Death Toll in Iran Rises

MEK Iran: The Death Toll in Iran Rises to 41,000

Death Toll in Iran Rises

In Khuzestan alone, the increase in cases is 200 percent more than in the previous month.

News reveals that 41,000 people have now lost their lives due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It has wreaked havoc throughout 317 cities in Iran according to leading authorities in the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), the main opposition force to the current regime. The mortality the regime has declared is only 6,685, which is far less than the real numbers.

This is the death toll recorded in some of Iran’s provinces:

  • 6,830 in Tehran,
  • 2,950 in Razavi Khorasan,
  • 2,320 in Khuzestan,
  • 1,615 in Alborz,
  • 1,280 in Golestan,
  • 1,140 in Hamedan,
  • 560 in Markazi (Central),
  • 280 in Ilam.

There is no clear indication that COVID-19 has passed its peak, but to the contrary, it is clear that Tehran, Gilan, Semnan, and Khuzestan provinces are now witnessing sharp increases in cases, said Dr. Massoud Mardani. He even went as far as to say that this next wave of COVID-19 is far more intense than could ever have been imagined.

In Khuzestan alone, the increase in cases is 200 percent more than in the previous month which means very soon quarantine measures will need to be applied, said Khuzestan Governor Gholamreza Shariati on Monday.

A round-up of COVID-19 in the country sees Dezful is as the main COVID-19 epicenter, Kermanshah is experiencing daily increases the virus, in the past 24 hours there have been 68 new cases reported by the Mazandaran Medical Sciences University. This suggests that a new wave of the virus is starting to take place.

The regime blames people for new cases

Experts for the Iranian regime are blaming the population in Khuzestan for new increases saying that they are not following the right protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. Ali Maher, deputy chair of the Tehran COVID-19 Task Force stated that it is almost impossible to maintain good hygiene in the more crowded urban areas. This suggestion was reported by the state-run Hamshahri daily.

Poverty is on the increase

Sharq, the state-run daily, has forecasted that due to COVID-19, 2.8 to 6.4 million no longer have jobs and 70% do not possess insurance. It is workers with daily jobs who are the worst affected. Many of whom are now living below the poverty line which will get worse if nothing is done to support them.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), referred to the rising toll of the virus and added: All the promises by the mullahs to the deprived and calamity-stricken people of Iran are hollow and worthless. The only way to end poverty, destitution, and unemployment is to end the mullahs’ evil dictatorship and establish freedom and people’s sovereignty.

Mrs. Rajavi said: Rouhani’s sudden dismissal of the Minister of Industry, Mines, and Trade reflects the aggravating factional feuding over the plunder and theft of the Iranian people’s wealth and speaks to the deep crisis gripping the regime amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Plunder and theft, much like suppression and export of terrorism, are endemic to this regime.

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