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The Guardian news paper used by the Iranian regime to demonize its main democratic opposition

The Guardian Spreads the Iranian Regime’s Propaganda

The Guardian news paper used by the Iranian regime to demonize its main democratic opposition

The Iranian Communities and supporters of the MEK, express outrage over the demonization campaign by the Guardian in-favor of Iran’s dictatorship

Following the Guardian’s publication of Aaron Merat’s article attacking the main Iranian opposition, the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK), the Iranian resistance and its allies lined up to condemn the piece.

The British newspaper published the 3-page piece on Friday, November 9th. It targeted the MEK and its allies and spouted the regime’s lies and falsehoods to demonize Iran’s political opposition.

Aaron Merat is far from an impartial journalist. He has close ties to the Iranian regime and has an extensive history of publishing articles sympathetic to the Islamic Republic and attacking its political opponents.

The Backlash

Struan Stevenson, the Coordinator of Campaign for Iran Change and former member of the European Parliament (MEP), wrote an open letter to the Guardian expressing his concerns over the article’s publication. He challenged the assertions in Merat’s article and said they had been “lifted directly from the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS).

Stevenson’s letter questioned Merat’s ability to perform objective journalism on the subject. “He lacks the minimum journalistic standards regarding the issue of the Iranian regime and its opposition. His interviews and opinions during the run-up to the “presidential election” of the clerical regime, as well as his articles and tweets against the PMOI [MEK] are available and well-publicized”, he wrote.

He also called the article’s allegations, “so wide of the mark that it brings to mind Voltaire’s statement: ‘those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities’”.

Regime Ties

Merat’s ties to the Iranian regime were evident in the manner in which he carried out research for his article. Merat visited the MEK’s residence in Albania in August. Two MOIS agents reported extensively on the visit, indicating that they had received a copy of Merat’s notes.

On the day Merat’s article was published on the Guardian site, the article was also translated within hours and posted across regime-controlled websites. This also indicates that Merat had provided the MOIS with a copy of his article prior to publication.

A Climate of Fear

The article, for all of its lies and falsehoods, does offer a glimpse into one aspect of Iran’s political climate. It demonstrates the mullahs’ fear of the MEK and its need to vilify and demonise the group internationally.

The MEK played a major role in the organisation and execution of the nationwide protests in December and January, a role that was acknowledged by the regime’s Supreme Leader.

The MEK also enjoys extensive support across Europe and the United States. Its annual Grand Gathering event draws crowds of more than 100,000 people, including former politicians from France, the UK, the US, Germany, and Canada.

In an attempt to curb the rise of the MEK the mullahs have spent millions on demonization campaigns across the Middle East region and beyond. It has also orchestrated several terror plots against the MEK and its members. A recent plot to attack the MEK’s Grand Gathering event with a car laden with explosives was foiled in the final stages by European law enforcement.

With the introduction of the latest round of sanction, the Iranian regime is in a panic. The Guardian article can be seen as a knee-jerk response to rising inflation, increasing public unrest, and the rising clamour for regime change inside Iran.

Iran Human Rights Monitor has documented an increase in executions and human rights abuses within Iran as the mullahs attempt to get a grip on the situation.

Aiding and Abetting the Iranian Terror Machine

In publishing an article like Aaron Merat’s on Friday, the Guardian is aiding and abetting the Iranian terror network by legitimizing its attacks on the MEK. It also discredits itself as a bastion of free and independent journalism.

The mullahs use of the international press to attack its opponents will not save them. The regime’s days are numbered. Strikes are spreading across the country as a result of the repressive and inhumane policies of the ruling elite, while the regime is engulfed by deadly crises, Iran’s key sectors are crippled, and the national economy is only set to further decline.

The Iranian people are ready for change. No amount of regime propaganda in the international media can change their minds.

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Increase in terrorist activities of the Iranian regime

All Eyes Are on Iran Following A Surge in Terror Activities

Increase in terrorist activities of the Iranian regime

Surge in the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities against MEK

On Monday, November 5th, the Washington Times ran a piece entitled “’Iran Doubles Down on Terror, Turmoil’ Against the West”. The piece, written by L. Todd Wood, highlighted the mounting danger the clerical regime poses to Western governments and their citizens.

Following the press conference held by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), the Iranian political opposition coalition which includes the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK), on Friday, the international community has been buzzing with discussion over the increasing threat of the clerical regime.

