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Hassan Rouhani and coronavirus

Rouhani Cannot Stop Lying About Iran’s Coronavirus Outbreak

Hassan Rouhani and coronavirus

Hassan Rouhani continues to lie about the virus outbreak so he can better keep a hold on the powder keg that is developing within Iran.

Iranian President, Hasan Rouhani, can’t stop lying about Iran’s desperate coronavirus situation. Unfortunately for Iran, his refusal to admit the real seriousness of the disease is just going to mean more deaths and misery for thousands.

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coronavirus,coronavirus (COVID-19),coronavirus in Iran,Hassan Rouhani,MEK

Hassan Rouhani and coronavirus victims

MEK Iran: COVID-19 Outbreak in Iran Causes Panic and Lies Among Regime Leaders

Hassan Rouhani and coronavirus victims

Hassan Rouhani’s panic and lies over coronavirus crisis in Iran

Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani, claims that the country has enough money to pay for essential goods over the next year and that the country’s warehouses are filled with essential goods, including industrial and agricultural items. His claims are highly suspect as there are serious questions about how the regime can finance its import needs as the income from petrochemical products is virtually nil.

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cronovirus kills thousands in Iran

Updates on Coronavirus in Iran

cronovirus kills thousands in Iran

Coronavirus kills one person every 3 minutes in Iran. Ali Khamenei and Hassan Rouhani are downplaying the crisis in their Nowruz messages.

On March 20th, sources of Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK Iran) reported that the coronavirus epidemic is spreading across the country and regime officials are refusing to address the crisis to save the Iranian people. The head of the emergency teams in the Northern Province of Gilan says there is no room for more patients.

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Rouhani's speech on election

Rouhani Begs, Backtracks, and Justifies in Run up to Elections

Rouhani's speech on election

Rouhani’s speech on the coming sham election was a gibberish

On Sunday, regime President Hassan Rouhani held a press briefing urging the Iranian people to participate in this Friday’s Majlis (parliamentary) elections. The briefing was a stunning reversal of his earlier criticisms of the elections, which he had previously called a “selection,” and clearly demonstrates the regime’s deep concerns about a nationwide boycott of the elections.

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Hassan Rouhani,

Rouhani Comes Back From UNGA Empty-handed

Hassan Rouhani,

Iranian regime’s President, Hassan Rouhani, comes back from the UNGA empty-handed

The Iranian Regime sent its President Hassan Rouhani to New York for the 2019 United Nations General Assembly to promote and defend the mullahs as their crimes get more international attention. However, he failed horrendously in that regard, especially among the Iranian people.

Iranians from the US, Canada, and Europe, who support the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, Mujahedin-e Khalq or MEK), gathered outside the United Nations in New York on September 24 and 25 for a “No to Rouhani” rally that occurred at the same time as Rouhani’s speech at the UN General Assembly.

It served as a timely reminder that the only solution to the crises in Iran is regime change by the Iranian people and their organized resistance movement.

After the UNGA, various members of the Iranian regime’s parliament criticized Rouhani for achieving nothing on his New York visit, with MP Fereydoon Faramand quoting a New York Times article saying that Rouhani got a “cold shoulder” at the UNGA when Iran was counting on a warm reception.

The Europeans reiterated their support for the nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), but issued a statement saying that Iran was behind the attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities.

Massoud Rezaie, another MP, said:

“We expected our officials to easily surpass this crisis… not only have we not witnessed any advances, in fact, but there have also been no measures in line with the promises made… If the Iranian state is unable to resolve its political dilemmas with the world, the country’s economic dilemmas will not be resolved.”

MP Nour Mohammad Torbati-nezhad even appeared to plead with the Regime’s leaders about ending their expansionist policies to avoid giving the rest of the world any reason for increased tensions, which shows what a desperate state the mullahs are in.

While former MP Fereydoon Majlesi noted about the regime’s failed policies and advised a step back by the Regime, although he did admit that was unlikely; something that former Iranian ambassador to Italy Seyed Jalal Sadatian also advised when noting how Iran was like a “powder keg” because of the pressures on the people.

Rouhani went to New York high on speculative media coverage about a potential meeting with Donald Trump about ending sanctions and a $15 billion bailout package from Europe, but this quickly disappeared.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran(NCRI) wrote:

“The tide has also turned against the entire regime and there is literally no light at the end of the tunnel for the mullahs in Iran.”

