Economic and Social Unrest

MEK Reports 30 Protests in a Single Week in Iran

Economic and Social Unrest

(PMOI / MEK Iran): Protests Continue This Week as Economic and Social Unrest Deepens.

According to The  People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)‘s sources inside Iran, people representing different walks of life have held about 30 protests in just one week.

The list of protests

Protests on Thursday, November 26th

MEK supporter from the city of Mahshar reported that the cargo workers in Iran’s Khomeini Port took to the street to protest about low wages, unbearable working conditions, insufficient health and safety measures, the company’s failure to put into practice the required job classification plan, and not receiving any claims.

MEK supporter from the city of Khorramshahr reported that the 40 employees of the Arvand Commercial Complex (Kenzol Mall) in Khorramshahr in southwest Iran, organized a protest to demand that they be paid their delayed wages because they are facing unbearable economic pressure.

“We have not received our wages for the last three months. We numerously protested and demanded our wages. In response to us, they say you are workers of the contractor, and we do not have the financial resources to pay your salaries. How could such a large commercial complex, which has a 16 to 17 hectares plot of land with about 300 to 400 large and small commercial units, cannot afford 40 workers?” one worker said.

Protests on Saturday, November 28th

MEK supporters from the city of Bijar reported that Around 40 workers from Gilan province, northern Iran, who are currently constructing a reservoir dam in Bijar organized a rally to protest that they hadn’t been paid for 14 months. At the same 4 or 5 employees were fired with no good reason provided.

MEK supporters from the city of Sanandaj reported that nurses in Sanandaj, northwest Iran organized a protest outside the Kurdistan Province Health Department where they were demanding 12 months’ worth of unpaid wages. COVID-19 can’t be an excuse for that.

Youths of Shahroi village protest

MEK supporters from the city of Behbahan reported that the jobless young men in Behbahan, Khuzestan province, organized a gathering in front of the local governorate, demanding jobs. In addition, young people from Shahroi village attended a rally outside the Behbahan governor’s office in southwest Iran demanding that the Behbahan Bid-e Boland refinery employs locals and not recruit cheap labor from some other country. The pledge by the regime was that if the villagers sold their land, there will be jobs to be provided by the refinery.

Protests on Monday, November 30th

MEK supporters from the city of Yasuj reported that the Yasuj municipality workers in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province organized a protest right outside the municipality building demanding that their salaries get paid as they no longer have sufficient available to put on the table due to 9 months without pay.

This group isn’t entitled to medical care because their insurance contributions haven’t yet been transferred over to the Social Security Organization.

Protests on Tuesday, December 1st

Workers of the Arvand Free Zone in southwestern Iran organized a protest demanding something to be done about job security, which is just about non-existent. One worker highlighted that “Slavery laws apply here. Free zone workers have neither job security nor safety. There are no health protocols and physical distancing in dormitories and workplaces. Workers’ rights are being violated in special economic zones. Employers also order the dismissal of workers whenever they want.”

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