Governments from across Europe and North America have turned their attention to the mullahs following the Danish government’s revelations in late October that it had foiled an Iranian state-sponsored plot to abduct and murder a dissident on its soil.

All Eyes on Iran

Wood writes, “many Americans are not aware of the extensive attempts at the violence that have happened in the recent past in the United States and Europe”, referring to the two Iranian regime agents arrested on US soil this summer and numerous foiled terror attacks in Europe.

The Danish Government Brands the Regime’s Foiled Terror Attack “Completely Unacceptable”

“Americans must become cognizant of the danger”, Wood urged. He argued this was essential for the neutralization of the Iranian threat. “Iran is the most significant existential threat currently facing America”, he wrote. With the public’s blessing, US politicians must face this threat in a forceful manner.

The NCRI Press Conference

In its press conference, the MEK and NCRI, outlined several strategies for confronting the regime’s international terror network.

Alireza Jafarzedah, a spokesperson for the Iranian opposition group, told those in attendance in Washington D.C. that European and US governments must close Iranian embassies on their soil and expel Iranian diplomats.

The Iranian Resistance Outlines Strategies for Confronting the Regime’s Terror Activites

The Iranian regime’s planned terror attacks in Europe, including a failed car bomb attack planned in Paris, have demonstrated that Iranian embassies are thinly veiled hubs of international terror and espionage.

In the failed Paris attack, Assadollah Assadi, an Iranian diplomat working at the Iranian embassy in Vienna, provided a Belgian-Iranian couple with the explosive material for use in the attack.

Jafarzedah called for an internationally coordinated and unified response to tackle the growing threat from Iran. In his mind, this means internationally coordinated and enforced sanctions aimed at crippling the Iranian regime’s exports and finances.

As the latest round of US sanctions takes effect, their impact remains to be seen. Several European governments remain determined to salvage the Iranian nuclear deal and have expressed their opposition to US sanctions.

This division will not stand. The regime’s recent spate of planned attacks has demonstrated that the regime has little regard for international law, the sovereignty of international governments, and the safety of their citizens.

Without a unified response from both Europe and the US, the regime can bypass sanctions and continue to orchestrate plots unimpeded. If one of these plots slips through the net and comes to fruition, the loss of life will be devastating, tragic, and utterly avoidable had the international community come together to neutralize the Iranian threat once and for all.

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NCRIUS debunks propaganda piece against MEK

Regime Representatives Discuss Strategies for MEK, Diplomat Terrorists, and Dejected Diplomats at Annual Gathering

NCRIUS debunks propaganda piece against MEK

Richard Engel’s piece published at MSNBC-A propaganda piece against Iran opposition, debunked by NCRIUS

In the last week of July, ambassadors and representatives from the Iranian regime held their annual gathering in Tehran. According to reports from inside the regime, the primary subjects of this year’s gathering were the diplomat terrorist who was arrested in Germany, strategies for confronting the Iranian resistance at the International level, and ways to increase morale among diplomats and prevent them from defecting.

Khamenei, Rouhani, Jahangiri and Zarif were present as usual, but this year they were joined by

Qods Force commander Soleimani, Minister of Intelligence Mahmoud Alavi, Interior Minister Rahmani Fazli, Speaker of the Majlis Ali Larijani, Head of the Judiciary Sadeq Larijani, Khamenei Advisor Ali Akbar Velayati, Defense Minister Amir Hatami, Head of the Atomic Energy Organization Ali Akbar Salehi, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Abbas Salehi, Chairman of the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication Abouzar Ebrahimi Turkman, and a number of other leaders of the regime, who all participated and gave speeches.

One goal of the gathering was to coordinate between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Intelligence, the Qods Force, and the various agencies involved in espionage and the demonization campaign against the MEK and the Iranian Resistance. The agencies hope to pave the way for terrorist acts against the MEK and the Resistance.


There was some concern by overseas representatives of the regime about the response of foreign governments and media to the arrest of a regime diplomat for a “serious terrorist act” and “flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention.” These representatives were briefed by Alavi and Zarif on ways to “deal with Assadi’s case” using

psychological warfare and the pumping of false information.” They added that past and future acts against the hypocrites (MEK) must be made digestible. To further this end, representatives of the regime were ordered to reactivate their relationships with the intelligence and security divisions of their host countries.


