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Mrs. Ingrid Betancourt

Former Colombian Leader Expresses Deep Support for Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and the Iranian Women’s Struggle for Freedom

Mrs. Ingrid Betancourt

Mrs. Ingrid Betancourt
The former Colombian Senator and Presidential Candidate

The former Colombian Presidential Candidate, Mrs. Ingrid Betancourt, has expressed her heartfelt support for the struggle by Iranian women against the Iranian regime and its anti-women laws. She made a speech that was made on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The event was attended by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s President-elect, as well as supporters of the people’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK Iran).

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UK solidarity conference with the Iranian uprising on the occasion of the International Women's Day

UK Parliament Holds Conference on Women’s Rights in Iran

UK solidarity conference with the Iranian uprising on the occasion of the International Women's Day

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, a conference was held at the UK Houses of the Parliament, supporting the Iranian protests and the leadership of the President-elect, Maryam Rajvai

On Wednesday, a cross-party group of MPs from both houses of the British Parliament held a conference on women’s rights in Iran. The conference was scheduled in advance of International Women’s Day and focused on the regime’s oppression of women and the need to support the MEK and the Iranian people in their struggle for a free and democratic Iran. Ms. Douwlat Nouwrouzi, the UK Representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) live-tweeted the event.

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MEK resistance unit's activities on the occasion of the International Women's Day

MEK Resistance Units Honor International Women’s Day with Acts of Rebellion

MEK resistance unit's activities on the occasion of the International Women's Day

One of MEK resistance units have placed photos of Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the Iranian opposition on a pathway in Tehran. The handwriting underneath the photo reads: Maryam Rajavi is the only democratic alternative (to the ruling regime), signed by resistance unit 1000

On March 10th, members of the MEK’s Resistance Units in Iran launched a widespread campaign in recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8th.

The campaign was aimed at calling attention to the treatment of women under the theocratic Iranian regime and promoting the democratic alternative for the country’s future offered by the MEK and the Iranian Resistance under the leadership of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi.


MEK Resistance Unit members in the city of Urmia, northwest Iran, put up signs featuring quotes from Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). Mrs. Rajavi is the leader of the Iranian Resistance and has called for gender equality as part of her ten-point plan for the democratic future of Iran.

Shiraz and Abadan

Members of MEK Resistance Unit 667 in Shiraz, central Iran, and Abadan, southwest Iran, posted signs in both English and Farsi quoting Mrs. Rajavi’s statements on women and gender equality.

A female member of a MEK Resistance Unit in Shiraz raised a sign commemorating March 8th.

Hamedan and Karaj

MEK Resistance Unit members in Hamedan and Karaj posted signs with quotes from Maryam Rajavi. The signs read, ““No to compulsory hijab, no to compulsory religion, no to a compulsory state.”

Sanandaj, Isfahan, and Shiraz

In the cities of Sanandaj, Isfahan and Shiraz, MEK Resistance Unit members spray painted pro-Iranian Resistance messages on public buildings. Their graffiti read “Iran, Maryam, Maryam, Iran.” They also painted Mrs. Rajavi’s words, “We can and we must overthrow the mullahs’ regime.”


Members of MEK Resistance Unit 987 in Kerman, south-central Iran, posted signs featuring quotes from Maryam Rajavi. The quotes chosen were, “The corrupt mullahs will be overthrown by the Iranian women’s uprising,” and “I have a dream for everyone to be free to choose their own way of life, their own clothing, and women enjoying equal opportunity in all issues, including leadership roles.”


MEK Resistance Unit members in Babol, northern Iran, posted signs that read “It is now the women’s turn to rise against all forms of cruelty.”


In Ahvaz, MEK Resistance Unit members posted signs in English detailing the MEK’s views on women’s rights.


MEK Resistance Unit members in Semnan, central Iran, posted a sign listing Mrs. Rajavi’s ten-point plan for the democratic future of Iran.


In Tehran, members of MEK Resistance Unit 710 hung posters of Maryam Rajavi subtitled with her quote: “No to compulsory hijab, no to compulsory religion, no to a compulsory state.”
Resistance Unit members in Tehran and Masshad also hung posters featuring Maryam Rajavi’s face and the date of International Women’s Day.


In Ilam, western Iran, members of MEK Resistance Units hung Maryam Rajavi posters that called for the overthrow of the regime and the provision of equal rights for women.


In Kermanshah, western Iran, members of an MEK Resistance Unit spray painted graffiti reading, “Hail to Rajavi and the brave female members of the National Liberation Army of Iran.” They also hung a Maryam Rajavi poster at the entrance of an Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) base.

