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Nasser Malek Moteie's funeral

Anti-regime sentiment is present in public spaces everywhere across Iran

Nasser Malek Moteie's funeral

Nasser Malek Moteie’s funeral turns in to a protest against the regime – May 27, 2018

The students at Zahedan Azad University used their voices to stand up against the public humiliation of Iran’s Baluchi citizens. Many of Iran’s Sunni and minority communities suffer from state-endorsed discrimination. Prominent Baluchi religious leaders have been killed in recent years under suspicious circumstances. This has prompted many to question the regime’s involvement in their deaths.

On Saturday, May 25th the students joined other members of the public in expressing their frustration and dismay at the regime’s abhorrent discriminatory measures. They chanted “do not be afraid, we are all together,” and carried banners against the degradation of ethnic minorities. Agents of the regime arrested a number of students involved in the demonstrations.

Maryam Rajavi’s support

Leader of the Iranian opposition, Maryam Rajavi, offered words of encouragement and support to the students and their compatriots. She denounced the regime, expressing “shame and hatred” for the clerical regime which “is the main source of discrimination and disunity in Iran today”. The President-elect of the Iranian Resistance and leader of the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK) also called on the youth of the Baluchi and Sistan communities, as well as those in other communities across Iran, to stand in solidarity with the brave protestors of Zahedan.

Public Discontent

The protests in Zahedan, as well as recent truck driver protests, farmers protests, and student movements across the country, demonstrate the public’s desire to express their anger at the regime at every public opportunity. On Sunday, May 27th those gathered in attendance at the funeral of Naser Malek Motiei also used their voices to show their displeasure with the regime.

Naser Malek Motiei was a prominent Iranian cinema star who was isolated and attacked by the regime for refusing to concede to its unpopular policies. He used his art to show his displeasure with the regime, and it cost him four decades of his career.

It was entirely fitting then for those gathered at his funeral to use the opportunity to draw attention to the regime’s ill-treatment of Naser and the Iranian people. Out of respect for the deceased 88-year-old, the people chanted “death to the dictator, hail to Naser,” and “our disgrace is our (state) radio and TV”, referring to the state controlled

In an attempt to curb the protests, the regime dispatched anti-riot forces who tried to intimidate those in attendance with tear gas and shots fired into the air. The people were undeterred and continued the ceremony, adding chants of “shameless, shameless,” into their chorus.

Until the Iranian regime falls, the public will continue to vent their frustrations at every opportunity presented. The protests will only intensify until the current status quo is brought to an end.

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