MEK Iran: Regime’s Internal Crisis

(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): As more individuals join the election boycott movement days before the fundamentalists’ sham presidential election.


The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), reported that the Iranian dictatorship hosted its second presidential debate. As more individuals join the election boycott movement days before the fundamentalists’ sham presidential election, these discussions highlighted the regime’s internal problems.

Candidates attacked one another

While being rigorously vetted for their commitment to the dictatorship, the administration’s candidates attacked one another and acknowledge some of the regime’s corruption. Despite the fact that the regime’s Guardian Council had already ordered them to stay away from the regime’s red lines, candidates turned the debate into yet another farce by attacking each other. They did, however, follow one rule: they would not address the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s chosen candidate Ebrahim Raisi’s brutal past.


(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): Calls for Boycott Amplifies as Khamenei Tries To Consolidate His Regime.


The regime’s corruption is the root of the problem

They accepted the predicament of Iranians facing economic hardships, as well as the regime’s corruption as the root of the problem.

“Corrupt groups and rent-seekers have seized the economy and the society’s culture. They have expansive connections in imports and exports as well as money launderers and smugglers,” addressing the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), former Central Bank Chief Abdolnasser Hemmati remarked.


Corruption Within the Regime

(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): MEK stated many times, that the regime is refusing to listen to the people of Iran who are struggling in many ways.


The IRGCseized control of the economy

“The establishment’s officials have turned into nobility. They have seized control of the economy for three decades,” In reaction to Hemmati, Alireza Zakani said, a current member of parliament from Khamenei’s faction, which has close ties to the IRGC.

“In Rouhani’s government, which is ostensibly the most security-focused in history, twenty-six spies were caught. 12 trillion rials were unlawfully moved from a government bank to a private bank under Mr. Hemmati’s watch,” Zakani continued, slamming Hemmati’s faction and Hassan Rouhani’s government.


Poverty in Iran

(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Credit to 80% of Iran’s economy is in the hands of the repressive IRGC.


The IRGC’s illicit network

“Every year, the merchants of sanctions make $16 billion in profits,” Hemmati responded, referring specifically to the IRGC’s illicit network.

Two sessions of the regime’s so-called debates revealed the regime’s problems even more clearly. These arguments have been nicknamed a “cursing match” by some members of the regime’s parliament.

“The main goal of these debates was to attack the political establishment. On Thursday, the state-run Arman newspaper reported, “These speeches were indictments against the entire system.”


IRGC's blacklisting consequences

(PMOI / MEK Iran) and (NCRI): IRGC, the Iranian dictatorship’s main force for repression and expansion of terrorism was proscribed by the U.S. State Department as an FTO.


Corrupt and warmongering government

These arguments created an image of a corrupt and warmongering government, portraying the regime’s vulnerability. The revelations made during these debates were simply the tip of the iceberg of the 40 years of tyranny under the Mullahs’ rule.

Many of the regime’s state media outlets and officials said that the public’s intention to boycott the election had increased as a result of the debates. Khamenei’s opposing faction also alleged that the Guardian Council’s decision to exclude its candidates from the poll will reduce voter turnout.


Iran corruption

(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Corruption a well-known phenomenon in the Iran regime.


Boycott the regime’s staged election

While these occurrences undoubtedly have an impact on society, the Iranian people have long stated their intent to boycott the regime’s staged election. “We will not vote anymore; we have seen no justice,” Iranians from all walks of life have been chanting in their protests.

Through its Resistance Units, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) has played a crucial role in promoting the boycott campaign, which has now become the only ‘democratic’ vote.


Iranian people will boycott the coming sham parliamentary election

(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): MEK Iran: Iranian people will boycott the coming sham election

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