An internal report by the IRGC stated that a strikes against the MEK are “in the political, military, security and intelligence priority of the regime,” and targeting members, while they are traveling, is on their agenda. According to an August 17th statement by the Anti-terrorism Committee, the Ministry of Intelligence and the Qods Force were ordered to consider terrorist acts against the MEK using non-Iranian mercenaries.


Also discussed at the meetings was the coordination of the Foreign Ministry and foreign representative offices with the IRGC and the Quds Force in terrorist and warring interventions in the region, including Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Overseas representatives were instructed on how to justify these actions to the government, parliament, parties and the press.


Finally, regime leaders attempted to reassure the diplomats, who have grown increasingly concerned about the uprising of the Iranian people and the sanctions have been reimposed. The regime’s Supreme Security Council is worried that its representatives may leave to seek asylum in European countries.

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Iranian regime's SSC meeting to plot against Iran's main opposition

Regime Orders Spying on MEK and Sets Stage for New Terrorist Acts

Iranian regime's SSC meeting to plot against Iran's main opposition

The Iranian regime’s Supreme Security Council plans new terrorist plot against the MEK

On August 6th, regime President Hassan Rouhani commented on the widespread protests that have taken place in cities across Iran this month. During his remarks, his hostility toward the MEK was evident when he said, “There is nothing wrong with the people’s protests … but it shouldn’t be like some people respond to a group(’s requests).”

The regime has now chosen to retaliate against the MEK for its role in helping to organize the recent protests by taking a number of measures to spy on the organization and to set the stage for future terrorist actions. The regime’s Supreme Security Council recently directed the Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS), the terrorist Quds Force, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Intelligence and other agencies involved in the exportation of terrorism and fundamentalism to take the following actions against the MEK:


  1. MOIS stations in Europe were ordered to utilize more resources in order to collect information about the movement and activities of MEK members in Europe.
  2. The MOIS and Quds Force were directed to research the human, political, and technical potential for terrorists acts in Europe, particularly in Albania, using non-Iranian mercenaries. The goal would be to carry out terrorist acts against the MEK that could be attributed to either “internal conflicts of the Mojahedin [MEK]” or “natural incidents” and would not be traced back to the regime.
  3. In an effort to control the damage done to the regime’s public image after terrorist plots were revealed in Albania (April) and France (July), MOIS agents and mercenaries abroad have been instructed to cooperate with the regime’s cultural advisors in Europe, the overseas directorate of the State Radio and Television, the Islamic Propaganda Organization and other relevant organizations in order to increase the scope and dimensions of the demonization campaign against the MEK. Agents will step up the production and dissemination of false information and fake documentaries, spreading disinformation for the Iranian regime under the cover of journalism. Non-Iranians “hirelings” will be used to spread this propaganda.
  4. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Intelligence, and the Quds Force have all been ordered to petition European governments, particularly Albania, to curtail the Iranian Resistance and its activities. The plan is to achieve this task through talks with friendly “governments and parties” in Europe and the Balkans through political and economic relations.
  5. The regime plans to dispatch its mercenaries and agents to Albania to pose as MEK family members. MOIS and Quds Force agents, along with some so-called non-governmental organizations, have been ordered to go to Albania in groups. The pretext is that they are “Family members of the Mojahedin,” and the strategy employed is the same as that used at Camp Ashraf and Liberty.

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Channel 4 journalist used to produce a hit piece against Iran's main democratic opposition

Britain’s Channel 4 is Working with the Iranian Regime in Albania

Channel 4 journalist used to produce a hit piece against Iran's main democratic opposition

Disgusting attempt by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence to use UK media to try to demonize its main opposition.

Last week, on Friday, August 10th, 2018, a television crew in Albania stood on land adjacent to the headquarters of the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK) and began secretly filming the compound. The group had not obtained prior permission to film and were filming members and their residences without the MEK’s knowledge.

When local Albanian security guards noticed the three-person film crew acting suspiciously, they approached the group. The trio introduced themselves as reporters from the UK working for Britain’s Channel 4 television, at which point the security agents asked the group to stop recording and hand over the footage. They refused, and the security guards were left with little option but to call the police, reports the statement by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

Once the group were taken into custody, it became obvious that everything was not as it seemed. One member of the trio had an expired press card from Britain’s ITN. The other two, after failing to provide identification, turned out to in fact be Albanians.