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Angelo-Iranian communities demonstration in London on the occasion of IWD-2019

NCRI and Anglo-Iranian Communities Rally in London in Support of Iranian Women

Angelo-Iranian communities demonstration in London on the occasion of IWD-2019

The Angelo-Iranian communities demonstrate on the occasion of the International Women’s Day-March 9, 2019

On March 9th, hundreds of supporters of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), members of the Anglo-Iranian Communities took part in a rally outside of 10 Downing Street in London in honor of International Women’s Day. The demonstrators focused on the pivotal role of women in the ongoing anti-regime protests in Iran and called for the British government to recognize the right of the Iranian people to overthrow the theocratic regime.

A Democratic Alternative

Speakers at the demonstration condemned the deplorable treatment of women and girls under the religious dictatorship in Iran, saying that the regime’s policies have relegated women to the status of second-class citizens. They emphasized the NCRI and the MEK, under the leadership of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, offer a democratic alternative to the mullahs’ regime that promotes gender equality and equal representation in government. They pointed out that women in the NCRI and MEK are leading the Iranian Resistance in the fight to overthrow the theocratic regime.

The speakers further noted that the NCRI’s focus on gender equality and the courage of the women of Iran are the greatest assets in the fight for a free Iran. Theresa Villiers, Conservative MP for Chipping Barnet and Former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, condemned the Iranian regime’s human rights record in her speech, saying, “I support the cause of human rights and democracy in Iran. The appalling situation of women in Iran is why we need reforms and change. So I am here to support your just demands for justice, democracy, and freedom.”

Regime Oppression

In a December 2018 report, the NCRI Women’s Committee wrote that almost one thousand women were arrested in 2018 for participating in anti-regime protests. Many of these women were arrested for protesting against mandatory hijab.

More recently, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei appointed notorious Death Committee member Ebrahim Raisi as head of the regime’s Judiciary. Raisi sent thousands of MEK members to the gallows during the 1988 Massacre, during which 30,000 political prisoners were executed during a single summer. Victims of this crime against humanity included pregnant women and girls as young as 15 years old.

“I join you in condemning the appointment of Raisi and urging the UK Government to take the lead and to work with allies at the UN to ask relevant UN bodies to order an investigation and bring the regime’s officials like Raisi to justice for crimes against humanity,” said Malcolm Fowler, Senior Solicitor and former member of the Human Rights Committee of the Law Society of England and Wales, in reference to Raisi’s appointment.

IRGC, and MOIS Must be Designated as Terrorist Organizations


Speakers also called on the UK to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) as terrorist organizations, citing their repression of the Iranian people and their involvement in terrorist plots against Iranian dissidents and MEK members in Europe, the UK, and the United States.

Dr. Jocelynne Scutt, former judge, jurist and professor at Buckingham University, spoke in solidarity with the women of Iran who face oppression at the hands of the Revolutionary Guards: “We stand here today on International Women’s Day to honour Iran’s strong, committed, courageous women. To the brave women of Iran, who have to endure Revolutionary Guards’ harassment, we support you and stand beside you in the struggle for human rights, equality and justice. We salute you, we are with you,” she said.

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Maryam Rajavi, leader of Iran opposition

On International Women’s Day, Maryam Rajavi Urges Iranian Women to “Struggle for Not Only What Is Possible, But What Must Be”

Maryam Rajavi, leader of Iran opposition

Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), during a video message on the occasion of the International Women’s Day- March 8, 2019

On March 8th, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), gave a speech in honor of International Women’s Day.


In her speech, Mrs. Rajavi expressed her admiration and support for the brave women inside Iran and across the world who have fought against oppression and tyranny to achieve equality. She also saluted the women of the MEK who have endured torture at the hands of the mullahs and those who have protested against the theocratic regime currently in power in Iran.

“A Glorious Resistance Movement”

“Iranian women are proud to have struggled against forty years of despicable religious tyranny, since day one until now,” said Mrs. Rajavi. “They have produced a glorious resistance movement.”

Mrs. Rajavi pointed out the role that women have played in the people’s anti-regime protests that have been taking place in Iran for over a year. “In the midst of fear and silence, it is women who chant, ‘Death to Khamenei!’ in the face of the regime’s agents. They lead workers’ protests and become the voice of teachers and retirees. They inspire youth to stand up against the regime’s agents,” Rajavi stated.

She also saluted the courage of those who have been imprisoned for fighting for the cause of freedom and applauded the many women who have taken on leadership roles in the MEK’s Resistance Units, saying, “They persevere in prisons with extraordinary courage, alongside their sisters. And, in the ranks of freedom fighters, they have established Units of Resistance.”

“The Arch Nemesis of Women”

Mrs. Rajavi then discussed some of the recent developments in Iran. She mentioned Khamenei’s recent appointment of a member of the infamous Death Committee of Tehran to the position of Judiciary Chief. Khamenei’s pick for the head of the Ministry of Justice was one of the primary perpetrators of the 1988 Massacre of 30,000 political prisoners, most of whom were MEK members. Many of those who were executed were women.