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Iranian rally against Rouhani

MEK Supporters to Protest Rouhani in New York


Iranian rally against Rouhani

Iran-American protesters, supporters of the MEK, Rally in New York, upon Hassan Rouhani’s visit to the United Nations. The sign reads “Yes to Change in Iran, No to Rouhani”- September 2017

MEK supporters are holding a demonstration in protest of Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani in New York next Tuesday, September 24th. The “No to Rouhani” demonstration will call attention to Rouhani’s leadership role in a regime that is the number one state sponsor of terrorism and holds the record for the highest number of executions per capita.

The United Nations General Assembly is meeting in New York from September 17-September 30. The organizers of the “No to Rouhani” protest argue that the leader of the oppressive Iranian regime has no place at the U.N. during this year’s General Assembly.

An Aggressive and Brutal Regime

The Iranian regime has escalated its crackdown on all forms of dissent in the wake of growing social unrest across the country. Its notoriously brutal and inhumane prisons are overcrowded, and the number of executions has increased. Public executions and executions of juvenile offenders are common. Political prisoners and detainees are subject to torture, sometimes to the point of death. Lifesaving medical treatment is routinely denied to prisoners, particularly political prisoners.

Meanwhile, the regime has responded to sanctions with increasing aggression, further isolating itself from the international community. It continues to support terrorist proxy groups and fund regional wars that destabilize the region, and it has launched a series of attacks on vessels in the Strait of Hormuz. The Iranian regime has also reneged on its commitments under the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and redoubled its efforts to create nuclear weapons.

Rouhani Should Be Expelled from U.N. General Assembly and Security Council Meetings

The MEK supporters organizing the “No to Rouhani” demonstration believe that Rouhani, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and regime Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif should be sanctioned for these crimes. They also believe that Rouhani should face an international tribunal for his role in crimes committed by the religious fascism ruling Iran.

The “No to Rouhani” demonstration is an extension of the anti-regime protests taking place across Iran on a daily basis. The Iranian people are crying out for freedom from the mullahs’ tyrannical rule, and they are ready to launch a new uprising with the leadership of the MEK Resistance Units. The goal of the uprising will be to overthrow the mullahs’ regime and replace it with a secular democracy in Iran.

A Paper Tiger

National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi discussed the mission of the MEK and the Iranian Resistance in a speech at the Washington, D.C. Free Iran Rally on June 21, 2019:

“… above and beyond anything else, the mullahs are most fearful of change at the hands of the Iranian people, the Iranian Resistance and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK).

“It is right at this point that it becomes clear that the religious dictatorship is a paper tiger when it comes to facing off with the Iranian Resistance. And its fate is no different from the fate of the Shah’s dictatorship. This is the verdict of history and the yearning of the people of Iran. Yes, freedom will prevail over the Shah and the Sheikh (mullahs),” she said.

“The regime is getting weaker by the day, and with every passing day, it gets a step closer to its downfall. Consequently, all of us bear heavier responsibilities. This is the time for us to be on alert.

“Without a doubt, the faltering mullahs’ dictatorship cannot withstand our nation’s resistance, uprisings, and the great Army of Freedom,” she stressed.

“The time has come to rise. In such circumstances, our country Iran needs us to rise to our national duty more than ever before in order to rid our homeland of the hideous mullahs’ regime,” Mrs. Rajavi emphasized.

Event Details

No to Rouhani, No to the representative of the religious fascism

Yes to a free Iran through the effort of Resistance Units and the National Liberation Army

Supporting the NCRI as the democratic alternative and Maryam Rajavi’s ten-point plan

  • Time: Tuesday, September 24, 2019
  • Place: Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza, United Nations, New York City

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Only Free and Unfettered Access to Iranian Nuclear Sites Can Prevent the Mullahs Developing Nuclear Weapons

Chairman Mohaddessin, in charge of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI-FAC), during an online conference call-June 2015

Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani announced that the regime will partially withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal, a year after the United States exited the arrangement. He told the P5+1 nations that they had 60 days to renegotiate financial and oil deals. Failure to do so would result in the regime’s partial withdrawal.

International Condemnation

Several governments condemned the announcement, including France’s Defence Minister Florence Parly.

Mohammad Mohaddessin, the chairman of the foreign affairs committee for the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) stated in a tweet that “Stockpiling enriched uranium and heavy water are violations of JCPOA and the UNSC Resolution 2231. It shows the need to total shut down of enrichment, heavy water, and all nuclear sites, exposing military aspects of the nuclear project, and snap inspections of all sites more imperative.”