Two of the groups’ members have a history of collaborating with Iranian intelligence agencies and mercenaries. They had been involved in several projects to create propaganda material attacking the MEK.

The Footage

The group’s intentions became clear the following day when the footage they had collected from the site turned up on the Facebook page of the Iranian regime agent, Massoud Khodabandeh, and the Iranian intelligence community’s state-run website, Iran-Interlink.

It is widely believed that the team from Channel 4 working within Albania had been contracted by the Iranian intelligence services to create a television program vilifying the MEK.

Research into the project has exposed Darius Bazargan’s involvement in the project. Bazargan has worked for both NBC and ITN and is a well-known stooge of the Iranian regime in the Western media.

The Regime’s Use of the Media to Vilify the MEK

The regime frequently uses its state-run media networks to disseminate anti-MEK propaganda. They have also used television networks in the West to spread their malicious lies and propaganda.

Most recently, on May 25th, 2018, America’s MSNBC demonized the MEK. Its “On Assignment” program accused the MEK of assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists and US servicemen based in the country. The program used unnamed sources and did not offer a single shred of compelling evidence for its claims.

The United States State Department was evidently unconvinced; a senior official sought to distance the US government from the network’s claims, stating explicitly, “the United States Government has not claimed that the MEK was involved in the assassination of scientists.”

The program based its claims on interviews with Massoud Khodabandeh and his wife, Anne Singleton. However, a study from the University of Baltimore, further corroborated by a separate report from the Council of Foreign Relations, categorically concluded that the MEK had no involvement in the murder of six US servicemen in the early 1970s.

On top of this, there have been several court rulings in the US over the last decade which have concluded there is no evidence of terrorism within the MEK. It was these rulings that led to the MEK’s delisting as a terrorist organization in 2010, despite the Clinton administration’s own admission that it only put the MEK on the terrorist list in the first place as a “goodwill gesture” to the Iranian regime.

In reality, the MEK was also adversely affected by many of the acts ascribed to it by the regime. The same individuals who murdered the US service members in the 1970s also murdered several prominent members of the MEK.

Channel 4 Must Answer Pressing Questions

Given the sensitive nature of the situation, the responsibility now rests on Channel 4 to explain their activities in Albania. The network must release information regarding the trio responsible for filming and their reasons for carrying out this assignment. It must also detail why it opted to film the compound covertly rather than contact the MEK and request permission. Lastly, the network should release the details of everyone the footage has been shared with.

A MEK spokesperson contacted the Channel 4 editor on August 10th for a response to these questions. However, Channel 4 has not issued a response.

A follow-up query was also sent on August 13th following Khodabandeh’s publication of the images and footage. The query outlined Khodabandeh’s record as an agent for the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS), including reports from a UK Parliamentary Group and the Library of Congress highlighting his connections to the MOIS. Still, the editor did not respond.

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MOIS activities trying to blame the opposition for the terror plot to bomb Free Iran rally in Paris

Regime’s Strategy to Avoid Responsibility for Terrorist Plot Involves Blaming MEK

MOIS activities trying to blame the opposition for the terror plot to bomb Free Iran rally in Paris

A website dedicated to exposing Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) activities against the Iranian opposition, the MEK.

A meeting of the Iranian regime’s Supreme National Security Council was convened by order of regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in an attempt to minimize the political damage due to its failed terrorist plot to bomb the Iranian Resistance’s annual Grand Gathering in Paris and the subsequent arrest of agents acting on behalf of the regime, including an Iranian regime diplomat. The regime also commissioned its Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Intelligence, the Quds Force, the Revolutionary Guards intelligence, and the state-run media to assist in damage control, as the regime continues to deal with the unfolding scandal.

The regime has employed a number of strategies to try to minimize the damage caused by their failed terrorist plot and to avoid the consequences of their actions.

Claim that the MEK Framed Assadi

The regime immediately defaulted to their usual strategy of blaming the MEK for their own attack on their organization. This is an old trick that the regime uses to attempt to escape culpability when they are caught in an attack on the MEK. In this case, the regime claimed that the MEK trapped the terrorist-diplomat to frame him in advance of regime President Hassan Rouhani’s visit to Europe.

After the Belgium Prosecutor and Federal Security Agency released a statement about the arrest of the regime terrorists, the regime’s foreign minister said: “Just at the time the president’s visit to Europe begins, an Iranian operation is disclosed and its “perpetrators” are arrested.” He claimed that he would cooperate with authorities to clarify what he characterized as “just a deceptive operation to give a false address.”

