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Khamenei speaks to the Basij - October 2018

Khamenei Attempts to Boost Morale in Speech to Basijis

Khamenei speaks to the Basij - October 2018

Iranian regime’s dictator, Ali Khamenei addresses his local security forces, the Basisj-October 2018

On Thursday, regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei spoke to a gathering of Basij (Regime’s main repressive force in dealing with protests in Iran) from across Iran. The speech was intended to boost morale among the Basijis and bolster their confidence in the faltering regime as the deadline for the second round of U.S. sanctions grows near.

Khamenei addressed those within the regime’s ranks who believe that the U.S. sanctions are so detrimental to Iran that the regime has no choice but to reconcile with the United States. “I explicitly declare that they are betraying,” Khamenei said. “This is the biggest betrayal and as long as I am alive, I will not let this happen in the country.”

Khamenei called on the Basijis to fail the sanctions and to slam the United States.

The Supreme Leader went on to discuss the various crises that are currently threatening the stability of the regime and the well-being of its people. He acknowledged the economic catastrophe facing Iran, describing it as a “shortage of livelihoods for a large part of the population.”

IRGC and Basij Repressive Forces Posed as “Inspirational”!

Khamenei then characterized the widely loathed Basij Force as “a true image of the country” and “inspirational” to others, adding that the Basij and the Revolutionary Guards should fire freely whenever it was necessary.

The Supreme Leader made reference to his own fears that the United States would overthrow the regime, saying: “The President of the United States has told some European leaders that you wait two-three months, after two, three months, the Islamic Republic will be thrown off.” He then confirmed that the survival of the Iranian regime depends upon meddling in the region and nuclear weapons testing and that the regime would fight to continue to do both. “These are also elements of our power. So the battlefield is here, the battlefield, the field of confrontation of arrogance with Islamic Iran, is all that is the cause of the Islamic Iran’s power … This is one of the areas of conflict,” Khamenei said.

Although he acknowledged his fears about “fatigue, destitution and disability” of regime officials and the widespread defection of mercenaries, Khamenei confidently told the Basijis, “Our growth is superior to our defections.”

Khamenei addressed the dissenters within his own regime, calling them “easy-hearted, insincere and hypocrite intellectuals,” and “disheartened, demoralized, cowardly, opportunistic, self-defeating …. hopeless and lazy people,”  who, “if not the agent of the enemy, are not nevertheless men of the field to the country’s progress” and produce “corruption and disagreement.”

Khamenei referred to the free press, the Internet, and social media as the enemy and the equivalent of chemical weapons. He discussed the media’s continuous revelations of the regime’s corruption and crime, saying: “With the very dangerous means of the media … by trying to portray a fake image, they try to distract the thoughts of the Iranian people.” The regime banned the social messaging app Telegram earlier this year in an attempt to prevent it from being used by MEK activists to spread the news about the regime and information about upcoming protests and demonstrations. The ban was ineffective.

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Iran Economy,Khamenei,Rial plummeted

Poverty in Iran

Khamenei Advises Regime Officials Against Expressing Pessimism About the Iranian Economy

Khamenei's remarks on how to minimize the impacts of the dire economic conditions

A poor man living in empty graves in one of Tehran’s grave yards.

In the first week of September, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei addressed the regime’s Assembly of Experts, asking them to lie about the dire economic condition in order to escape the public’s reaction. He talked about how officials should handle the economic crisis and warned that the plight of the Iranian people should not be overstated!

Understated or Overstated!

Khamenei used his address to call on senior officials and remind them that pessimism should be kept to a minimum publicly. On the Supreme Leader’s official website, the statement blamed exaggeration about the economic crisis for intensifying “the anxiety of public opinion”.

The statement also said exaggeration “causes the pessimism virus to spread. It is not correct to speak in a way that the audience is terrified and thinks that all is lost”.

It appears that Khamenei would rather see the dissemination of lies and falsehood, than accurate reporting about the dismal state of the Iranian economy.

An Economy in Disarray

The economic crisis in Iran has been intensifying for months. The value of the rial plummeted after the US reintroduced sanctions against the Iranian regime.

Following the United States’ withdrawal of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, the Trump administration made it clear that any company doing business with Iranian regime would lose access to the US market. Faced with the choice between Iran and the US, many companies and multinationals cut their business ties with Iran.

