Iran Protests

Iran Uprising continues for 13th day

Iran Protests

MEK: Iran Protests continue for the thirteenth continuous day- File Photo

The Iranian uprising continued in full force on Wednesday for its thirteenth consecutive day as it spread to at least 179 cities across the country. The protesters are demanding regime change, citing the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as the root of their problems.

Many cities are instituting martial law and the internet was shut off for ten days, although it was being slowly returned.

Since November 15, at least 450 protesters were killed by regime authorities, 4,000 injured and 10,000 arrested, although due to the enforced secrecy of the regime, the real figures could be much higher.

The regime likes to obscure the truth so that they look less vulnerable and at the same time can play the victim. One of the most bizarre lies came from IRGC deputy chief Ali Fadavi, who claimed that the protesters were armed with small pistols that they were using to shoot people in the abdomen at “point-blank range” in order to kill them.

There is no video evidence of this, even though you might expect to find at least one clip. However, you can see many of the regime’s security forces ruthlessly targeting the protesters, such as a video from Gorgan on November 16, where security forces shot a young man at point-blank range and then, when he fell to the floor, attacked him with an ax. While in Karaj, security forces opened fire on protesters, even shooting at them from a helicopter, killing a 17-year old girl.

The protesters have extensively target regime buildings and symbols during their uprising, burning banks, gutting government offices, and smashing security centers.

The state-run Keyhan daily said that damages were as follows; $24.47 million for damage to busses in Isfahan, $24.47 million for damage to regime-linked supermarkets, and another $8.16 million for damage to gas stations. This doesn’t even take into account the $82.5 million in damages to the country’s banking network and the $82.5 million in damages to online stores because of the internet shutdown.

The regime has rightly attributed the protests to the work of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK), who are organizing the protests, but while some Iranian officials believe the protests to be nearly over, more mullahs are saying that Iran is not “back to normal”, admitting that the uprising is a major problem that could overthrow the regime. The protests are far from over. The regime will fall.

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