MEK Iran: Explosive State of Society Should Serve as a Warning to the Regime

(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Locals in the neglected province of Sistan and Baluchestan voice their anger towards the regime.

The absolute poverty category in Iran is expanding all the time. The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), reported that the people have been faced with so many challenges over the past few years and there seems to be no end to the suffering they face.

Widespread corruption

The Iranian regime is directly responsible for the poverty in the country because of its decades of widespread corruption and its horrific mismanagement.

Many people have been forced into taking desperate measures in order to be able to survive. The country’s media outlets are reporting on the reality of the situation, with the state-run Eghtesad-e-Pouya highlighting last year that some people have resorted to selling their new-born babies for a meager 3 million tomans, just to be able to put food on the table. It also said that some are resorting to eating cats or crows out of desperate hunger.

Although poverty is spread the whole way across the country, some areas suffer disproportionately. For example, the provinces of Kurdistan and Sistan and Baluchestan face even more suffering because of the regime’s neglect of these areas, primarily because of religious and ethnic discrimination.

Iran corruption

(PMOI / MEK Iran), and (NCRI): Corruption a well-known phenomenon in the Iran regime.

IRGC brutally attacked the fuel porters

Sistan and Baluchestan due to their demographics and location is an important part of the country’s economy. It is located on the metal and mineral belt and has huge reserves of both of these. It is also home to the significant and strategic Beheshti of Chabahar port.

The IRGC has capitalized on all of this, at the expense of the inhabitants. Many projects have been set up in the province, but several have been abandoned. The IRGC however still loots the precious metals and minerals and steals water from the people.

One small window of hope for some people was the cards they were issued allowing them (in a very controlled way) to sell fuel across the border. Even though the IRGC took the vast majority of their earnings, it was still an income. However, it all turned sour when on 22nd February the IRGC brutally attacked the fuel porters, killing and wounding several of them.

State-run media publications have been reporting on the situation, drawing a clear distinction between fuel porting and fuel smuggling. The Shargh publication wrote last week that the work of fuel porters on the “local level” cannot be compared to the “fuel smuggling at the national level”.

Dozens of young people killed or wounded

(PMOI / MEK Iran), and (NCRI): People of Saravan stage uprising, take over the Governor’s Office – Dozens of young people killed or wounded.

Sistan and Baluchestan uprising

After the regime attacked the fuel porters, significant protests broke out – not just in the local area, but much further afield. The solidarity shown to the fuel porters and the people of the region shows that the levels of dissent in the country are high and that the people despise the ruling mullahs. Many have described society as being in an explosive state, ready to erupt at any time.

The state-run Jahan-e-Sanat publication refers to the protests of the starving people, emphasizing that the consequences of “this bomb” will be devastating for the regime. Its negligence, the publication wrote, and the “underestimating” of “this potential and terrible danger” will result in an explosion that will obliterate the regime.


(PMOI / MEK Iran), and (NCRI): the uprising of our Baluchi compatriots belongs to all the people of Iran.


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