The Iranian regime attempted to mitigate the losses by appealing to European governments to stop the international exodus from Iranian markets.

But Rouhani and Khamenei’s attempts did not yield results. European nations had no desire to enter the dispute on the side of the Iranian regime and risk their own access to the American market.

However, the economy was already in turmoil. Years of economic mismanagement at the hands of the mullahs and systemic corruption has hollowed out the Iranian economy and the country’s financial institutions.

All across Iran, livelihoods are being lost. Goods are becoming more expensive, and poverty levels are soaring. So far, the government’s attempts to stop the free-fall of the rial have proven ineffective.

Since the economic crisis began, the regime officials have done everything they can to ignore the problem or pass the blame onto another party. They have attempted to lay the blame on the activities of foreign powers, but the mullahs only have themselves to blame.

The regime has systematically funneled billions of dollars out of Iran, supporting militia groups and terrorist organisations across the Middle East. This money could have gone towards alleviating the economic pressure of the Iranian people.

Regime officials have ignored pressing social and environmental issue plaguing Iran for years. They have been content to divert money into their own pockets at the expense of the population.

During his speech, Khamenei said, “no government can go on without the support and trust of the people”. He knows that the mullahs’ day of reckoning is coming. All that remains to be seen for how long the regime can hold on.

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Khamenei speaks to the

Khamenei Breaks His Silence on Recent Protests in Iran

Khamenei speaks to the

Khamenei, Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader, speaks on the anniversary of the death of Khomeini, his predecessor.

Supreme Leader of the Iranian regime, Ali Khamenei spoke at an event on Monday, May 4th, to acknowledge the death of the regime’s founder, Khomeini. He used the occasion to address the threats his clerical regime faces in Iran today.

Khamenei spoke of the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK), the orchestrators behind many of the recent protests and focal point for the Iranian opposition. He insisted that the rivalry between the regime and the MEK has been present since the regime’s founding days under Khomeini. He said, “Since day one after the revolution, hypocrite groups [the derogatory name regime uses doe MEK] have existed, making a stance against our Islamic state and… creating problems for us”.

Dwindling International Support

After acknowledging the MEK and the threat it poses to the regime, Khamenei moved onto the difficulties his regime faces abroad. With the US now out of the Iran deal and economic sanctions about to come into effect, he warned his supporters of foreign governments and their influence. He accused “foreign governments” of “imposing a disfigured deal to our country”.

However, Khamenei did concede that the Iranian people had been protesting the corrupt regime. While trying to blame outside powers for it, he acknowledged that recent protestors in Tehran had expressed anger at regime’s meddling in other parts of the Middle East. He said, “one day in Tehran’s streets… we witnessed people chanting “Not Gaza, Not Lebanon”.

He also addressed claims that the recent protests had included protestors from all walks of Iran life. He refuted the claim and described it as an enemy conspiracy.

Rhetorics that only show regime’s weak position

He ended the speech by threatening other countries. “The enemy knows if they launch one missile, we’ll launch dozens back”, he said. Interestingly, the regime-affiliated Fars news agency titled the piece covering Khamenei’s speech, “If they launch one missile, we’ll launch two”. It’s now a fact that the regime uses similar rhetorics everytime in crisis, in order to cover up the deepening crisis that has engulfed the regime, given the sanctions and the rising protests across Iran.

Washington post quoting an expert on Iran, regarding similar threats by Khamenei on regime’s reaction to the extension of sanctions after the U.S. pulled out of JCPOA, wrote: “The supreme leader’s threat to step up enrichment is an attempt to use nuclear blackmail to force Europe to save his regime from an economic and political crisis of his own making”.

While the regime has been using its Ballistic Missiles against the neighboring countries, Khamenei went on to outline the importance of Iran’s missile development programs, and their role in the regime’s security. He said, “producing a variety of missiles and the strength of our missiles will provide security for our country.”

This is while experts consider the Iranian regime’s ICBM program, affiliated to its nuclear weaponry program.

Khamenei ended his tirade with another attempt to destabilize the wider region. He spoke in Arabic and called on the region’s Arab youth to rise up against their governments. His comments are yet another example of the Iranian regime’s meddling in international affairs and deliberate undermining of other governments in the Middle East.

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