Claim that the Couple Carrying Explosives Were MEK Members

In a furtherance of the regime’s absurd narrative,

Mohsen Rezai, former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the secretary of the regime’s Expediency Council, claimed that the couple who was arrested in Belgium with explosives were actually high-ranking members of the MEK. According to his logic, the couple wanted to be arrested for reasons that are unclear even with his explanation.  He claimed that the couple “contacted the diplomat and talked about their readiness to cooperate with Iran …” and that’s why “these two people met with our diplomat in a place where a package was exchanged which was recorded by closed-circuit cameras or by the [MEK].

“These two members of the [MEK] made themselves subject to the arrest, and confessed to such a plot led by the Iranian diplomat.” Rezai’s statement is nonsense in the purest sense of the word.

Belgian Authorities Refute Regime’s Claims against MEK

Belgian authorities revealed the absurd claims made by the regime’s Supreme Security Council. A police official in Belgium who reviewed those claims, as well as the facts of the case, said this:

“In Luxembourg, there was a meeting that was under control, and all together (security services from different countries) quickly worked to discover the bomb and arrest Assadi. The regime seems to have hoped that the bombing would be seen as a PMOI’s internal issue, which was a theory that could have been credible, but when we arrested their people during the act, the situation changed.” ( BuzzFeed website- July 11, 2018)

Attempts at Denial by Those Desperate to Appease the Mullahs

The MOIS and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs managed a victory by commissioning some of those in Europe and the U.S. who hope to appease the regime to act as if the terrorist act was somehow planned by rogue agents within the regime without the knowledge of the Rouhani government. Daniel Benjamin, the counterterrorism coordinator at the U.S. Department of State during the Obama administration, furthered this narrative, saying that he could not eliminate the possibility that the act was carried out by radical security agents in the Iranian government to embarrass Rouhani or destabilize the government. It should be noted that Benjamin has a history of hostility toward the MEK.

Regime Increases  Threats against MEK Members in Albania

The regime ordered the Quds Force and MOIS stations outside of Iran to recruit indigenous elements in Albania, Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo to carry out terrorist threats against the MEK in Albania. Regime-controlled media overseas has been instructed to create fake films and reports about the MEK in these countries to set the stage for attacks.

IRGC Steps Up its Activities

As a result of the fallout from the scandal, the IRGC was ordered to expand the scope of its intelligence and espionage activities against the MEK.

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Terrorist Plots by Iranian Regime Threaten MEK and NCRI Groups Abroad

Terrorist Plots by Iranian Regime Threaten MEK and NCRI Groups Abroad

Terrorist Plots by Iranian Regime Threaten MEK and NCRI Groups Abroad

Credit to – Terrorist Plots by Iranian Regime Threaten MEK and NCRI Groups Abroad

A series of terror plots against the MEK (PMOI)has been uncovered this year. Attacks against the resistance organization have been plotted in Albania, Germany, and the United States. The Iranian regime is behind the plots, according to Albanian law enforcement agencies. A report aired on March 22nd on Albanian television, which said:


“Since the beginning of the month, intelligence and anti-terrorism agencies have been monitoring 10 people who are said to be able to organize terrorist activities in Albania. All Iranian citizens who enter Albania are under widespread surveillance both at the border and during their stay in Albania. Law enforcement agencies in Albania are in particular worried about Iranians who could be used by Tehran’s secret services to strike a blow to the protection of 3,000 members of the Iranian Mojahedin who are refugees in Albania.”


Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama responded to a question about the threats to the MEK (PMOI)refugees currently living in Albania, saying:


“I believe that, for MEK we did the right thing. We gave accommodation to a group which is persecuted. And that’s it. Regarding your question about security and threats, we are on the right side of history, we are in a group of countries of the Euro Atlantic club which are threatened in the same way. I believe that all these countries take measures against terrorist threats.”


Threats Against the MEK (PMOI)


The Iranian regime has stepped up their campaign to demonize and delegitimize the MEK (PMOI)since the uprising that began at the end of last year. On January 9th, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, acknowledged the role played by the MEK (PMOI)in the recent uprising and threatened members of the resistance organization, saying, “We must speak with and enlighten those who entered the fray in the spur of the moment, including students and non-students, but the [PMOI] should be treated differently.”