Referring to President-elect Maryam Rajavi, leader of the Iranian opposition’s message Subsequent to the temporary nuclear agreement with P5+1 on Nov. 2013 Mohaddessin reminded that “the full implementation of the Resolutions, in particular, complete stop of enrichment, and free access to the IAEA inspectors are necessary steps to prevent mullahs from obtaining the bomb.”

Free Access to Inspectors

Mohaddessin’s comments highlight concerns often cited by the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK). The Iranian opposition has frequently expressed concerns over the nuclear deal and claimed that the Iranian regime continued to secretly enrich Uranium in pursuit of developing nuclear weapons.

During last December uprisings and on various other occasions, the Iranian public has expressed their quest for the regime to abandon its pursuit of atomic weapons. The relentless investment in missile capabilities and nuclear programs is a drain on Iranian resources and finances. At a time when the country is on the brink of economic collapse and more than 70% of Iranians live in poverty, it is an unnecessary and wasteful expense.

“It is a tool to survive religious fascism which is faced with popular outrage and is on the verge of the overthrow,” Mohaddessin said in a Tweet.

In the face of mounting domestic protests, the regime has resorted to increasing military spending and missile development to expand the tools of repression in its arsenal. It relies on violent organs like the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) and Quds forces to maintain its grip on power. Abandoning its pursuit of nuclear weapons would be a major blow to the regime’s hegemonic ambitions in the region.

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MEK supporters Rally in New York against Rouhani's presence at the UNGA

The Iranian-American Community Turns Out in New York to Protest Rouhani

MEK supporters Rally in New York against Rouhani's presence at the UNGA

The Iranian diaspora, supporters of the MEK, rally in New York, opposite the United Nations headquarter to express their outrage over the presence of Hassan Rouhani in UNGA.

On Wednesday, September 26th, demonstrators at the Free Iran Rally in New York City rallied near the UN Headquarters in protest at the Iranian regime. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was attending the United Nations General Assembly.

39 Years of Repression

The Iranian-American community and supporters of the Iranian opposition groups, including the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK) and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), gathered in front of the UN plaza.

They recounted 39 years of repression under the tyrannical regime of the mullahs and called on the US and the international community to recognise the Iranian resistance as a viable alternative to the mullahs’ rule.

Iranians suffer intense persecution, with strict restrictions on religious freedom. The US State Department estimates that more than 600 Christians have been imprisoned for their faith in the last eight years.

The regime has adopted extremely violent and repressive strategies to maintain its position in power. The summer of 1988 was one of the worst periods in Iran’s history. More than 30,000 members of the MEK and the Iranian opposition were executed for their political beliefs.

The executions are still occurring today. Iran executes more of its own citizens than any other country on earth. Since Rouhani came to power five years ago, more than 3,500 citizens have been executed.

Iran Needs International Support

They also called for the international community to take concrete steps towards ending the mullahs’ warmongering foreign policy, nuclear development programs, and financing of foreign terrorism.

Victims of the regime’s warmongering policies were also represented. Dr. Fahmi Kheirollah from the Syrian opposition addressed the crowd, pledging, “the Iranian people will prevail and we will come to Tehran to celebrate with you!”

Guest Speakers Addressed the Crowd

Those gathered shouted chants of “terrorist Rouhani! Out of New York!”, “Down with the dictator!”, and “Victory is ours!”

Guest speakers also pledged their support to the Iranian resistance movement. Pastor Linda told protestors, “Iranians have suffered enough!” and explained, “negotiations can no longer save the mullahs”.

Senator Robert Torricelli also pledged his support to the throng. “Rouhani does not belong among the heads of state”, he said, adding, “he is a thug, a tyrant and a murderer”.

Torricelli also condemned the regime’s use of state-sponsored terror. He said, “Rouhani in June dispatched his own diplomats to plant a bomb to kill all of us”, referring to the failed terror attack on the NCRI’s Grand Gathering in Paris earlier this year.

Torricelli also had a message for Rouhani. “We have given up on reform. You can’t fool us anymore with change or phoney elections… We want a free Iran”, he said.

The protesters were adamant in their demands. They shouted that Rouhani does not deserve his seat at the UN General Assembly, suggesting that President-elect of the NCRI and leader of the MEK, Maryam Rajavi, should be there instead.

Rouhani does not deserve to walk among other legitimate heads of state. He is a tyrant and a dictator. Instead of handshakes, he should be in handcuffs for the human rights abuses carried out against his own tortured population.

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