She also discussed high unemployment rates among Iranian women and the regime’s failure to address the issue. She spoke about child marriages, which have created epidemic rates of homelessness, drug addiction, prostitution, and poverty amongst the women of Iran.

She noted the misogynistic policy of policing women’s clothing, saying that thousands of women were arrested, harassed, and intimidated last year for “mal-veiling.”

Mrs. Rajavi went on to say that the regime is

“the arch nemesis of women and the primary obstacle against freedom and equality. Therefore, as a first step, any struggle and movement for freedom and equality go through the overthrow of the religious tyranny.”

Solidarity through Sisterhood

She further emphasized that the women of Iran hold the key to ending the mullahs’ rule and creating an Iran where women can be treated as equals. She said,

“The main force to defeat the ruling religious dictatorship is the Iranian women, who have borne the brunt of the injustices and have the highest degree of motivation to overthrow the regime.”

Rajavi stressed that in order to achieve this goal, Iranian women must unite as sisters. “Every woman’s talents and potentials can be realized to the highest extent only through solidarity with her sisters,” she said.

“When individual action evolves into collective action, facing barriers becomes easier. So, each one of us can advance ahead and be effective to the extent that we avoid abandoning our sisters. We need to have more women in our ranks.”

Mrs. Rajavi discussed the importance of changing women’s beliefs about themselves and their role in society in order to affect change. She said,

“We have to struggle for not only what is possible, but what must be. And on this path, shifting the mindset and dislodging of women’s own beliefs is a significant and extremely imperative step.”

She went on to say, “Rising up, searching for new values and discovering the potentials of the self and others in a collective effort and struggle supplies the roadmap for the struggle for freedom and equality. she added:

“In the struggle against gender discrimination and while vindicating the assumption of responsibility and demonstrating the capabilities of Iranian women, female Mojahedin of the Iranian Resistance have successfully overcome many challenges and traversed a long path. They have learned and proven that women as a collective, joined together, have extraordinary abilities.”

Mrs. Rajavi stressed that women were not meant to live as second-class citizens. “Women have not been born to submit to intimidation, injustice, and exploitation,” she said. “They can and they must change the world in accordance with the ideal of equality.”

“The Future Will Be Shaped in Your Hands”

Mrs.Rajavi concluded her speech with a stirring call to action and the promise of a brighter future under the leadership of the Iranian Resistance and the MEK.

“It is time to organize,” she said. “Turn your pains, suffering, tears, and yearning into a force of struggle and progress. The future will be shaped in your hands and in your units of resistance and resistance councils.”

She called on women to resist the regime’s laws on compulsory veiling, urged them to support children and women street vendors, and to “actively participate at every location where the flames of resistance and protests are burning.”

Rajavi further encouraged women to rebel against the patriarchal regime. “Stand up to the mullahs, who promote lack of trust, hopelessness, hostility and divisiveness in society in a coordinated and organized manner. They want to tell the Iranian people that nothing works, nothing matters, the situation will become worse, and so we must submit and adapt to the status quo. It is up to you, brave and aware sisters, to defeat this evil policy. It is up to you to rebel against the culture of surrender and it is up to you to cultivate solidarity, compassion, friendship and trust among our people,” she urged.

As the leader of the Iranian Resistance, Mrs. Rajavi reminded the audience that the NCRI and MEK have shown a decisive commitment to the cause of gender equality in its fight for democracy and freedom and that it is a strong advocate for the elimination of all factors that contribute to the inability of women to participate as equal citizens in a free Iran.

Equality in a Free Society

Rajavi then enumerated the rights that should be available to all women in a free society, as described in her ten-point plan for Iran’s future and the MEK’s political platform:

“Women from any ethnicity, religion or social class, regardless of their age or place of residence, must enjoy equal rights with men in all economic, social and political arenas.

“Women are free to choose their place of residence, their occupation, and education. They have a right to freely choose their spouse, to freely travel, to exit the country, to divorce, and to have custody over their children.

“Belief in a certain faith, religion or persuasion must not lead to humiliation of any woman or prevention of their access to employment opportunities, educational opportunities or seeking justice.

“Women should be able to enjoy protection by the law equal to men.

“Women should enjoy equal rights with men when it comes to seeking justice. Women must have freedom of choice for selecting their attire. The compulsory veiling law must be abolished; and it will be abolished.

“Women must particularly have the right to equal participation in the society’s political leadership.

“Women must enjoy equal rights with men in receiving inheritance and engaging in contracts and management of financial assets.

“When it comes to employment, women must have equal opportunities with men and they must receive equal pay and benefits for equal work.

“Polygamy must be banned and marriage below the legal age will not be permitted.

“And, women must enjoy equal rights to have and retain all fundamental human rights and freedoms.”

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