The MEK (PMOI)has spent the past month working to prevent assassinations against its members and attacks on its offices. The MEK (PMOI)has been attacked by the regime previously, leading to the deaths of many of its members living as refugees at Camps Ashraf and Liberty. The regime appears to be planning an escalation of its campaign against the organization, which could quickly lead to terrorist attacks.


The Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) in Iran opted for an “operational” response to the PMOI/MEK. They decided, in part, to spy domestically on those deemed to be responsible for the protests and to plan a major attack on the PMOI/MEK, using the current capacity of the Revolutionary Guards and the Ministry of Intelligence Service (MOIS).


The Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported that Hassan Rouhani, the regime’s president, called French President Emmanuel Macron on January 2nd to demand that he take action against MEK (PMOI)members currently in exile in France for so-called “terrorist” activities against the regime. President Macron refused. French newspaper, Le Figaro, responded to this call, writing, “In the Elysée it is said that we have never had discussions with the Iranians where the issue of the Mojahedin has not been at some point mentioned to us.”


Suspicious activities, such as reconnoitering, photographing and mock parking maneuvers, have been reported in Berlin and Washington, D.C. outside of the offices of the National Council of Resistance in Iran (NCRI), of which the MEK (PMOI)is a member. Relevant officials have been informed of possible terrorist strikes.


On March 22nd of this year, Albanian law enforcement arrested two Iranian operatives suspected of terrorist activities in Albania. These agents claimed to be journalists. The Albanian news reported:


“These two Iranian citizens were arrested for further investigation by anti-terrorism agencies after information was received from Albania’s international partners stating that they were planning to carry out a terrorist operation.”


The MOIS frequently has its operatives pose as journalists. On July 9, 2017, Ali Fallahian, a former Iranian Intelligence Minister, said:


“In order to gather intelligence, the Intelligence Ministry uses various covers both inside the country and abroad. We don’t send an intelligence agent to Germany or to the US to say ‘I’m from the Intelligence Ministry.’ It’s necessary for them to operate under covers such as traders or journalists.”
The regime’s hostility toward the MEK (PMOI)is well-documented. As protests continue in Iran against the repressive theocracy, it is expected that their campaign to demonize the MEK (PMOI)will continue to escalate.

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Ana Gomes,MEK,MOIS

32 MEPs Sign Statement Opposing Smear Campaign by Iranian Regime

35 MEPs Sign Statement Opposing Smear Campaign by Iranian Regime

32 MEPs Sign Statement Opposing Smear Campaign by Iranian Regime

35 MEPs Sign Statement Opposing Smear Campaign by Iranian Regime

On Monday, 35 Members of European Parliament (MEP), including the parliament’s Vice-President, submitted a statement to EP President, Antonio Tajani, opposing the April 10th meeting on the floor of Parliament organized by a pro-Iranian regime MEP. The meeting, entitled “Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) Threat in Albania” was organized by Portuguese MEP Ana Gomes and is part of the most recent smear campaign against the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI) or Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) by the Iranian ruling regime.


The meeting was held as Iran’s regime continues to push back against the PMOI/MEK after a large-scale uprising in Iran in December 2017/January 2018.  The regime placed the blame for the uprising on the PMOI/MEK, which organized the demonstrations. The regime is also still angry about the successful relocation of almost 3,000 PMOI/MEK members from camps in Iraq to Albania in 2016 and has launched a new campaign to spread false and malicious information about the main opposition in an attempt to discredit and demonize the organization.


Among the invited guests to the April 10th meeting was Anne Singleton, who was recruited to Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) specifically to vilify the PMOI/MEK. She was previously denied the opportunity to stage similar meetings in European and British parliaments. She also traveled to Iraq several times to spread false information about the PMOI members residing in Iraq at Camps Ashraf and Liberty.


The PMOI/MEK refugees have since been relocated to Albania, prompting the Iranian regime to use their proxies to attack their credibility there in a continued attempt to demonize the organization.


The MEPs said in their statement, “[W]e were shocked to learn of a meeting to be held on 10 April in the European Parliament titled ‘Mojahedin-E Khalq (MEK) Threat in Albania’ with the attendance of several well-known agents and lobbyists of the regime. The news of this meeting has been publicized in several websites affiliated to the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS).”


