An infography of how the "election" takes place in Iran under the Velayat-Faqih rule in Iran

MEK-Iran Election Was One Big Sham

An infography of how the "election" takes place in Iran under the Velayat-Faqih rule in Iran

A simple explanation of why “elections” in Iran under the rule of the current religious dictatorship is a farce

“In every respect, the sham parliamentary election turned out to be a crushing defeat for the regime in its entirety, particularly for its supreme leader Ali Khamenei, who wanted to showcase this sham as a sign of his regime’s legitimacy”, emphasizes Dr. Ali Safavi in an interview with, the prominent website of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the NCRI.


Election turnout number highly exaggerated

On Thursday, February 27, Ali Safavi, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the NCRI, gave details on why the Iranian regime’s election was a complete failure. Dr. Safavi explained that it took at least 2 days for the Interior Minister to announce that 42.57% of the voting population had turned out to take part to vote in the “election”.  “even though this is a complete fabrication of the truth” he emphasize, in Tehran Province, the number of those eligible to vote was at least 9 million people, but the true turnout didn’t even reach 19 percent, he added.

Safavi said: “It was IRGC Brig. Gen. Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf who got 1.2 million votes, which worked out to be less than 15 percent of those eligible to vote. If the voter turnout had been the alleged 42.57%, that would have meant that throughout the country there would need to have been 70 to 75% participation across the country, whereas, It was quite clear that this wasn’t the case, as there were few voters present at polling stations in Tehran, let alone in other cities where reports were clear that polling stations were just about deserted.”

Mrs. Rajavi NCRI-President-elect called for boycott of elections

Dr. Safavi, reminded that When Mrs. Rajavi called for a boycott of voting in the elections this was supported unanimously by MEK’s resistance units throughout Iran. It is now clear that not only do the 58 million Iranians deserve better, they have shown that this is what they really believe in through boycotting the elections. ” The best alternative now is to overthrow the present regime and replace it with a democratic, secular, pluralistic republic that truly represents the interests of the Iranian people”, Safavi added.

Referring to the failed policy of appeasement, that still dominates on the relations between the EU and the regime against the aspirations of the Iranian people, Dr. Safavi reiterated that,  “Appeasing the Iranian regime in its present state is no longer the way forward for European countries. It is time they took a new direction and stood hard and fast with the Iranian people and support the complete overthrow of current fraudulent and corrupt regime.”


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