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Iranian regime's embassy in Berlin

German Report Cites Intensifying Risk to MEK

Iranian regime's embassy in Berlin

The Iranian regime’s embassy in Berlin, a center for activities against the MEK, Iran’s principal opposition to the regime.

A new report from the German government provided more evidence of the Iranian regime’s terrorist plot against the MEK at last year’s Free Iran rally outside of Paris.

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Germany (BfV) released its 2018 report on July 27, 2019. The annual report, authored by Horst Seehofer, German Minister of the Interior and Thomas Haldenwang, head of the BfV, details the activities of the Iranian regime’s intelligence services in Germany and is based on observations from the BfV. According to the report, the regime’s embassy in Berlin has planned assassinations against the MEK. The report also warns that the regime’s terrorist plots against the Iranian opposition are likely to intensify.

The Central Task of Regime Intelligence

The report states: “The central task of the Iranian intelligence services is to spy against opposition movements and confront these movements. In this regard, evidence of state-sponsored terrorism in Europe, which originate in Iran, have intensified during 2018.”


The report also points to the role of the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) in planning and carrying out terrorist attacks against the MEK. It states: “The main source of intelligence activities in Germany is the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic (VAJA or MOIS). MOIS collects its information through intelligence operations in conjunction with the ministry’s representatives in the field or with the ministry’s headquarters in Tehran. These [operations] are specifically directed by the headquarters of the Ministry of Intelligence. One of the methods of the Ministry of Intelligence is to interrogate those who are traveling to Iran for family or professional reasons. There is no escape from access by the Ministry of Intelligence, and this provides an ideal opportunity for interrogation.”

The report noted that the regime’s embassy in Berlin is used as an intelligence base for the MOIS, as well as the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force.

The 2018 Free Iran Gathering

The report detailed the foiled terrorist attack on the MEK gathering outside of Paris last year, which was masterminded by regime diplomat Assadollah Assadi. He was arrested in Germany for organizing the attack and personally delivering explosives to an Iranian-norm couple charged with carrying out the bombing. “[Assadi] was deported to Belgium in October 2018. The case filed against him in Germany by the Federal Prosecutor General is underway. Investigation in Germany and Belgium continues,” the report adds.

In regard to the elevated risk to the Iranian opposition, the report states,”The Iranian intelligence apparatus is one of the main instruments of political leadership in Iran to consolidate its rule. Therefore, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence will continue to monitor the opposition. The threat that threatens the Iranian opposition in Germany has been exacerbated. Besides monitoring the opposition in Germany, several revealed cases indicate that the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has planned some terror attempts against the opposition in Europe.”

Europe Must Take Action

The MEK once again calls on European nations to designate the MOIS as a terrorist organization, to close the regime’s embassies, and to prosecute and expel all regime agents and mercenaries from European soil.

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