Signers of the statement included MEPs from Belgium, France, the U.K., Spain, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Ireland, Bulgaria, Hungry, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Slovenia. The statement expressed concern that the meeting took place and that Iranian operatives were invited, guests. Further, the signers condemn[ed] the Iranian regime’s misinformation campaign against the Iranian democratic opposition.”

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Ana Gomes,MEK,MOIS

Anna Gomes, MEP attends Habilian (MOIS) meeting during her recent visit to Tehran (February 2018)

Agents of Iranian Regime Using European Parliament to Threaten Security of Iranian Refugees in Albania

Anna Gomes, MEP attends Habilian (MOIS) meeting during her recent visit to Tehran (February 2018)

Anna Gomes, MEP attends Habilian (MOIS) meeting during her recent visit to Tehran (February 2018)

The Iranian regime’s animosity toward the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK) is well-established. On April 8, Struan Stevenson, Coordinator of the Campaign for Iran Change (CIC), reported that the regime is using the European Parliament as political cover for further action against PMOI/MEK members in Albania.

The Iranian refugees were relocated from Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty in Iraq after an extended campaign by supporters in the U.S. and Europe in an effort to protect the MEK camp residents from continued attacks coordinated by the Iranian regime. Iran’s mullahs were enraged by this action, having waged a longstanding smear campaign against the PMOI/MEK to delegitimize the resistance organization and prevent their safe relocation to Albania.

Now the regime is pushing back against the PMOI/MEK again after a nationwide uprising in Iran in December 2017/January 2018. The Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported that on January 2, 2018, President Hassan Rouhani called French President, Emmanuel Macron, and accused the PMOI/MEK, currently based in Paris, of organizing the uprising. In this call, Rouhani asked Macron to take action against the PMOI/MEK and Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, leader of the Iranian opposition. President Macron declined this request. On January 9, 2018, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, officially acknowledged the PMOI’s role in the uprising and implicitly threatened the protesters who were arrested during the demonstrations with execution.

The regime’s appointment of Gholam Hossein Mohammad Nia and Mostafa Roodaki, two senior officials of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS), as the ambassador and first secretary of the embassy in Tirana, is a troubling development. Tehran is currently using them, along with the Habilian Center and the Didban Institute, to vilify the MEK. Both of these organizations are flimsy covers for branches of the MOIS in Albania. Albanian citizens have been recruited by these groups to demonize the PMOI through media outlets they have purchased.

More disturbingly, on March 22, 2018, two Iranians were arrested by Albanian police after evidence was uncovered that they were possibly preparing terrorist acts. Ten more people were questioned about their involvement, and the MEK was listed as a potential target of their plot.

The threat to the safety of PMOI/MEK members continues to grow as the Iranian regime repeats its strategy of vilification of the resistance group. Past campaigns have led to multiple deaths and assaults on the PMOI/MEK. Two Iranian dissidents were assassinated in Turkey and the Netherlands in 2017, and new threats against the PMOI/MEK activists were uncovered in 2017 and 2018 by Western security services.

The next stage of the smear campaign against the Iranian opposition is set to occur on April 10, 2018. Ana Gomes, a pro-Iran Portuguese MEP, has scheduled a meeting in European Parliament titled “Mojahedin e-Khalq (MEK) a threat in Albania.” Ms. Gomes’ history of animosity toward the PMOI/MEK dates back to April 2007, when she introduced a series of resolutions to European Parliament which would have endangered the residents of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty. Her actions were criticized by members of both the European and British parliaments at the time and ultimately failed.

Ms. Gomes has continued to make false and malicious statements about the PMOI/MEK and to meet with pro-Iranian regime groups.  She has invited Anne Singleton (Khodabandeh), an Iranian agent exposed by a US Pentagon & Library of Congress report in December 2012, to speak at the upcoming meeting in European Parliament. Singleton has a history of working with the Iranian regime to defame the Iranian opposition.

Other invited speakers at the April 10th meeting include Olsi Jazexhi and Migena Balla, a pro-Iranian regime couple from Albania, and Vanna Vannuccini, an Italian journalist currently living in Iran who is a staunch supporter of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The upcoming meeting in European Parliament is great cause for concern. Iranian intelligence was expelled from Europe in a 1997 decision by the European Parliament, and this decision should apply to the listed pro-Iranian theocracy invitees. We call upon the European Parliament to strengthen their implementation of this decision and prevent these agents of the Iranian regime from speaking their false rhetoric in European Parliament.

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