the camp, Štětina wrote that the women spoke of their sacrifices and commitment to fight against the oppressive regime no matter the price.

Over the course of the past year, Iran has been the scene of widespread protests and strikes. The workers of the Haft Tappeh sugar factory and the Ahvaz Steel factory in Khuzestan Province have been on strike for several weeks in protest of months of unpaid wages. Iranian truck drivers, teachers, farmers, and merchants have all participated in multiple nationwide strikes this year. A number of other sectors have protested or been on strike as well. The regime blames the MEK and Ashraf residents for organizing the protests, according to Štětina.

Štětina wrote that the regime has gone to great lengths to eliminate the MEK as a threat, even resorting to terror attacks. An attempted car bombing at a Nowruz celebration in Tirana was foiled by Albanian police in March. In June, an Iranian diplomat was arrested in Germany for masterminding a plot to bomb an Iranian Opposition gathering outside of Paris.

Last month, according to Štětina, Denmark recalled its Ambassador to Iran after an assassination plot targeting Iranian MEK members in Copenhagen was foiled.

Štětina ended his article by pointing out that E.U. High Representative Federica Mogherini has remained silent about the Iranian regime’s terrorist plots on European soil. Štětina went on to state that he and many of his colleagues believe that the High Representative should place a higher priority on expelling Iranian regime diplomats from the E.U.

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The European Parliament delegation meets with Maryam Rajavi

Delegation from European Parliament Meets with Maryam Rajavi in Tirana

The European Parliament delegation meets with Maryam Rajavi

A delegation consists of 2 MEPs and the former chair of European Parliament’s official Delegation for Relations with Iraq meet with Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the Iranian opposition

On Sunday, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), met with a delegation of Members of European Parliament (MEPs) in Tirana to discuss Ashraf 3, the MEK camp in Albania. They also discussed the ongoing protests in Iran.

Members of the delegation included Tunne Kelam, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Vice Chair of Friends of a Free Iran inter-parliamentary group, Jaromir Stetina, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Vice Chairman of the Subcommittee on Security and Defense, and Struan Stevenson, Coordinator of the Campaign for Iran Change.

The meeting with the delegation from European Parliament followed a statement of support for the Iranian Resistance from 150 MEPs written earlier this month. The statement described the widespread protests that have taken place in Iran since December of last year, saying, “The social atmosphere is volatile, and people demand fundamental change. The regime’s officials have acknowledged the role of “resistance units” of the opposition PMOI [MEK] in organizing protests and nationwide strikes.”

The statement went on to describe the regime’s efforts to defeat the MEK and the Iranian Resistance through terrorist acts: “Unable to defeat the protesters at home, the regime launched a new wave of terrorism against the democratic opposition activists in Europe and in the United States.”

The MEPs concluded their statement with a call to action: “We must hold the Iranian regime accountable for its terror plots and expel Iranian Intelligence Ministry operatives from Europe. We must also condition our relations with Iran to an improvement of human rights and women’s rights, and a halt to executions.”

The EP delegation noted the statement from earlier this month and affirmed their support of Maryam Rajavi and the Iranian Resistance.

Mr. Tunne Kelam expressed his admiration for the MEK members at Ashraf 3 during the meeting, noting their “wonderful advances in building this place in such a short period of time and on the other hand, their livelihood and joy.” He added, “To me, this is a promise that the people of Iran will achieve their freedom.”

Kelam also congratulated Mrs. Rajavi on the MEK’s progress, saying, “Your movement has set a new moral, political and democratic standard, something that gives you the power to confront the medieval, fundamentalist regime ruling Iran.
At the same time, Mrs. Rajavi and the PMOI [MEK] have provided moral and political inspiration for hundreds of European political leaders in supporting PMOI’s [MEK’s] struggle for freedom in Iran. European politicians have been encouraged to take a strong and principled political stand versus the appeasement policy.”

Mr. Stetina pointed out that the MEK and the NCRI enjoys broad support from MEPs from different political groups, saying that these groups “are confident that Iran’s future is tied to this Resistance and to you, personally.” He went on to say, “This is why the Iranian regime has once again resorted to terrorism. Their ill-fated terrorist attempts in Albania, France, and the U.S. clearly show that the Iranian regime views this movement as its main existential threat. When it cannot defeat the PMOI and the NCRI by suppression and terror, it moves full force to deploy the mercenaries and “reporters” it has trained to demonize the Resistance and carry out smear campaigns. This is something that we have very well experienced in the European Parliament.

Mr. Stevenson pointed out that the regime is faltering and cannot continue to rule. “The emphases by the leader, president and other officials of the regime leave no doubts on the role of the PMOI in advancing the popular uprisings. Therefore, there is nothing strange for us that their slander machine has been put to work at its highest speed. These efforts are in vain and will not deceive anyone,” he said.

Mrs. Rajavi thanked the MEPs for their support of the Iranian Resistance and explained the current situation in Iran. “Despite massive repression, widespread arrests and murders in detention projected as suicides,” she said, “the Iranian people’s uprisings have continued ever since they started in the final days of last year, becoming ever more organized. The growing trend of strikes, protests, and demonstrations by workers, farmers, and other toiling sectors have sounded the alarm bells for the regime, bringing closer the prospects of victory of freedom and democracy over the dark religious tyranny that has invaded our homeland for four decades.”

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