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Student Day demonstration in Iran in various universities

Iranian Students Continue Student Day Protests Despite Arrests and Intimidation

Student Day demonstration in Iran in various universities

Widespread demonstrations in universities across Iran, on Student’s Day

Students at a number of universities in Iran protested over the days surrounding Student Day on December 7th. The protests began on Monday, December 3rd, and have yet to end, despite a number of repressive measures by the regime.

Students from the University of Tehran protested in front of the entrance to the university on Saturday, December 8th, chanting anti-regime slogans. Repressive forces arrived prior to the protest and blocked the streets around the university in an attempt to prevent the rally from occurring, but the students were undeterred.

Students at Tehran Technical College also protested on Saturday. MEK sources reported that the students chanted, “Student would rather die than accept humiliation!” and “One, Two, Three, Freedom!”

Similar protests and demonstrations were held on Saturday at Sharif University of Technology and Tarbiat Moallem University in Tehran, University of Anooshirvan in Babol, Tabriz University, Garmsar University, Ahvaz University, Semnan University, Sahand University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz University of Technology, Marand University, and Urmia University. The students chanted, “Imprisoned students must be freed!” The protesting students also chanted in solidarity with the ongoing workers’ strikes, saying, “Imprisoned workers must be freed!”

On Sunday, December 9th, students from the University of Tehran, Allameh University, and a number of other universities marched in protest of the regime and its policies. Students from the University of Tehran chanted, “Student, Worker, United, United!”

Suppressive forces have arrested a large number of university students in the Student Day protests. Students from the University of Tehran have been specifically targeted for arrest. Some of the arrested students have been summoned and subsequently threatened by the Intelligence Ministry. The regime hopes that it can prevent the protests from spreading with threats and intimidation. This strategy has been ineffective over the past year and has instead served to mobilize the Iranian people to increase the size and scope of their protests against the inhuman regime.

The MEK and the Iranian Resistance calls upon international student unions and syndicates to support Iranian university students. It further calls upon international human rights groups to take immediate measures to free students who have been arrested.

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