Victims of COVID-19

MEK Iran: No End in Sight for COVID-19 in Iran with 40,200 Dead and More Cases Reported

Victims of COVID-19

The COVID-19 situation in many provinces in Iran is still red.

According to the main Iranian opposition, People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran PMOI/MEK Iran, the death toll from COVID-19 has now reached more than 40,200, which is spread throughout 315 cities and 31 provinces in the country. Unfortunately, this death rate has been downplayed completely by the regime, which claims only 6,541 people have lost their lives.

These deaths have occurred in the following provinces:

  • 1,045 in Lorestan,
  • 1,599 in Alborz,
  • 2,070 in Khuzestan,
  • 2,470 in Isfahan,
  • 2,480 in Mazandaran,
  • 2,935 in Razavi Khorasan,
  • 442 in North Khorasan.
  • 535 in Markazi (Central),
  • 6,750 in Tehran.

Even though the above figures have been accurately compiled, the regime refuses to admit the truth and will only allow its own figures to be officially published. Two days ago, Iraj Harirchi, Deputy Health Minister admitted in an interview on state TV that the real statistics actually indicate increases in all figures related to COVID-19. The Iranian regime has just announced that 130 cities are white areas so mosques can be re-opened for Friday prayers now being permitted, which contradicts the statistics.

These increases have all happened according to the Khuzestan COVID-19 Task Force because quarantine measures were loosened too soon and they may now need to be reinstated.

Death toll on COVID-19 in Iran mounts.

COVID-19 situation in the provinces alarming

  • The head of Ahvaz’s Razi hospital also reported to state TV that the hospital is virtually full and deaths are on the rise. Borujerd, Western Iran, sees a marked increase in COVID-19 cases as well.
  • Hajiabad of Hormozgan Province in southern Iran sees a rise in COVID-19 cases according to Hamid Jahangiri, head of the Health and Hygiene Network.
  • Markaz’s governor, Ali Aghazdeh reports 21 new cases despite the area being designated white by the regime
  • Qazvin’s governor Hedayatollah Jamalipour says the COVID-19 situation is still in the red.
  • Qom province’s governor Bahram Sarmast says his province is still in the red

Mullahs the cause of COVID-19 upsurge

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) stated that the increase in coronavirus cases, particularly in provinces like Lorestan, Khuzestan, Markazi, and Hormozgan, is as a result of the mullahs’ regime’s lack of concern for ordinary Iranians. It has depleted the country’s wealth by channeling cash into continuing wars with neighbors and on missile development and deployment.

She also reveals that supreme leader Ali Khamenei has been sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars of public assets throughout the health crisis but has released little of this is to alleviate the outcome of the crisis which is affecting ordinary people more than anyone else.

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